Rev up your local business with awesome content marketing for local SEO

Rev up your local business with awesome content marketing for local SEO

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    Rev up your local business with awesome content marketing for local SEO


    I am here because Your website needs to stand out in your local area. You need to take full advantage of being found in local search. You’re going to need some great content to make that happen.

    Let’s make it super simple.

    There are always great ideas you can take in today’s web scenario, so you can confidently start creating the content, getting the results you want., charge your customer growth. 

    I would love you to make more money and build a business you love to show up for every day.


    Articles about your niche and your local area.

    How to Find Topics for Your Blog?

    Articles about your niche and your local area.


    One of the most accessible and best things you can do to match you to your local market is to compose an article or an editorial for your blog that covers a topic that correlates both to your company and to your local area. 

    Start thinking of ways you can do this. 

    Focus on what you know about your company and your city.

    Your city or your region, your state, is different somehow than other places. These differences are making what you contribute even more critical. 

    Write one of your customer’s case studies or success stories.

    Another great way to keep things local is to talk about your successes, your customers’ successes. 

    Compose case studies where you show the problem you solved or the transformation you made for someone in your area. 

    You can use geotagged photos of your local customers with their permission, tagging the city or neighborhood they’re from. 

    Just including that local information is going to help search engines, which is just great for ranking locally.


    Quick ideas to boost your content marketing

    Listicles or articles with lists


    Numbered listicles are featuring your local area, so if you want some local buzz. This is absolutely my best hack to use for local business, the one I would focus on more being a local business owner.

    So, I want to tall k about this more in-depth.

    • What is a listicle?

    A Listicle, or a list blog post, is an article that is composed in a list-based layout.
    A very common kind of listicle is a shortlist of 10-20 things that are based upon a distinct theme.
    Contemporary listicles are ordinarily enhanced with extra details around each object of the list, to make them more valuable and overall beneficial for the reader.

    • Why do listicles work so soundly?

    Listicles remain such a prominent post layout for obvious reasons:

    People are usually in a rush!
    The exact same method bullet points can help somebody promptly check the necessary items of information, a listicle is easy to use, read, and quickly check.

    Which makes them ideal for people with short attention spans.

    • They are easy to write:

    From the point of view of material makers, listicles are incredibly very easy to compose (particularly compared to other blog post formats, overviews, case studies, which I prefer sometimes, depending on the topic).

    You just do a list of 10-20 things, fill in a few spaces, and you’re done.

    Depending upon the list, frequently you’re merely curating things that are already out there.

    • They are available to preview:

    All the important factors that your listicle publication covers will be written with numbered or dotted listings.

    • They are very comprehensive:

    Not all checklist blog posts can be pleasant and short. Sometimes you might possibly develop listicles that arranged all info the reader would require to understand deeper the topic, and you can do this linking to a brand new article you can create.


    Combining a title and the article with a list, you’re aiming to create a single reliable array of outcomes.

    Pick a Format For Your Listicle

    Listicles can take several forms. Your original action is to estimate out what style your listicle is going to use.

    • You can use the simple list:

    It’s a short-and-sweet list of incredible traveling locations, workouts, cameras, hiking gadgets. This is a great approach for content advertising about almost any topic.

    Your listing blog post can’t underpromise and overdeliver.

    This type of article is not phenomenal for SEO, as the content on easy checklists has a tendency to be pretty slim.

    They often tend to do really great on social media.

    • The Expanded List Post:

    The Expanded List Post is like a standard listing post, with all info on each point added in a nice length with a spin.

    Most listicles go from product # 1 to thing # 2 to merchandise # 3 without that much-added information.

    But when you are getting ready to create an Expanded list post, you include much more meat to each concept, suggestion, or design on your checklist.

    Now. Your reader has the information they need, plus more indications about how to do something on each item listed.

    Expanded list posts are best to use when you make a how-to-do style article.

    • You can use the ”Best of” list posts:

    “Best of” list posts are a super-effective, as here you provide out the very best individuals, bloggers, quotes, or sources on an extended case. Allow people to recognize that they’ve been included.

    You can also add a gaming touch to your listing, for example by asking individuals to elect on their preferred point.

    • In addition to this:

    So people share these numbered list articles at least double the time they share articles without a number in the title. 

    Not only that!

    Once a list article is shared, they’re much more likely to be clicked on and read, so think about the top 10 places or bars or events, dog parks, anything specific about your geographic area, or your area of interest. 

    Whatever in your city, you could feature in a list like that, but of course, you want to keep it related somehow the way you offer it can’t just be you know random so you can tie your service back into it somewhere in the list.


    Articles about your niche and your local area.


    Google My Business Visibility – Some Google My Business tips for Better Visibility

    Sponsored content for local micro-influencers.


    Usually, every city or small town has social media influencers.

    I mean, real influencers you know they have authority locally. Every smaller market has what we call micro-influencers.

    Micro-influencers are spending time and getting tractions on local social media, you know celebrities are well known enough in the area, their posts get seen by lots of local customers and readers. 

    In a bigger city like Bangkok or London, you still want to focus on those micro-influencers, because they’re going to be affordable for your budgets and for you to engage. Focus on thinking of people who have lots of followers on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or even host a local podcast. 

    You don’t even need to create the content yourself. Some influencers love to make their content. You got to work out a deal with a micro-influencer or two and choose if you want them to post for your business or enjoy, test your product or service talking about it.

    Some influencers love to do reviews.

    Do your little research to find the best candidates and then move out to them with your ideas, and they will possibly have few ideas of what to create.


    Rev up your local business with awesome content marketing for local SEO

    Content Marketing Strategy (2020 Updated with Innovative Ideas)

    Write FAQ articles


    People are always searching on the first page of Google rankings.

    Everybody wants to be number one in their area. 

    But what if you could be above that, and take position zero. 

    So, there are many questions people ask Google. I don’t say that they like to answer with a handpicked best answer. Google has a strong tendency to show localized solutions to people when it applies. 

    So, you need to take the chance given. 

    Think of the questions that you can answer that people might be asking, then just put that in your FAQ and answer it wholly and succinctly, preferably in one short paragraph.


    Repurpose Your Content

    Create bespoke landing pages for every location. 


    This marketing method applies if you have one or multiple locations.

    You want to have these separate location pages for every storefront or a local place you have. This method lets each page rank in local search results. Higher results in rankings for your local pages will help you in the standard search results. 

    It’s going to help you rank in those highly coveted three map listings.


    Rev up your local business with awesome content marketing for local SEO

    13 ways to improve as a small business

    Guest posts on a local blog


    This is not content you would generate for your site; it is content you make for a blog that comprises your local area, writing an article relating to what you offer. 

    Make sure you keep it practical and helpful, moderately promotional. You can write about how to do something, customers bits of advice, tips, checklists for products or things to do with it.

    Make sure it relates to your local areas.

    Pitch it to a few local blogs and present them with relevant content. 

    They should offer you in return with a link back to your site, habitually in the BIOS, and this is great for local SEO, as it’s not just a backlink, which would be already fantastic on its own, it’s from a local blog, which provides it much more geographical weight.

    Select the Topic and start!


    Since you have now chosen a style for your new article, it’s time to locate a subject.

    Like any new piece of content, picking the right topic is super vital for your listicle. Because listicles or response posts or case studies just really work with particular topics, that’s.

    I would start, for local SEO, with a really consistent publishing plan with primary listicles, as the function very well for topics that offer themselves to being included in a “collection”, and you can share them on social media very well. I would move next straight to add in the plan ”response posts”, to move next to in-depth case studies and product guides.

    You can follow me building amazing SEO plans for your local Brand:

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