Author – About me – Mattia Nistri – GetFutura Blog Editor

Author – About me – Mattia Nistri – GetFutura Blog Editor

A Few Words About Me, Mattia.


First Of All: welcome To


Over and over, when we are talking about Authors Bio pages, customers usually come up with the following statement: ”I have no idea what I should write in this section.”

I still remember when I was attending the first conferences looking for new business ideas.

Most of the time, I was meeting and talking and interacting with new people, possibly even to my future potential customers, exchanging ideas and thoughts about whatever conference topic.

When I was talking about new ideas, I was always coming up with the question: well, you are here searching for new ideas, so what is your experience in this field?

The answer was, for example, ”I do not have any experience, I have been running a business in another field for 5 years”.

My reply was always:

  • Wow! You have been already in business for 5 years. You must have so many things to share, so many daily experiences to tell. You could write a book about it. You could definitely teach something too!
  • You have been already running your own business for years, so you should be used to follow steps and a process to reach successful achievements.
  • More importantly, it is so interesting to talk with a person who already has some experience in a certain business field, to talk with a person must have had already some intriguing business ideas!
  • You must have so many talking points for a great conversation!

At this point, I am already hooked, and I want to know more in details:

Author – About me – Mattia Nistri – GetFutura Blog Editor

How would you establish authority in your new business field?

For example, you are a veterinary doctor, and you want to start an online business with

  • a blog about pets
  • you want to write and publish an ebook about pets
  • you want to publish a novel with the protagonist a Veterinary doctor and his daily adventures with pets and pet owners

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First of all: go on with sharing your experience because that can be so interesting.

Second and even more importantly: it is fun to talk about your life experiences and your passion.

I want to know why you are going to be a funt and thoughtful person to work with and to talk with.

My favorite thought about this is that even if you have nothing to do with the field of your new business idea you certainly have previous life experience, most importantly, you might be already a person who had some sort of success story to share, a fascinating story, days in life when you were fully dedicated and committed to reach a goal, you know what means to perform.

Well. This is your start! Put that focus to work, one again!

So, when it comes to writing about yourself.

  • Do not forget those moments of intense dedication.
  • Get together with your ex-business partner and ask a comment about yourself.
  • Get together with your pals and ask them to describe your life attitude.
  • Ask your ex-workers what they thought about you.
  • Ask your family and friends to remind you about the positive things you have done.
  • Google things that you are!
  • Put that all together.

You might have some hard time finding things and characteristics about yourself, but if you follow these steps, you can identify what is most interesting about yourself.

If you have been a marketing professional for your entire carrier, then it came the moment you find your self here, talking about a new business idea or website to start on; your experience may not seem relevant to you. But you already have skills in putting your words out, in the sales industry.

You see my point here?

Every previous carrier have a collection of strong, powerful positive point you can use in your next challenge!

What cares the most when you will encounter me to develop your project together?

About Me

I once was in your shoes when I have been thinking so long how to start my first business online, and then I finally launched my first site.

That moment, putting online my first website, was the beginning of everything, when I found out, I had to study, even more, every day learning something new, valuable and relevant to my online business.

That moment led me to build my blog with all the important things surrounding it, a plan to improve visibility, starting freelancing, joining new courses, all the meanings of building a brand online.

My Goal Here at

I’ve always aimed to do things a little differently.

  • Since my first days in this project GetFutura, my focus has been on building a truly fulfilling, unique workplace, rethinking all practices that might be stated as traditional.
  • I have a career commitment to supporting you, I want to successfully help my team and our customers to grow, from small beginnings to be market leaders.

My passion for producing essential connections will always flow within everything I do.

  • I care primarily about building quality consultancy product, about building trusted relationships with all GetFutura customers. I aim to build a successful community, a center to connect all customers and the team with new solutions and experts.
  • I aim to be fully involved in our project and in your projects and activities.
    I choose to be here working on developing this community the most delightful, the most productive.

My desire is to do better tomorrow than today, knowing that every growth can be discovered in small changes.

  • I want to attempt to embody a growth mindset, and I understand that any expertise or ability can be acquired through purposeful practice.

To learn more about GetFutura, our project approach, please feel free to navigate over our GetFutura Blog.

I Am Listening. Always.

I approach every discussion intentionally. I want to see and think about all angles.

  • I listen first, then listen more!
  • I seek to understand and to be understood.
  • I step back and reflect on all ideas that will certainly make an impact.
  • I take action in front of every approach, every hypothesis.

My Positivity

I aim to address all challenges in a positive way, while I know that all emotions are valid.

  • I want to avoid every non-constructive critique of customers, readers.
  • I believe the best about you!
  • I consider that constructive, candid feedback will always be a great opportunity for growth.
  • I wish to push through any unnatural idea, working only towards a more favorable environment, commitments, concepts, or even products.

My Authenticity

GetFutura team is authentic, I am.

  • I with high levels of ethics, proper work integrity.
  • I think of doing what is right for our customers.
  • I know that we have to address any issue, endure honesty and courage in our customer’s projects and work approaches.

I Want to Take Action!

I won’t wait.

  • If you want me to support you, do not be wishy-washy!
  • I want to jump on opportunities as well as on challenges.
  • If unexpected outcomes, I know I must be ready.

Winning  Together

Get Futura team has my own ambition for shared success.

  • I contribute, and I value every one.
  • Winning collectively transcends all aspects of success.

My Transparency

Yes, I do believe in transparency. I know I always need to support open communication.

We both know where we stand and what we want to achieve, where we need to focus, where to improve.

Be great

I know I have a ruthless drive to be helpful.

  • I reach for long-lasting and impressive results.
  • I wish to produce high-quality work delivering unique customer service.

I want to approach you and my customer conversations with the understanding that it’s a fantastic opportunity to serve you.

I would never attach my personal selves to ideas.

I am grateful for the work we will do and all the actions to press forward.

I want to reveal my gratitude for this community, to make m this company possible.

It is my duty to give back 100% commitment.

Author – About me – Tem Tola


Author Tem Tola


What did I consider as a career path before a freelance writer?

Life as a businessman

I am running a small company, a guesthouse in fact, in a community situated at Cambodia-Thailand boundary.

Being a business owner, I require to operate in a selection of areas consisting of healthcare, financing, financial investment, education, investment, and construction. Service professions vary in experience, degree, as well as duty, and have lots of expertise.

Depending upon abilities, experience, and also the dedication of my staff members, I need to ensure all sections are running productively and efficiently.

I have to manage workers, delegate jobs, prepare for goals to be fulfilled, and also hold obligation for conference monetary as well as production goals. In my tiny workplace, I, in some cases, require to take care of accounts, consultations, as well as day-to-day workplace procedures.

From sales to marketing to accountancy, the area of business deals with severe work responsibility with space for improvement. Service tasks commonly provide staff members with amazing benefits and also outstanding advantages.

I enjoy this work a lot. I can connect with various types of individuals, dealing with issues, and also discover more from the surrounding people.


My Passion and Experience as a teacher and freelance translator

Not all jobs provide you the chance to communicate with, and also possibly alter the lives of people. Teaching English to students, you can offer them an academic experience to assist them in accomplishing their expert and even individual tasks.

This setting is a lot more satisfying than the majority of, which is why I invest virtually ten years of my life being an educator.

I continuously think being an instructor is perfect. As you acquire experience in the class, you grab beneficial abilities, like preparation as well as time monitoring, believing in your feet, interaction, management, as well as public speaking.

These abilities are universal and exquisite. If in any circumstance, I decide to change jobs, my experience as an educator will undoubtedly make me a far more attractive and also competent prospect.

Tem Tola


Head to be a Freelance Writer

I have come to know a nice guy, Mattia. He was seeking for a freelance writer in Cambodia for his traveling blog, and I called it a brilliant gate for me to seek for something absolutely new and exciting.

I was offered the first article to write, which is like running to the wall, searching for the right starting point.

It sounds odd. But it’s complicated to switch my skills from being a businessman and teacher to become a freelance writer.

However, by going through with lots of tasks, this career encourages me to feel even thrill and optimistic.


What should I prepare to end up being a good freelance writer?

Get to know who you are

Among the most magnificent barricades that a new writer like me face is determining “who I am” and also “where should I begin.” If you can pin down your enthusiasm, a spot of proficiency, or your spots of passion, it’s a great deal to locate composing tasks in your specific niche.


Maintain an open mind

The death toll for a lot of new freelance writers is refusing the assignments since a new writer does not get paid well, or the job appears underneath the ability set.

Like any writer, it’s exceptionally essential to be modest as you function your means in the direction of much better possibilities. Editors seek writers that have regularly shown reliability over remarkable credit.


A freelance writer is not just a writer

Freelance writers are not only just writers; they are likewise marketing themselves as well as their abilities to prospective customers.

Freelance writers are typically entrepreneurs since they need to develop an organization to divide their funds from their organization’s financial resources.

The competent freelance writer generally is a mix of an innovative wordsmith as well as an intelligent business owner. Composing well is simply the beginning.

You have to market on your property as well as handle your financial resources.


Build credit for a better writer

Constructing a freelance professional that stands the examination of time calls for great or suitable writing abilities.

The most effective method to end up being a much better writer is to refine your skills frequently. Regularly compose whether you’re earning money or not.


Never ever surrender

Being able to deal with various tornados without offering up is vital if you desire to be effective at anything in life.

Developing a freelance occupation takes some time and also initiative. You’ll experience lots of misfortune as well as listen to the word “No” at an early stage.

However, you have to concentrate on your success and also neglect your losses if you desire to demolish the big wall.


Let’s move on now!


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