Eco-Tourism Camping in Cambodia - A New Trend and Marketing Opportunities -

Eco-Tourism Camping in Cambodia – A New Trend and Marketing Opportunities

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    Eco-Tourism Camping in Cambodia

    A New Trend and Marketing Opportunities

    The Perfect Camping Experience in Cambodia

    Camping in Cambodia can be a fantastic outdoor experience for those nature-loving tourists who like to engage in it and want to sleep under the stars.

    Actually, it is not all that popular to pitch a tent in the country due to the abundance of low-cost hotels and hostels offered for tourists.

    Nevertheless, camping in the Land of Smiles is a great method to experience the country’s incredible landscapes up close and personal.

    Here are something you ought to know for experiencing the best camping and glamping sites in Cambodia.

    • The Perfect Camping Experience in Cambodia
    • Why should you plan your next eco holiday in Cambodia?
    • Glamping the New Wave of Eco-tourism
    • Tented Camp – The Current and Most Famous Hobbies
    • Camping and Hiking in Cambodia
    • Camping and Hammocks – Cambodia Traditional Camping Style
    • Online Booking for Camp Site
    • What is the coldest month in Cambodia?
    • Does Cambodia have a rainy season?

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    Why should you plan your next eco holiday in Cambodia?

    The International Ecotourism Society’s definition is “accountable travel to natural locations that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local individuals and includes analysis and education.”

    And Cambodia follows the motto …

    Cambodia is fast ending up being a hotspot for eco-tourism. If you desire to experience the wilderness of some of the most remote parts of the nation, the only alternative readily available to you is camping.

    It disconnects you from the world.

    Camping offers you a brand-new experience and a real opportunity to re-connect with nature and wildlife. Camping sites have to do with as close as you can get to a few of Cambodia’s most beautiful locations.

    That is an excellent reason to get away from technology.

    Yes! We all need to detach from the expectations of being online 24/7.

    Many places are out of reach, with no mobile or internet connection.

    And it is the best moment to get in touch with your loved ones – Spending time with your friends or family members is one of the most crucial things you can do; for your own and their well-being.

    Camping in Cambodia is an enjoyable way to spend time with those that matter most in your life.

    Don’t talk about the food … it tastes much better in the outdoors – normal camping food is some of the best-tasting food, and it tastes even much better in the fresh air.

    Cooking with open fire is magical; it cannot be done well on the stove at home.

    Glamping the New Wave of Eco-tourism

    Cambodia, a highly-populated location with thick jungle, loaded with crawling spiders, hazardous predators, and deadly bugs?

    Probably the final place you would think to wild camp.

    Or is it? How can you really do it in such a unique location?

    Yet, it is true that camping and glamping in Cambodia have become a new wave of eco-tourism that many individuals named the country.

    Among the major reasons camping continues to be so popular in Cambodia is that those who camp view it as “a time to unwind, get away tension and clear their minds.”\

    Being outdoors is normally at the top of the list if you ask anybody who considers themselves a skilled camper what their main motivation is.

    This is particularly real for millennials. Now more than ever, the more youthful generation is searching for an escape from the daily grind and is relying on camping to get a break from everything.

    The aspiration to lead a much healthier lifestyle is another key reason that more Cambodian young adults are going camping.

    Campers of all ages view camping as a method to relax, clear their minds, and get some exercise.

    Hiking, strolling, cycling, and canoeing/kayaking are a few of the most typical methods to remain active while camping.

    Tented Camp - The Current and Most Famous Hobbies in Cambodia

    Tented Camp - The Current and Most Famous Hobbies in Cambodia

    People who might not have been interested in camping before are now discovering alternative and fascinating new fun techniques to camp.

    While 53% of new campers camp in camping tents, 25% choose cabins and 19% RVs.

    Now, you can take your pick of staying in a tent, cabin, yurt, trailer, hammock, teepee, among, well, still a lot of “other” categories.

    With access to exciting new camping lodgings, nearly all Millennials and Gen Xers across the cities are stated to be eager to try new methods to camp this year.

    More particularly, Millennials are interested in experiencing both back-country camping and glamping, while Gen X looks for more distinct accommodations.

    Camping and Hiking in Cambodia

    Cambodia is in a tropical atmosphere where it designs exactly 2 seasons in a year.

    The wet season constantly starts from May to October and the dry season from November to April.

    When you do trekking or camping, you must always consider nature appeal destinations like the jungle, mountain, coastal areas, and national parks.

    That area always has a lot of rain in the damp season, and some bugs or mosquitoes likewise high at that time.

    During the dry season, whatever constantly changes. It so stunning, warm temperature with good breezy, and a great time for hike and camp.

    • Kirirom National Park
    • Central of Cardamom mountains (The Krâvanh Mountains)
    • Islands of Mekong in Kratie and Stung Treng Province
    • Yard field and sensational mountain views of Mondulkiri province
    • Virachey National Park in Ratanakiri province
    • Bokor Hill Station and Coastal area
    • Phnom Kulen National in Siem Reap
    • Jungle and mountainous in Dangrek range of mountains (Carrying-Pole Mountains)

    Camping and Hammocks - Cambodia Traditional Camping Style

    While camping tents and RVs have actually long been the most popular ways to camp, hammock camping has numerous benefits that you may not know about.

    Here are some of the primary factors you ought to ditch the camping tent and optionally switch to bring along your hammock for your next camping trip.

    It Offers a Much Better Sleep

    There is nearly no much better feeling than falling asleep in a hammock.

    Not just is lying in a hammock incredibly relaxing, but the mild swaying and rocking assistance to take the pressure off your spinal column, providing you a better night’s rest.

    Moreover, you fall asleep quicker in a hammock and remain asleep longer.

    Hammock sleeping likewise enhances your blood flow and blood circulation and takes the pressure off your joints.

    They Are Easier to Set Up

    Compared to tents, camping hammocks are really basic to establish as they include just two hanging straps and the hammock itself.

    And what you are required to do is to find a spot to hang it.

    A hammock can be established in simply seconds in addition to the accompanying accessories such as a mosquito web. This suggests no more fighting with poles or finding flat, smooth ground to establish your tent.

    Hammocks Comfort You More Than Sleeping on the Ground

    It will be the days of tossing and turning all night since you set up your camping tent on a rock, tree root, or a slope.

    A hammock will enable you to set up camp anywhere, despite the condition of the ground.

    Light-weight and Saves Space

    Once we consider weight and portability, hammocks vanquish tents, no contest.

    Most hammocks weigh less than 3 pounds and can suit simply a small sack.

    You can conserve even more area by clipping it beyond your pack.

    Oversleeping a hammock also means you can leave your pillow and sleeping pad in the house, freeing up many more areas.

    More Openness

    For many people, the primary objective of camping is to soak in as much nature and fresh air as possible. By oversleeping in a hammock, you aren’t restricted to a camping tent. You can literally lay under the stars and feel the breeze rocking you to sleep.

    Whether you’re new to camping or knowledgeable, amp up your outdoor experience by offering hammock camping a try.

    Sleeping outside without the boundaries of a camping tent will only bring you closer to nature and enable you to get a much better night’s sleep.

    Tips: Cambodia’s camping facilities are fundamental, so do not expect potable bathrooms or elegant bathroom centers at your campsite. 

    For that alert, it is a good idea to bring all essential equipment, unless you have actually booked an all-inclusive camping experience.

    Online Booking for Camp Site in Cambodia

    Online Booking for Camp Site in Cambodia

    More camping sites are moving bookings into the online space, and this need is originating from customers.

    Who wishes to call a campground to make reservations?? No one.

    Okay, well, lots of youths, in fact, simulates calling. People like getting a genuine person on the phone to discuss the camping area alternatives.

    The online systems are easier, but they certainly could be better.

    People want to see more pictures. People would enjoy seeing some drone shots! And, most importantly, camping sites ought to be transparent.

    Once there’s a dumpster next to the site, they must be transparent about that.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Tourism Camping in Cambodia

    Is Cambodia harmful to travelers?

    Cambodia is quite safe for tourists, however like in other places in Southeast Asia, it does have its share of minor crime – and difficulties with the police.

    Long as you’re aware of the concerns, you’ll no doubt have a safe trip. Cambodia is becoming a significantly popular destination for tourists to Southeast Asia.

    What is the coldest month in Cambodia?

    January is the coolest month of the year. February is still pleasant, but temperature levels can begin to increase by the end of the month.

    Does Cambodia have a rainy season?

    When the winds shift into the southwest monsoon from May to November, the rains come.

    During this period, you can expect the most precipitation in Cambodia throughout September and October.

    Cambodia warms up steadily from February to April, with temperatures peaking as high as 40 ° C in April.

    Eco-Tourism Camping in Cambodia A New Trend and Marketing Opportunities


    There was a moment when camping journeys occurred far from home, offering an unusual glimpse into a new destination.

    More campers are selecting to remain domestically and travel smaller-sized ranges, rather than traveling out of the city or even to a foreign country.

    This camping pattern’s upside is that it provides people the chance to uncover their local communities’ charm. This consists of national parks, which constantly provide an abundant camping experience among Cambodia’s most gorgeous surroundings.

    What camping site trends do you see occurring in 2021?
    Please leave us your view in the comment box below!

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