Content Marketing Trend to Watch in 2021 in Cambodia and Worldwide

Content Marketing Trend to Watch in 2021 in Cambodia and Worldwide

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    Content Marketing Trend to Watch in 2021


    Content marketing is broadening our horizons as online marketers


    It is not enough anymore to just compose the article. When we write, we need to compose for a purpose.

    But “composing” alone is not enough. Why?

    Since the way people take in content has altered significantly over the last few years, it will continue to progress in 2021.

    With these altering times and content-hungry customers, it is not easy to maintain.

    Marketing folk typically have bandwidth constraints and cannot produce as much as we should. So discovering other ways to produce quality content that consumers are trying to find is crucial.

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    What Are Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021?


    Because 2018 when considerable changes were first understood in content marketing, businesses today use various kinds of content such as blog sites, videos, infographics, whitepapers, newsletters, podcasts, and more, through numerous media to develop brand awareness.

    They can also achieve other brand name goals such as driving profits, individualizing the customer experiences, and achieving cost performances.

    This goes to show that content marketing helps brand names and businesses do more than just marketing.

    It’s about time we took stock with 2021 just around the corner and examined the items that worked in content marketing this year and those that did not fully repair the slice.

    It is likewise excellent to analyze the surprises and what is in the shop in the next couple of months ahead.

    Not only does this enable to adapt to modern approaches and existing trends, but it also helps businesses figure out the best design of content marketing to use for specific seasons and marketing campaigns.

    As content gets better thanks to smarter methods, researching, production, and publishing, we are careering towards a brighter future with more prospects of valuable and fantastic content that aligns with the consumer’s practices, tastes, and search needs.

    If you are in the middle of conducting your content marketing techniques for 2021, here are a few of the most significant trends to anticipate: 

    • Trend#1: Partner Operations
    • Trend#2: Social network
    • Trend#3: Webinars
    • Trend#4: Concentrate On Search Intent
    • Trend#5: Mapping Digital Customer Journeys
    • Trend#6: Artificial Intelligence May Replace Content Marketing Firms
    • Trend#7: Augmented Reality
    • Trend#8: Tik Tok Will Be Essential
    • Trend#9: Voice Content Strategy | Growing of Messaging Apps
    • Trend#10: Visual-Forward Platforms And Content Will Continue Trending with also Infographics

    Let’s dive in now to these 12 content marketing trends for 2021…!

    Trend#1: Partner Operations

    Trend#1: Partner Operations

    This response to the “No”.

    And the question is: “Why?”

    Why are you developing this content? It is for cross-promotion and relationship structure.

    Every tech business now has a partner team tasked with creating sales channels and relationships throughout the market. Even the biggest of companies, from Zapier to Unbounce, are willing to work with you to help get their name out–that is literally their job.

    They will stun you regarding the openness they need to work with you and the introductions they bring to you.

    Plus, they are willing to help you create content. At the end of the day, they are looking to get their name out there. And you’re their key to making that occur.

    The moral of the story is: Build partners and develop relationships because they’re willing to promote you.

    And promo implies direct exposure, which implies more leads, which indicates more moolah.

    It’s a win-win strategy …!

    Which indicates it is a great content marketing trend.

    What is a Customer Base? Why is a Customer Base Important in a Business?

    Trend#2: Social Network

    Trend#2: Social Network

    A social network is not going anywhere at any time quickly…

    It must be a fundamental part of your content marketing technique today, and it must continue to be in 2021 and beyond.

    As an idea, it does have its detractors and possibly truly so, but for businesses, it’s massively advantageous.

    For better or even worse, many people invest a huge chunk of their time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. 

    And you wish to capture as many people as possible that’s where you need to be seen.

    And the great feature of it is that it is totally free. Sure, you can hire a social media manager to look after this element for you, or you can pay to consist of ads, but having an Instagram account for your business expenses you absolutely nothing.

    Marketing your business on social media in Cambodia – 2021 update – local marketing in social media

    Trend#3: Webinars

    Trend#3: Webinars

    Webinars are remarkable, but it does not always mean you’ll get a thousand individuals appearing at 2 p.m. next Sunday when you’re running your webinar.

    The good idea is, the format is progressively accepted, with 75% of B2B buyers having consumed webinars in 2019.

    Not too pricey, and a good predictor for 2021 of development in B2B content marketing.

    Webinars are extremely helpful, and if you have a talented salesperson talking through a slide deck throughout a webinar, you’re golden.

    How do I Execute a Great Webinar? 

    Trend#4: Concentrate On Search Intent

    Trend#4: Concentrate On Search Intent

    When they Google something, search intent is what folks want to find. 

    You have to believe that when looking at your B2B content marketing for 2021.

    Search what terms you are looking to rank for and see what shows up; you’ve got to match that.

    As we know, Google progressively wishes to show info without individuals having to click constantly–that consists of how-to lists, producing a summary of your argument high up on your landing page, and even putting a table of crucial information high up on your page.

    All of these factors will get you a far better position than you can get on Google.

    And hold you ahead of the competition with one rank.

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    Trend#5: Mapping Digital Customer Journeys

    Trend#5: Mapping Digital Customer Journeys

    Mapping digital customer journeys are one of the phenomena that will continue to expand until 2021.

    A study showed that 73 percent of B2B businesses say they map their consumers’ digital journeys, compared to 55 percent and 56 percent of B2C and B2G businesses, respectively.

    Customer journey mapping is merely representing the customer’s experience graphically with your business throughout touchpoints if you’re not familiar with it or have not tried it yet in your business.

    It is a holistic approach that helps businesses understand the flow of consumer experiences with different businesses.

    You can utilize photos to represent the process from when the customer looks for a particular product online at the time of purchase, in a manner that words can’t rather capture.

    Why is Customer Segmentation And Profiling so important?

    Trend#6: Artificial Intelligence May Replace Content Marketing Firms

    Trend#6: Artificial Intelligence May Replace Content Marketing Firms

    To sum this one up, you will quickly be changed by a robot.

    Okay, not really true… 

    Well, at least not…

    There could be a moment in the near future when a lot of our work will become automated.

    We can see a future for delivery motorists, baristas, IT experts, and even medical professionals and cosmetic surgeons. However, automation in those specific positions might still be a long way off.

    But automation could be nearer than you thought for something like content marketing.

    An AI that can run as a content marketer is, in truth, relatively simple by today’s standards and has currently been attained.

    Now we undoubtedly do not know the number of business are going to do the same, and not everybody is in a monetary position to afford such tech today, but it’s certainly something that you are required to keep an eye on in 2021.

    You do not wish to get left if everyone is gaining from this new innovation, and you are going to pieces because of an outdated marketing strategy.

    How Content Marketing Drives Sales? Does Content Marketing Actually Increase Sales?

    Trend#7: Augmented Reality

    Trend#7: Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) is another technological improvement, which like artificial intelligence, almost feels like something out of a sci-fi story.

    However, like AI, it’s something that is steadily on the rise in the world of marketing.

    Even if you haven’t heard the term in the past, you’re likely familiar with AR on some level. 

    It is simply overlaying info onto the real world through a cam lens. The world got experience of it in an enormous way when Pokemon Go was released in 2016.

    That was AR.

    If it’s actually in front of you on the street, you aim your phone camera, and a Pokemon appears on the screen. Though that was just for fun, 

    take one minute, and think about its consequences.

    Think about the quantity of potential for an advertisement that you’ve arrived.

    Individuals might point their cam at a restaurant and have yelp reviews pop up on the screen.

    They might point it at any shop and have their catalogue of items on the screen.

    And you can utilize it for your marketing in a number of methods too.

    You can provide virtual tours and support, adding a virtual element to business cards and brochures and just general AR advertising. Include some AR into your marketing strategy, and you’ll be an action ahead of the curve.

    What is a Business Blog? Great ideas to produce blog content for your business!

    Trend#8: Tik Tok Will Be Essential

    Trend#8: Tik Tok Will Be Essential

    Pleasure principle media, such as TikTok, is becoming progressively widespread in today’s society. Businesses are only starting to capture how useful it can be for marketing, not their services and goods, but themselves, with 850 million consumers that are rising all the time.

    With the adjoined development of Gen Z and the rapid popularity of social networks, marketing is no longer about offering a particular item to customers.

    Instead, the focus is on constructing a ‘community’ of loyal fans to that company.

    People are fond of feeling like they are part of something. However, they have to wish to be part of it, which is why pre-existing visual marketing techniques do not equate to TikTok extremely well.

    Chipotle has actually whole-heartedly embraced the ideology of TikTok and grown an audience of 1.3 million followers.

    They have likewise partnered with TikTok stars, such as @daviddobrik (whom himself has 24.2 million followers) to produce funny, relatable content.

    It is not about selling one burrito to one person; however, creating a culture where someone’s first choice is Chipotle.

    For brands to successfully progress as marketplace modifications, businesses must be seen as interactable persons instead of faceless corporations.

    Quick ideas to boost your content marketing

    Trend#9: Voice Content Strategy | Growing of Messaging Apps

    Trend#9: Voice Content Strategy | Growing of Messaging Apps

    Not having a voice content technique in place is no longer an option; as such content creates a whole new channel for more user interaction.

    In 2018 alone, the adoption of wise speakers grew 38.9 percent, with about 26.2 percent of U.S. adults having access to a minimum of one clever speaker.

    It also prevents the difficulties and costs of building a clunky website, plus the monetary spending required for ads on social networks just to meet your target market or clients.

    Content will likewise be voice search optimized as 2021 will see as many as half of all online searches done by voice.

    One of the very productive ways to boost your content for voice search is to guarantee it gets to the featured bit section on an online search engine and know the type of searches that wind up there.

    As customers progressively utilize wise speakers for interactions in 2021, the voice-activated content businesses have produced that was grounded in offering info that’s valuable and handy and will get an additional layer of nuance and specificity.

    Growing of Messaging Apps

    As of March 2019, the leading three most popular mobile messaging apps in the U.S. were Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

    This trend will continue in 2021, where the apps are expected to multiply as they include numerous new opportunities for online content marketers.

    They will also have several aspects of content, aiming to capture the billions of active users of messaging apps.

    Consider the over 3 billion customers spending hours there if you have not yet included messaging applications in your content strategy.

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    Trend#10: Visual-Forward Platforms And Content Will Continue Trending with also Infographics

    Trend#10: Visual-Forward Platforms And Content Will Continue Trending with also Infographics

    Video has been a big handle in 2019, luring over 90% of online marketers.

    It will continue being so specifically with YouTube’s appeal, AR, and dynamic imagery.

    In 2021, it’s expected to increase since it is one of the kinds of content consumed thoroughly and takes note of many more.

    As customers’ practices and tastes move more into video, online marketers need to step up the storytelling quality to engage their audiences much more.

    Live video, consisting of search engine results in 2021, will

    also, stabilize and evolve as a common form of content.

    Interactive content that needs customers to take part and be actively engaged more than simply watching or checking out will also increase. 

    However, to reach a broader audience, companies will most likely throw in a couple of rewards in return for that engagement like AR lenses, games, sweepstakes, animation, and more.


    It is on the list for good factor; infographics are among the most accessible and succinct ways of communicating details to a possible consumer of the item that you are offering.

    Taking a look at a huge block of text (sort of like what you’re doing right now) can be a little daunting. It’s much information provided in a lengthy and boring method.

    Particularly in 2020 and as we move into 2021, people aren’t as utilized to that anymore.

    But an infographic is colourful, it’s easy to take a look at, and most significantly, if it’s done right, it gets the point throughout truly efficiently.

    Keep the existing generation in mind as you consider your content marketing method for 2021 and work on making use of infographics to show off what you’re providing.

    What are the latest blogging trends? Sit and be ready, many in 2020 / 2021

    Trend#12: Growing of Messaging Apps

    How To Use Inclusive Content To Support Your Business And Your Audience


    Online marketers across the country seek to enhance inclusivity in their marketing; however, many aren’t sure how to approach the process.

    There is no need to fret–it’s a simple technique that will help you reach a greater audience if you are amongst this group.

    Suppose your objective is to make a dedication to equality in the community along within the workplace and practice strong values in the way you lead your group. 

    In that case, the key is to produce content that shows the excellent diversity in the business and neighborhoods that you serve.

    Create Landing Pages That Convert Well


    How to do inclusive content that helps your audience and business?


    Inclusive content doesn’t need your brand to take a huge stand on a hot subject.

    It does need your team to believe differently, recognize what you don’t understand, and use words more purposefully.

    During staff conferences, inclusivity is not just a talking point to pass around.

    It’s not just the best thing to do in a world that grows more varied every day.

    You find new customers and stand out from other companies when you make your content marketing more inclusive.

    Simple truth: being more inclusive and varied helps the company expand!

    A little guide into inclusive content for your marketing practices that help you mark the most pertinent prepare for your marketing strategy:

    • What does being more inclusive mean?
    • Why should you concentrate on inclusivity?
    • How to do inclusive content that helps your audience and business?
    • The standard elements to get your project attaining success in inclusive marketing

    What Does Being More Inclusive Mean?

    What Does Being More Inclusive Mean?


    The standard property of inclusivity in marketing leads with varied good examples and voices, carrying out positive social modification by raising considerate and well-considered content and lessening cultural bias.

    As an online marketer, your mission is to reach a large audience, and you do so by marketing your brand in a way that is important to people of all ethnic cultures, races, gender identities, sexual preferences, skills, religious views, and age.

    Accomplishing positive social change is achieved by highlighting the voices and stories of typically underrepresented and marginalized people.

    This acts as a method to make a deeper connection with clients and consequently increase your base.

    Why should you concentrate on inclusivity?

    Not just is our nation continuously becoming more varied, but the entire world is ending up being more linked by technology with every passing year.

    This is why any successful company needs to be thoughtful about the way they represent their brand name.

    This consists of giving purposeful attention to the values, voices, images, and messages that send out a message about your brand name, what it represents, and the impact you want to make.

    As consumer focus leans evermore towards businesses that put the world community’s higher good ahead of profit and constant multi-cultural development in the United States, having an inclusive technique is vital to growth.

    Now, let’s enter into more specific action steps to develop and disperse inclusive content.

    Modification Your Pronouns

    Among the principles of excellent written copy from sales pages to post is to utilize the word “you” to speak straight to your audience. 

    I utilize it here on the blog and motivate customers to use it in their style guides.

    You encourage them to feel as though they are part of the conversation when you talk directly to your reader…!

    Utilizing “he” or “she” might have belonged to composing 30 years ago or when you remained in school, but It is an impersonal way of exchanging information and, invariably, would leave someone out.

    In some cases, you’re sharing a case study or story about a specific person.

    Naturally, it would help if you utilized their correct pronoun, but what about your theoretical consumer?

    “Unless your business focuses on one gender, consider using the “they” gender-neutral pronoun. It may sound odd to use it, but today it is an accepted way to write unique neutral pronouns. 

    Include Diversity Through Images

    In a perfect world, the images you utilize on your site, your blog, and social media would be photos or graphics created by you and your company.

    It’s a guaranteed way to let your individual discuss your marketing without needing to worry about copyright. Many businesses don’t have that high-end, and you should count on stock image websites.

    Diversity isn’t as challenging as it may seem, but it is more crucial than you understand.

    Your customers will identify with the business when they see people like themselves reflected in your marketing.

    This is called affinity marketing. 

    Customers deal with businesses and buy from a business, in part, where they feel welcome and see themselves represented.

    It’s not enough to state that you’re a diverse business serving everybody. 

    It would be best if you revealed individuals, too.

    Instead of doing the standard look for “business people” or “happy customers,” which invariably shows you images of thin, young, and frequently white people, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

    Add terms like “Hispanic,” “senior,” “gay,” or “disabled,” and in many sites, you’ll see more options.

    Another alternative is to utilize sites like Blend Images or the Lean In Collection by Getty Images to make finding diverse images easier. 

    No matter what choice you select, try to find images representing all of your customers, not simply one.

    Rethink How You Create Content

    Exceed Demographics

    It’s easy to look at demographics–age, gender, race, sexual preference–and think that’s all you require to do to reveal variety in content marketing.

    It’s a great place to begin; however, it’s not the only way to construct a strong audience and discover more clients.

    Marketing can be even more customized with today’s technology and access to data. Talking to people on an intellectual level is the next step of content marketing.

    Consider your business and what it provides for your consumers. In your research: 

    • What have you learned about them?
    • Do they drive particular kinds of cars?
    • Have they formed particular types of practices (morning runs, coffee in the morning, nail-biters)?
    • Do they have goals on their own (business owners, starting a family, buying a house)?

    From these answers, you can develop content just for them. 

    Let people come together and share their experiences, give links to places on your website or on social media hosted by you.

    Suppose you stick to the other principles of diversity in your marketing. In that scenario, you will create an inclusive space where all customers feel comfortable as they bond over a common love or mission for each other and your company.

    You can develop a brand name commitment while reaching different customers.

    You have to modify old habits and think about how you want to meet people in different and new ways.

    It’s much easier than you believe it will be, and as soon as you start, you’ll observe just how boring and comparable a lot of marketing is online. Sadly, inclusivity and diversity are still uncommon in the majority of content marketing.

    The best news for you is that you’re going to stand out and pull in new business from the crowd.

    Exceed Demographics

    Rethink How You Create Content

    Although not always easy to produce, written copy and article are the most common forms of content on the internet.

    Google and other online search engines like composed content, and the more focused, great, fascinating, and important article you share, the much better your online search engine rankings will be. It makes good sense to focus on the composed word for your content marketing.

    When you do, though, you’re missing out on a new and often underserved consumer base.

    Podcasts and video blogs are popular with people who merely prefer to take in content differently, but that’s not the only element to consider putting them in your content marketing strategy.

    Audio recordings will reach your vision impaired clients. Videos with captions reach the hearing impaired/deaf community.

    You do not need to develop new content to produce audio recordings or videos. Utilize the good content you already have.

    Read your article and publish it as a short podcast episode. 

    Take the leading concepts of your best post and turn them into video content. If you consist of a link to the written copy with your audio and video, you’ll give individuals of any physical ability the option to consume your content in the way that works best for them.

    ** Important Note

    As you pursue making your company’s advertising and content more inclusive, it is essential to think about the effect that your actions will have. 

    Your objective may be good; however, expecting the possible result is the key to attaining success in inclusive marketing.

    Update your web pages content (Republish following the best SEO practices)

    Think about these standards as you begin to improve your projects.

    • Don’t appropriate. When you try to use any marketing idea that associates with a particular minority culture, ensure you research and honor the significance it brings.
    • Avoid stereotyping: Basically, we all understand what stereotyping is, and we try to avoid bias and oversimplified predispositions that degrade any particular group. Working against these old stereotypes while emboldening and promoting a true understanding of individuals from any minority group is the method to break your marketing barriers.
    • Represent. Bringing a graph of your extensive market’s full spectrum is indisputably among the suitable varieties of varied marketing.
    • Never forget tone. “Tone” may seem like an abstract concept, but it is the sensation that your words develop for anybody reading your advertising or content. The factor that seems abstract is that it is the belief, or sensation of the work, you are developing. Always consider the effect that your images and words will have on every group that will see them.
    • Use language to reinforce diversity. Decline any phrasing that might potentially cause harm to any person. Think about each word and expression in your marketing (and how you place those words and expressions) before making anything public.


    Key Takeaways

    No matter how you choose to reach a higher level of inclusivity in your marketing, the crucial thing is that you are taking action toward reaching a bigger audience and possibly making the world a greater place at the same time.

    It is a win-win strategy…!

    It is crucial that it comes from the heart as well, though. Individuals will see through your facade if you attempt to be more inclusive just to make more money. You will gain the advantages of your efforts in every element of your business if you are really hoping to make a difference.

    Transform Your Industry and Boost Your Audience …!

    You have the opportunity to be a leader in your field. You have one moment in time, and the time is NOW!

    For help finding the ideal words for a more inclusive project, talk with GetFutura.

    And you, Could you share how to be more inclusive in your marketing?

    Comment in the box below…!


    The old marketing expression “Content is King” is still very much real.

    The thirst for content still drives customers. The fast-evolving innovation is altering the ways content is delivered.

    While just a couple of years earlier, developing cool video and visual content was quite sufficient to engage a customer. These days, businesses are required to look for more content formats and channels to stick out.

    What is meant by content marketing to you?

    Why content marketing important for your business?

    Please let me know in the comment box below …


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