Create Unique Blog Ideas 7 Tips for Getting more Creative

Create Unique Blog Ideas: 7 Tips for Getting more Creative

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    Create Unique Blog Ideas: 7 Tips for Getting more Creative


    If you wonder how to keep creating unique blog posts and still amaze your audience, these blog posts are meant for you.

    I don’t know if you have come to an instance where you run out of creative how to create unique yet amusing blog posts.

    If you have, then these tips will help you whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

    One important fact when you are creating a blog post, if you find it boring, so will it be to your target audience.

    The only way out is to create an appealing blog post yet unique where the reader feels the urge to continue reading. The shared tips will help you create the level you are longing to reach if you are a blogger.

    How to Create Interesting Articles

    Before diving into the tips to help create unique yet interesting blog posts, I would like to share my blogging cheat sheet.

    What Are You Selling?

    The first step to creating interesting blog posts is first to determine the product you will sell to the audience.

    You need to know why you are writing the blog posts. Is it to promote your business, advertise your services or sell a tangible product?

    After determining what you are selling, the next step is to figure out the value features you think your audience would like to know. For instance, the features and how the product will be of benefit to them.

    What Are You Talking About?

    The second point is to determine the product or ideas you ear trying to sell to your audience.

    You need to have the main idea when creating blog posts. There are several places to draw inspiration to develop the content necessary or create interesting blog posts such as books, visual products, or people.

    Now that you have formulated what will be in your blog posts next important thing is now to dive into tips that will make your blog posts interesting and have the Creative Juices Flowing.

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    Make Your Blog Stand Out

    Since you have ideas in mind of what to include in your blog post, another important thing to do is think outside the box. There are other similar people out there striving to address the same issue; hence you have to strive with all means to make your blog posts out shine what they have created.

    There are two ways you can have your blog post stand out. The first is to have an understanding of your audience.

    Remember your writing for your audience; hence you need to familiarize yourself with what they live about your products. Thus, when creating the blog post, it resonates around them and their lives.

    The second important point is to stay true. Don’t exaggerate about your product and if you’re not offering any product, let your audiences know. Interesting blog posts should be genuine and with a respectful tone and language.

    Incorporate Your Blogging Goals

    From the start, there are an aim or goal you had in mind when creating the blog post. Even when developing the blog, you have goals, and every blog posts should strive to champion that goal. However, the question arises of how to do that?

    The answer is that you need to have a specific goal you would like blog posts to achieve. After formulating the plans then you need to convert them into blog ideas. You may wonder how is this done; worry not.

    The way I prefer to do this is to reverse the tactics. Rather than concentrating on making an endless series of follow-up posts to support new posts, you might focus on coming up with new ideas. These can be easily checked and then released if they show promise, but they can’t be added to the queue until they’ve been proven to work.

    Be Unique

    You need to create a unique blog post, and it is among the 7 tips to help you achieve the target of creating an outstanding blog post that will amuse your audience. One fact is that no content is original because you have copied the ideas from somewhere; only the words differ.

    That is not to say you cannot make your content original. If you create a blog post and the words you add to the content are from your words, they will be unique and attract your audience.

    Additionally, it would help if you started at the basics. Start with an article that has a compelling headline. The headline will drive your idea. Then, by voicing your thoughts on your terms, you’ll write an article that stands out from the crowd.

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    Start with your potential customers journey in mind

    Even though SEO matters when creating blog posts, it is imperative to concentrate on your audience personas. Don’t spend all the energy when creating the blog post addressing the subject and keywords and forget about the audience personas.

    When you address your personas, you will have unique blog posts and interesting to the audience.

    Research shows that 59% of B2B markets are more concerned with audience relevance because it is one of the key factors determining if your audience will buy your product.

    If you wonder how you can approach your audience, the best way to use your personalities to produce content ideas is by starting with some questions. Furthermore, you can get even more specific about your product and offers, too. So, get your personas out and start thinking about what kind of post they’d like to read.

    Get on brand-new keywords

    If you get short of blogging ideas, why not try new keywords. There are millions of keywords related to your niche, and they can help you create unique blog posts. Besides, if you concentrate on less popular keywords, your website ranked higher because there is little competition out there.

    If you struggle to get new ideas, it doesn’t have to be like that because there are keyword search tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs. These tools can help you get to know the trending keywords, and since you have no writing about them, you buy the idea.

    You may not get all the keywords in your niche, but they will help you point to new keywords ideas.

    Concentrate on your rivals

    Often, instead of starting with a blank slate, you will find new ideas by looking at what has already been achieved successfully.

    This is why concentrating on the positions of your opponent can be ideal to obtain new ideas.

    You can use many different tools such as Ahref’s Content Gap tool to determine which of your competitors’ top-ranking keywords lead to their top-ranking post.

    Furthermore, the tool will let you know what keywords you are not ranked by one or more of your opponents. That means that you are going to concentrate on the stuff you don’t have.

    Often you don’t even have to use the analysis tool for keywords. Visit your rival’s website to see what they are doing— and afterward, think about how you can expand on it.

    Utilize an article ideas generator

    You are always in a rut and can no longer dig into comments and social topics or think loudly.

    This doesn’t mean you’re losing. To provide you with some ideas, you need a method.

    That is why we have generators of blog topic websites. The idea generator of HubSpot’s Blog is a wonderful place to start. Personally, I like to use software that is more concentrating on the topic and the quality. My preferred tools are for sure and  The tools allows you to enter generic ideaa, then give you five or more niche down suggestions or listicles.

    Since the systems are so similar, this isn’t a foolproof topic generator. However, even if you don’t use specific ideas, the framework of these topics will help you change things up.

    In addition, these generators enable you to look for angles or methods of larger subjects – such as Instagram SEO or LinkedIn networking – which have occurred in either of the above phases.


    These tips are for bloggers who would like to spend a little time on the technical aspects of blogging rather than spend much of their time designing, creating, and improving their sites. And trust me when I say that’s what you want to do.

    It’s all about thinking beyond the box, being inventive, and trying things out to see what works and what doesn’t.

    Being imaginative and unconventional is the answer to any blogging dilemma. As a result, think like an entrepreneur and try selling your blog from a variety of angles.

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you may want to try something new to catch your readers’ attention.

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