Best Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Content Marketing

Best Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Content Marketing

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    Best Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Content Marketing


    For those who involve in the eCommerce industry, or perhaps for someone who is seeking to get into this field, the inquiry of attempting to reach your audience can be rather an unnerving one. 

    You are all aware of the truth that no company can fly in today’s world without the presence of proper marketing–however, in an increasingly saturated online environment, it is not as easy as that.

    Of the many marketing approaches, the one that continues to pay a dividend every year is content marketing.

    Content marketing is a marketing program utilized to bring in, notify, and (with any luck) transform readers to consumers. 

    The worth that content marketing offers to eCommerce store owners is its ability, when done right, to attract new consumers to your store and buy your items.

    What are the ideal means to increase sales with content marketing?


    While it is a term that’s ended up being almost passé, the majority of people still do not fully understand what content marketing actually indicates, almost speaking. No, content marketing isn’t practically just creating blog posts.

    It is clearly much more than that.

    To an eCommerce store owner without a history in marketing, the idea of content marketing can be intimidating. The key foray of some store owners into content marketing may be to create a blog without putting much effort into optimizing blog posts for search engines. Perhaps, they may avoid content altogether because they don’t know the value it could deliver.

    The goal of a content company is to attract your intended audience and turn them right into loyal, long-term customers.

    There are multiple varieties of content marketing you can practice in order to increase your sales, varying from infographics and videos to podcasts, electronic books, and so forth.

    Do you see a new train to follow your flocking to your website? If so, you clearly want to transform those site visitors right into customers. 

    However, numerous people feel confused about how to go about this procedure.

    And that is why I’m creating this short article to help you to discover the right tactics in increasing your sales with content marketing:

    • Strategy to increase sales with content marketing
    • Understand the conversion/sales funnel
    • SEO-optimized content
    • Create trending and relevant content
    • Convert readers with calls-to-action in applicable content
    • Offer product tutorials through guides or videos
    • Create a contest to increase awareness of the brand
    • Disperse content through different channels to expand your audience
    • Display testimonials and intriguing use cases
    • Don’t confuse content with product pages
    • Develop a video series that targets your customer persona

    Keep reading to discover methods that you can use to increase sales in 2020!

    Best Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Content Marketing

    Let’s see our top 10


    1. Understand the Conversion/Sales Funnel

    A consumer comes across your brand, and if they like what they see, they get interested in checking out a little bit extra about your company. Then comes the factor to the considered components, where they believe that they can most likely see themselves buying from you, after which comes the part of providing themselves reasons that they require those particular products.

    You then carry on to the assessment stage, where they go through your items and solutions, believing what to acquire, and ultimately wind up making the acquisition, which is the final stage of the funnel. 

    It’s these last where you need to use your content marketing abilities to encourage them with your products and services.

    In order to do this, recognizing the sales funnel comes to be extremely important. Free consultations, quotes, pricing, discount coupons, free tests, etc. are several of how content can be utilized throughout the sales funnel to give your consumers the reward to buy from you.

    Unique Value Proposition

    2. SEO-Optimized Content

    To start with the process of creating search-engine-optimized content, you initially need to search for the keywords that are trending the most about your area. 

    Then you can continue to use these keywords in your content to ensure your popularity on search engines like Google increases.

    It is very crucial to not vigorously pack those keywords right into your brand’s content, because or else Google will certainly discard you as a brand that’s acting like a robot. 

    The keywords should be included normally, which is just when they appear natural with the article. Adding the search phrases to your titles and meta descriptions is necessary, too, so that it can notify readers when they look up those keywords on Google.

    It is not that simple, but GetFutura will assist you to undergo those difficult circumstances with the ideal sales strategy consultant both in English and Italian.

    3. Create Trending and Relevant Content

    You are additionally required to collect what content is currently trending, and what it is that your target market wishes to check out. 

    If you simply develop a blog site and begin developing blog posts that you believe deserve it, that will not be your road to success. Rather, you need to concentrate on the requirements and passions of your consumers.

    To do that, it is a good idea to search for the trending subjects, what your competitors are uploading about, the content mediums your fellow brand names are utilizing, and more. When you have actually done this study, you need to proceed to upload content that’s not simply appropriate to your clients, yet additionally something that will certainly supply them with details that’s not readily available elsewhere.

    With GetFutura SEO consultant, you are sure to create a website with appropriate and trending content. Please text or chat with me if you want to discuss SEO consulting in English!

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    4. Convert Readers with Calls-to-Action in Applicable Content

    When producing content that simply puts on your product, consider adding a call-to-action (CTA) to urge visitors to take a look at your offered item.

    For instance, if your site sells parlour game, and you publish a blog post with instructions on playing the game, you can shut the piece with a switch specifying, “Buy XYZ Game.”

    If you sell trekking equipment and write an intriguing listicle concerning what to load for different tracks, you can consist of CTAs to various gear you use.

    If you upload a YouTube video, you can also include CTAs in the form of link cards that pop-up either in the right-hand edge of the video or as pop-ups over the video itself.

    When you do add CTAs, be sure that they don’t overwhelm your article or video, aren’t as well numerous, and do not distract from the content handy. Check out with the content to see whether they increase conversions or go untouched.

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    5. Offer Product Tutorials Through Guides or Videos

    Your customers value it when you give them valuable information. That is what makes them appreciate your brand much more, which consequently makes them buy from you repeatedly, thereby boosting your sales. These details can be supplied in the form of tutorials.

    6. Create a contest to increase awareness of the brand

    Organizing a contest on your social media sites is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and excitement for your product.

    You can use tiered rewards like product bundles or present cards to social media followers who post the best photos of your items in use or item productions. If your product is completely functional like the Flex Tape, you can have fans upload pictures of their proudest fix-jobs.

    Submissions should make use of a content-specific hashtag to garner attention and so that you can conveniently evaluate and collect submissions. When you’ve chosen the victors, write a blog post with the winners’ blog posts, honourable mentions, and pictures of the rewards.

    7. Disperse Content Through Different Channels to Expand Your Audience

    When you have developed and optimized content, distributing it through your social networks accounts. It will certainly get it in front of your consumer base along with prospective consumers. It is ideal for sharing content on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

    GetFutura offers SEO consultants that assist you in opening a website with strong content and effectively collaborates with every system of your social media sites.

    8. Display Testimonials and Intriguing Use Cases

    An additional fantastic example of content marketing that you should use on your site is committing a web page or area of your homepage to consumer testimonies and the examples of your product being used. 

    By supplying endorsements from average consumers, you give social evidence and demonstrate your commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

    You might hold pictures of consumer creations collected with a hashtag on social media. If you sell a fashion product, you might furthermore post customer-submitted photos of the clothes or devices, making your item appear that much more obtainable.

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    9. Don’t confuse content with product pages

    While the rush purpose of content marketing is to bring in brand-new customers, avoid marketing as well hard or appearing too sales-y in your copy to keep the rate of interest of readers who are hardwired to prevent ads. 

    To maintain content clear of this language, make sure that you have different product web pages that satisfy the supply of product details, rate info, and purchase alternatives.

    You ought to link to these web pages in your content and include CTAs that lead to them, yet make sure that your content does not review like an ad duplicate.

    10. Develop a Video Series that Targets Your Customer Persona

    If you have enough time and budget plan, an exceptional content marketing approach is to create a video collection that targets your consumer personality–the behaviour, demographic, and mental attributes of your customers. 

    The video collection won’t straight market your item but will certainly use guidance on a tangential topic.

    For example, if your site markets a canteen, you can offer a series on how to instil water with different vegetables and fruits. In the series, you can utilize your water bottles without drawing direct attention to them.

    Final Thought

    Content marketing is an excellent means to increase website traffic, drive brand awareness, and go into possible buyers right into your conversion funnel, all while adding value to readers. By creating wonderful content and marketing it to your target market, you will make organic leads, win devoted customers, and sell even more items.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Produce some new content!

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