Do you know what makes a customer happy?

Do you know what makes a customer happy?

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    Do you know what makes a customer happy?


    If you do not understand a crucial point of your customers, you have a huge problem.

    And the problem is you.

    It won’t be easy to get important results!

    Unless you stop talking about your company and your products, your marketing starts talking to customers about their problems and desires.

    Customers are only interested in themselves

    Not you, not your products, not your company.

    And this is not even just about you, but also about the message you bring around your firm employees. From the first to the last of your employees, you must educate your entire company to understand that your company’s sole purpose is to serve customers.

    You don’t need any special courses. You don’t need to go to Harward. You need to use your location exposition and apply to your target audience (let say you are a Firm in Phnom Penh) all the actions opposite of the average company, shop, bartender, Hotel or restaurateur.

    Keep this custom rule deep in mind! Look for any possible signs of "Phnom Penh" inside your company messages. Now make sure you eliminate it as immediately as imaginable.

    Consistently remove all the real customer bumpers from your business.
    Do it daily for the next months to come and make it a routine or a habit.

    • Attend your salespeople’s negotiations.
    • Read and re-read every piece of marketing.

    In just a month, your company will be extremely more productive than before.

    Remove all the:

    • “The best of Bangkok…”
    • “My incredible product”
    • “The great quality of our company”

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    Discover why your loyal customers buy from you

    There is a stubborn mentality that if I open a new company, I am “entitled” to customers. There is no reflection that customers reward the fact that you know how to give more value than the competition.

    If the customers don’t come anyway, it’s not me who does not offer something the customers want to buy. According to the ”wrong” norm, is the State that “must do something” to stimulate the economy.

    Why? Because if people have more money in their pockets, then they will come and spend with me. 

    I'll provide you a piece of info: if any potential customer has more money in his pockets, they don't end up being more stupid. They'll invest even more cash in your rival that is more qualified than you. Same all the same all. That's all.

    The majority of entrepreneurs reflect the general mentality that has always been a state mentality.

    This means that, first of all, the entrepreneurs themselves do not see competition in a good light.

    Put in the simplest terms possible: deciding to set up your own business with a vat number gives you no rights. But zero. There is no such thing as a “citizenship client.” Unless you want to be a lobbyist like the taxi drivers and prevent better competition than you by law, notice taxi drivers, too: you can’t stop progress forever.

    People buy just for two reasons

    People buy just for two reasons

    To feel better about themselves.
    To solve a problem
    Now ask yourself these two questions:

    When you sell a product that is meant to make people feel better about themselves, is your marketing created in a way that makes people feel better after they decide to buy? Does it suggest that idea?
    If you sell a product that solves a problem, do you remember to make that problem vivid before presenting your solution and then showing the customer how much your answer is worth to them in terms of saving money, time, health, headaches, anxieties, worries, etc.?
    Now ask yourself this question as well, which should go before the other two:

    Does your product serve to make you feel better or solve a problem? E.g.: Does your restaurant solve the problem of hunger, like a truck stop diner, or does it make the people who choose you feel better about themselves, like a special place? If you don’t understand this, your marketing won’t impact and will be inconsistent with your business reality.


    Study this very carefully, then go back and study it, again and again, every week for the next year.

    If it were the only marketing material you ever had to check in your life, it would be enough to improve your current results by a lot, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable you think you are in marketing and promoting your products or services.

    Every time you go back and read this real “shock therapy” model course, you’ll be surprised to find that you’ve learned new and useful things every time, which you can apply immediately to get more sales and more results.

    Support your customers with free resources.

    Knowledge bases consist of support documentation that lays out troubleshooting steps to common client concerns. Utilizing resources like these, clients can fix their own problems and avoid your support group entirely.

    Utilizing resources like these, clients can fix their own problems and avoid your support group entirely.

    Even if your customer service group is outstanding, the less your clients have to connect with them, the better it is. In fact, some consumers would choose not to encounter your service team at all.

    For these clients, it’s essential to offer self-service assistance. These resources are an extension of your customer care group and provide solutions when your associates are not available. That way, more independent consumers can fix issues on their own. They do not have to wait on hold to be gotten in touch with a representative, who may not have an immediate service.

    A good reminder

    Making your client a happy customer is distinct from creating genuinely satisfied consumers.

    Delighted clients are people who esteem your brand name beyond the first acquisition. They trust that your business is straightened with their demands and is bound to supporting them in accomplishing their long-lasting aspirations.

    Any kind of service can make its consumers better. You can offer a discount rate, a pleasant supply service, and ask forgiveness when there is a failure, taking the opportunity to strengthen your strategy and your client relationship.

    By the way, these are just temporary actions that clients expect to take place when they communicate with your service.

    • Instead, a pleased consumer becomes a happy customer outside his/her customer’s journey.
    • It is probably counterintuitive, but this is how a customer perceives the process of becoming your brand estimator.
    • It’s the duration before and after the purchase choice where your customers identify the included value you create.
    • That value, as we can see together, can come in lots of types.

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    Now take a look at these questions and let me know your answers!

    Is your marketing still attached to the old era?
    Is it some brochure that describes technical points of what you sell?
    Reasonably with great images?
    Do you look forward to displaying images of your depot pictures on your website?
    Are your salespeople or a dull “special explainer” of what you understand how to do?
    Do you take fantastic pride in informing consumers of the life narrative of your firm?

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