Clean Water for the people (How GetFutura supports with you the countryside)

Your and our contribution to improving the quality of life, for the reduction of high infant mortality in Cambodia.
The focus has to be on clean drinking water because it is crucial to assist enhancing the general quality of life.

What Does It Mean To Have Clean Free Water?

Diarrhea and related intestinal chronic diseases account for one-fifth of all deaths in Cambodia.

Fetching water from remote sources takes a lot of energy and time.

About 40-60% of the Cambodian population, depending on the provinces, lives on less than 1.25 USD per day.

Disease caused by contaminated water and food

Disease caused by bacteria in contaminated water

Hepatitis A
Disease caused by contaminated water and food

Clean Water for the people. This Is the process:

Clean Water for the people

The expenses, the benefits we bring to the countryside:

  • USD 210.00 – Water Well including hand pump.
  • USD 95.00 – Bio-Sand Water filter.
  • USD 10.00 – Mosquito net for 5 Persons.
  • USD 35.00 – 1 Rooster and 4 Hens for the family.
  • USD 30.00 – Administrative Expenses.
  • The Total Expenses we undergo to install  the Water Well with the Drinking Water filter is USD 380.

1. We provide our Web Design Services to our customers: You!

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2. We collect from our services sales the 10% of our profits!

With your payment you are contributing, along with other of our customers, to reach a threshold of 380 USD. At this point we notify you that we are ready to start a new Water Well project!

3. We support the local organization Clean Water for the people!

At this moment you already know we are working on organizing the Water Well components and installation for a lucky family in Cambodia countryside. A calendar date will be selected.

4. We organize all the due process and the calendar date to install the Water Well

We notify you about the chosen date and we proceed with the installation works collecting many pictures from the day.

5. We publish a new article on our blog referring to the event and the contributors.

We would love to mention you and the other contributors for every Water Well we can install. For this reason we will publish a new article every time we install a Water Well providing to your website a link and including the inauguration on site pictures with the lucky family you also helped!

Why GetFutura team want to support the local community?

We believe the only solution to bring safer stable life in the countryside is to bring FREE clean drinking water supply nearby the families. 

Drilling to a depth of 30 meters allows to access to clean groundwater. The clean water is also available during the dry season

We follow the construction of the water hole plastered. We assembly of the hand pump. The new clean water allows families to take care of animals, which in turn supplies proteins for daily life.

Let's face it

We expect to bring clean water to where it’s most required, to offer free clean water to rural households, with a process that works for others to follow.

Why are water wells insufficient?
Assisting families and villages to develop wells is only part of the solution. If we want to bring free clean drinking water to the rural areas, then clean water is the crucial next step, and here biosand filters come as the answer.

Let's make it

Biosand filtering

Pathogens and suspended solids are gotten rid of by physical and biological procedures that happen in the sand and the biolayer layer. These procedures consist of:

Pathogens trapping

Suspended solids and pathogens are trapped in the spaces in between the sand grains. Pathogens are taken in by microbes in the biolayer.

Pathogens death

Pathogens are adsorbed into each other and to suspended solids in the water and sand grains. Pathogens finish their life process or pass away since there is not enough food or oxygen.

Biosand-filters | picture from

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