13 ways to improve as a small business

13 ways to improve as a small business

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    13 Ways to Improve as a Small Business


    I am here to write about 13 ways you can improve as a small business or even as an individual. I’ve experienced low economic situations already 1 time in my life, in Latvia and Thailand, Cambodia.

    I’m going through it just like you are as a small business. I have a process in place to make sure that not only I survived this situation but also thrive.


    Tip number 1. Put things in perspective about this whole situation that’s going on.


    And when we do put it in perspective. You just got to put these things in perspective.

    You will get through this, and especially if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re the person that has to leave because entrepreneurs are very resourceful.

    • Number 1 You will figure out a way to keep your businesses going and figure out a way to get through this whole situation.
    • Number 2, you need to think about the opportunities that are going to be available when this entire thing is over because we know that this is going to impact the economy at a pretty severe level.

    After all, when you just shut down pretty much every business is going to have a profound effect on the economy, it doesn’t take an economist to figure that out. It’s elementary when we shut down the economy.

    No revenue for the government. No income generated for the businesses, so it’s going to cause some issues in the short term, and in the longer run.

    In the short term, it’s going to hurt for a little bit. When we are at the bottom of any low cycle situation, there’s going to be many opportunities for your business, even for yourself.

    One thing you can do is to start researching how you can acquire websites that would expire and businesses that would fail.

    In this scenario, for me and SEO, I’m going to be looking for expired domains, businesses that are either going to shut their doors or are just going to let their domains expire.

    The reason for that from an SEO perspective is if we can pick up these domains that have a lot of authority, we can probably get them for a meager price.

    Then we can use those domains to drive authority to our existing sites or existing properties.


    Tip number 2. Reduction Of AD Costs


    Another big opportunity is going to be the reduction of ad costs, so when things like this happen, what tends to happen is businesses will stop spending on advertising, marketing, and they’re going to be looking for all kinds of ways to cut costs.

    What’s going to happen is, all of those ad costs are going to decline, which allows you to start advertising and start getting in front of people, at a very low price.

    There is also a different perspective, many investors are looking for opportunities to buy into companies at a lower price relative to where it was in a booming economy situation.

    And so we can do that same thing with advertising we can find opportunities in AD, advertising opportunities and pay for ads at a much lower cost, and so you really really should if you have enough budget.


    Reduction Of AD Costs


    Even if the budget is just $5 a day, put that into ads because those costs are going to be much lower and you’re going to be able to acquire customers at a much lower price. 

    Remember that this could one of the most critical times to be acquiring customers when things are going to get tough, so you have an opportunity with advertising to really get customers at a low cost when this thing finally gets towards the bottom.


    Low-Budget Marketing Ideas – Perfect for Small Businesses


    Tip number 3. Help Society And Help Your Own Business


    The third opportunity that you’re going to need to think about, being a small business, is this one:

    There will be a lot of people who are going to be needing jobs, and so you can be the person that comes in and gives them those jobs, and it’s going to be tough for a while.

    There will be, sadly, a lot of people out of work after this is all done, but as a small business owner, we can really help society and help our own business by bringing people in who need work. 

    The good news that a lot of people who are going to need jobs, they’re going to want to work hard, they’re going to want to help you grow your business, they’re going to help you push your movement forward,

    So, this is an excellent opportunity for you to hire, and especially in times like this when people will be willing to get jobs for a little bit less than they usually would.

    If you have anything in your resources to hire, it is an excellent chance to do it.


    Tip number 4. Add Value.


    I learned the hard way a long time ago. You need to become more valuable.

    One of the essential stuff that you can do because the value that you can add to the marketplace is directly proportionate to the amount of money and wealth that you’re going to be able to build.

    As you become more valuable as an individual as you add more skills as your skills get better.


    As you become more valuable as an individual as you add more skills as your skills get better.


    You mature more productive, and you become more efficient, you become much more valuable in the marketplace.

    And as a result, you can get paid more, but more importantly, when you have those skills, you have a skill set that allows you to survive in tough times like this if you don’t have a skill set that becomes much more difficult.

    So the most important thing you can do at this time is trying to build up your skills.

    Become more valuable as an individual, this will help you to have the confidence when something like this does happen every five to 10 years or whatever it ends up being.

    If you’re wondering how to become more valuable, well you can start with very cheap things, you can get books, start learning stuff, join a training course, find the more affordable ways to learn on the web and all around the world.


    Tip number 5. Add More Value To The Market.


    Hence, number four, you need to add more value to the marketplace.

    The more value you add to the market, the more that establishes you as an authority.

    It will actually build trust for people, and adding value is not super hard, just take your experience and create something for free for people.

    And so like right now, you can navigate this blog to absorb so many information 100% free. I’m just explaining things based on my experience of running a small business.

    You can do the same taking your expertise, taking your skills and just sharing that with people. You can do that on a website, on a Podcast, on a Blog, on YouTube, you can start to build an email list, you can go and engage chats on social media pages or doing that on your won business page.


    13 ways to improve as a small business


    Anywhere where you can spread your message it’s 100% free to do it, anyone can do it.

    And so, think of ways that you can add value, and everyone in this world has a way to add value.

    The more valuable you become, the much easier it is for you to help others who are not at the level that you’re currently.


    Create content that users want


    Tip number 6. Adjust To Supply And Demand.


    Adjust to supply and demand rules. A lot of companies are going to start reducing their ad budgets, reducing their marketing budgets, reducing their SEO budgets.

    But one thing that you can do to combat that is you need to adjust to supply and demand so if there is less demand for these services.

    Maybe you should consider reducing your prices so that you can combat that reduction in demand, and that’s going to require you to remove your ego from the situation so sure.


    Adjust To Supply And Demand


    Many of us are incredibly qualified to do what we do, and we probably deserve high rates to be paid for what we do because the experience, but times are not always going to be like that.

    And we need to adjust based on how the economy is and based on how supply and demand are so right now we know the market is going to go low for SEO for any outsource type of advertising and marketing.

    So, we need to adjust our business models for the situation, and that may take you having to reduce your prices a little bit, so I’m not saying you should do that.


    Adjust To Supply And Demand

    It is something you need to consider if you want to continue to compete in the marketplace where people are going to be spending less money.

    Mainly to meet the needs of businesses that are looking to cut costs.

    You need to think about that.


    Tip number 7. Start Small Capital Intensive Businesses.


    Start low capital intensive businesses, so even if you have your own business right now or you’re trying to get into business trying to become an entrepreneur, no matter what the situation is.

    Many business models do not require a ton of capital.

    The ones that I love are just finding a niche and creating a website in a niche and then monetizing that website through affiliate marketing or ad revenue.

    It’s super cheap to start a website you can get a domain for about $10, $12 per year.

    Then website hosting you can get for as little as $2 or $3 per month, so we’re looking at about $40 per year to start a website, so there is no excuse not to start one. The only thing that might be holding you back is just not knowing where to go and what direction to go in.

    ”But the good news is that, once again, in this Blog and trough GetFutura.com services you will find plenty of info that shows you exactly how to start a niche site from zero, from finding the niche to selecting the niche, from starting your website to growing it through search engine optimization. All of this for a low capital intensive businesses.”

    That should be your focus right now, and it’s not to say that just by starting that all of a sudden you’re going to have more money and income, but we need to start planting seeds today because every seed you plant today is going to benefit you in a year from now, two years, three years.

    You need to plant those seeds today.

    There is unquestionably no reason to be waiting to do that now.


    Adapt To Working from Home


    Let’s move on to see these 13 ways you can progress as a small business


    Tip number 8. Offer More.


    Offer more, so if you’re a Web Agency, you should start looking into ways that you can start offering more complementary services that businesses may need.

    So, for example, we do SEO, web design, content creations, but it does make sense for us to start venturing into other areas because there’s going to be vital for any company.

    When other businesses are not offering those services anymore, so if you can start learning these complementary skills and start adding these skills to your business, suggesting so that you can begin to add value in different ways and begin to expand your offerings.

    Still, if you only have one service to offer, it’s going to limit the amount of revenue you can take in.

    Also, it’s going to limit the number of opportunities that you have.

    So, start to expand slowly, start to study those skills, begin to comprehend those skills.

    There’s going to be a lot of opportunities there, so look into how to run social media ads effectively.

    We now start viewing into web design or web development frontiers.

    Those things are elementary to add as a complementary skill, so you should be looking for opportunities to do that.


    Tip number 9. Do More.


    Very elementary. I know you go on Wall Street Journal, BBC, on your phone, your chats, you look at social media… do not let all those things flood your mind.

    Those things are not going to help you in your life.

    I recommend you to increase activity and reduce consumption. You are not going to get anywhere in your life.

    You’re not going to break out of this current situation unless you act action is the thing that fixes everything else we have to work.

    We have to do stuff we have to create things we have to do something for our businesses to progress and to break out of this whole situation, and so the more we can consume less and act more, the better. I do not access any useless site or chat.

    You consume more information and more news. More headlines are not going to help you any more; it’s not going to benefit you anymore.

    It’s probably going to make you have a worse mindset.

    So the less you consume, you know, maybe block out an hour per day or 30 minutes per day that you can go and absorb and just keep up with things. It is so important that the rest of your day you spend all the time on acting, learning, doing things that are going to benefit you and help you get out of this whole situation.


    The time to act is now!


    So number 10. Do Not Engage In Selfish Behaviors.


    A small tip. Do not engage in behaviors that are selfish and aren’t beneficial for the rest of the world. Some people need food far more than I do. They’re people that need supplies far more than I do.


    Number 11. Focus On Aspects Such As Marketing And Sales.


    Focus on the stuff in your business that’s going to produce real revenue and real results.

    This is where your energy needs to be.

    All the actions that are going to be able to produce revenue in your business and help you get through this whole thing.

    I just wanted to give you my perspective and kind of what I’m thinking about through this whole process.

    This is not my first time experiencing a situation like this, so I’m going through it just like you are, but I do know 100% that we will get through this. And I’m very confident that entrepreneurs like yourself and people who are motivated.

    If you’re even watching this, you’re probably a motivated individual or the people that are going to push this whole thing forward. We’re all going to get through this.


    Number 12. Have A Daily Routine.


    It’s super easy in a time like this just get overwhelmed with all the news and information that’s coming in. 

    At the end of the day, if you have a daily routine that you know you’re going to do.

    A method that you design to execute and take action.

    A routine that is going to be beneficial. Structure your daily routine and write down three things you are grateful for every day! And at a time like this, this is the smartest thing you can do.

    It can be challenging to find things that you’re grateful for when maybe you’ve lost your job. It’s tough to find something to be thankful for when situations like this arise.

    So but, going through that practice of always focusing on what you’re grateful for will change your life substantially. It changes your whole perspective; it changes everything.

    So, at least inject a daily, weekly, monthly planning into your daily routine. You’ll make a substantial difference.


    We can see how


    Number 13. Keep Track Of  Things To Do And Your Progress.


    I’ve been using bullet journaling now and for the past years, especially since when I started my first website. I believe bullet journaling is a little bit much more about pouring out and also organizing my ideas so that I can be as reliable as possible.

    My method.

    The attractive thing is that nevertheless, I do not understand how I operated before discovering the system since I was someone that had notes everywhere.

    I would undoubtedly write points down on random scrap pieces of paper after there was info coming with me from every instruction. However, at the same time, I couldn’t locate anything when I was searching for it within this system.

    I felt in need of a secretary, continually reminding me of what I need to do.


    Keep Track Of  Things To Do And Your Progress


    So, I want you to think about beginning a 2020 journal and give you the skeletal structure of how I intend it to be, each month, each week.

    Two things are necessary.

    Bullet journaling is about methodology perfectionism.

    Consider this, just for fun.

    So to start, I like to suggest how many boxes there are both up and down as well as horizontally since it draws when at the beginning of every month your neglect, and after that, you need to count them one by one throughout again.

    So, a first approach is to divide points up into columns of 3, so right here, inserting how many boxes are needed to split the web page up right into different components.

    Now pick symbols you can use inside to indicate specific actions. A bullet can point a task. Now, if you place an X over that dot, it’s going to show that the job has been completed. If you place an arrow to the right, suggest the task is being relocated to the following day. If you place a dash means it is something you need to recognize, like an occasion or a birthday celebration.

    As well, if you place an asterisc means that it’s something crucial.

    You’re welcome to create your very own system, of course, whatever benefits you.


    Keep Track Of  Things To Do And Your Progress


    Next, we’re proceeding to create a moth full of tasks.

    I start by splitting each page into 3 columns, on top of each column goes a schedule.

    I like to place Monday through Sunday. I am always composing from top to bottom.

    This way, you can be creating days or monthly recurring, over and over.

    Yet the plus side is, you need to do this as soon as at the start of each month, but also for the year, if you like to point out birthdays visits anniversaries upcoming occasions, holidays, basically anytime someone tells you concerning something that’s happening in the future.

    It’s straightforward for me to flip back to that calendar truly swiftly, as opposed to needing to browse a whole number of pages initially looking for it.


    Keep Track Of  Things To Do And Your Progress


    Next, we’re going to do the beginning of Month essentials or, at the very least, what I discover essential.

    I try to create a lot of ”I feel statements” like I feel unfortunate or satisfied since I also try to check in with myself, physically, which has come to be very convenient. This way, you will keep track of exactly how your training progress is doing.

    I use this journal also to fix my thoughts ”black on white”. When something pops up in my mind, instead of allowing it to fly away, I put it in here directly. It helps me with many creations ideas that I would have forgotten very quickly.

    It liberates a lot of mental capacity. It’s outstanding.

    Many of the things that do stand out up in my head are associated with pickup lines, so I offered that the most area right here. However, I likewise save a little individual section at the bottom to insert notes if I need it.


    Use your discretion or perhaps try to track a few points, but do not fill up the journal with tasks right from the start. Improve step by step the number of your tasks.

    In the week page, I like to split each page into thirds, and at the top of each column, we’re going to put little boxes where we can fill in the days of the week.

    Once I’ve filled that all in, I will insert the tasks from the month page into the several weeks. I think three important things need to go first, and then you can note any other jobs that need to be done underneath that. I also like to take a moment to see if there’s anything I might be able to carry over to that day.

    If you think you need more room, you can spread it out over four pages, just using the same structure, so three top priority items come first, smaller tasks go under that.


    Keep Track Of  Things To Do And Your Progress


    Remember that you want to do those 3 things off when you finished it, and if you didn’t get it done on that day, just put a little arrow to indicate that you’re going to carry it over to the next day or one of the following days.

    If there’s just one thing I can suggest, it would undoubtedly be at the start, keep it basic, keep it marginal, to ensure that you stay on par with a bullet journaling, and you can complete the tasks you select to do.

    Because if you fill-up the journal with too many things to do, you will then stop using it, demotivating you. Which is not what I want.

    Once in a while, it’s refreshing to be able to step away from our set of data, as we are always easily distracted by emails or notifications or social media,

    When we bullet journal, it’s just this time around, where we take a moment to live with some purpose planning.


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