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Pricing Plan

Why You Need an Automated Strategy for Your Email Marketing?​

Don't want to start reaching out to your clients and potential customers, creating a very profitable communication flow? And avoiding the straight away common mistakes to reach very nice results with a clear strategy?

Basic Plan

I already have my Website or Landing Page

$ 400 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. ​Email Marketing Strategy creation.
2. Software setup. Lists creation.
3. Lists creation.
4. Emails copywriting for weekly flow.
5. Monthly 1-hour call for Strategy set up.
6. Max 5000 Emails list.

Advanced Plan

I do not have my Landing Page

$ 500 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. Your Email Marketing Strategy
2. Dynamic Landing Page creations, crafted and designed specifically for your campaigns.
3. Advanced Copywriting.
4. Max 5000 Emails list.

Leaders Plan

I do not have my Website

$ 800 First Month - After the cost drop to $500 per month!

1. Your Email Marketing Plan
2. Your new Website. Consultation with our Designers. Portfolio 3 pages Website included.
3. Dynamic Landing Pages.
4. Max 10000 Emails list.

Any other special requirement for this Cambodia Email Marketing Management Plan?

$ 0.0 Just a click

Chat directly with your consultant.

Are you tired of getting smashed by your competitors online? Build new trustful Business Connections

Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business


Email list upload and search - Engage with new customers and your clients.
Keep building new connections.


We Plan and Optimize

Planned with Experienced Writers & Designers to achieve conversion-driven Email Marketing campaigns


Your Landing Page

A very performing and high converting design crafted to reflect your Website and Brand.


Cambodia Email Marketing Management Plan - Raise Recognition and Trust - We Highlight and Discover Unique Values of Your Products and Services - Attract a Positive Response from Your Destination Audience with Dynamic Content

Compelling Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing for Every Cambodia Business and Worldwide

No matter the size of the business, the manner in which marketing dollars are designated and allocated is extremely important.

This is specifically real for small businesses in Cambodia that have smaller budgets and unique needs.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

If your business isn’t using email marketing, should you?

Yes, the answer is most likely a big YES, as email is regularly mentioned as one of, if not the marketing gate that regularly offers the greatest Return of Investment.

Email marketing is by far among the most successful methods to advertise your business, boost brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site.

It also occurs to be exceptionally low cost and has an extremely high ROI.

Email marketing is utilized by countless businesses of all sizes around the world.

Those who are not experienced with this marketing technique may not instantly comprehend why it is so popular among businesses in a variety of industries.

Why You Need Your Own Email Marketing Strategy?

You seriously don’t want to learn more about the impact of Email Marketing on Cambodia Businesses to increase your revenue?

See and Apply Copywriting techniques to drive results!

We test and plan to repeat all the relevant steps.

We create your strategy to search new targeted Leads.

Impact of Email Marketing on Your Business in Cambodia

To learn all about the advantages of email marketing, and why your company should make email part of its digital marketing strategy, keep checking out this page!

My name is Mattia. I work as a Business Consultant and SEO Consultant. I am passionate about every single Marketing Strategy that proves to work successfully. I will work with you to achieve this key business goal!

Email marketing is an efficient method to guarantee that small businesses can connect to their consumers, grow their customer base, and build their track record.

Most importantly, managing an email project is easier than many people think.

Whether you are managing a business in Phnom Penh Capital City or an ancient city like Siem Reap, Email marketing still plays a major role in expanding your revenue.

Here are the leading benefits of email marketing for small businesses and why email marketing is the proper way to reach your goals.

Target Potential Customers

Though other internet marketing strategies permit you to target your most certified customers, email marketing enables you to call them directly.

This suggests you can be sure that you’re reaching precisely whom you wish to reach and forming relationships with current and potential customers.

Let’s Reach an Interested Audience

Another among the benefits of email marketing is that to get your emails; people have to opt-in.

This suggests when you send emails, you connect to people who have willingly agreed to receive communications from your business.

The purpose is to prevent them from hitting the unsubscribe button after someone subscribes to your emails.

Develop what people can anticipate from your emails. Stick to submitting content along those lines so individuals get what they have signed up for.

A Complete Strategic Asset at Low Cost with High Impact

Its reduced cost relative to conventional marketing platforms is among the most obvious advantages of email marketing.

There are no postage or print costs and no charges paid in exchange for exposure on a specific signboard, publication, or tv channel.

Email marketers might consider purchasing specialist software to automate, track and assess their emails.

There might be a little overhead for delivering thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are much smaller than what you would expect most marketing platforms to pay.

Email Marketing Offers a High ROI

Email marketing is among the most economical ways of marketing your business.

The ROI of an email marketing project can be astronomical. The average campaign produces an ROI of even 4400% or a return of $44 for every one dollar spent, as registered by many businesses around the world.

It Works Perfectly with Your SEO Strategy

You may not consider SEO as an email marketing advantage, but you can help each other out with these 2 types of marketing.

Links pointing from a trustworthy external website to your site can positively impact your SEO. This tells the online search engine that people trust you.

You determine the chances that if you post content from your website in your emails, anyone who sees your emails may connect to your content.

Many of our clients love to get this Email Marketing Plan along with our SEO Strategy Plan, and that is why we craft a special offer to combine all this work together for your business goals. Contact us if you would love to get more information about this offer!

Email Marketing Expands Brand Awareness

They’ll naturally become more mindful of your brand and what it stands for when you interact with your audience regularly.

Your subscribers will become acquainted with your items, services, and business as a whole because you’ll constantly be in their inbox.

When you share helpful info about your business or market, you can likewise establish a reputation as a valuable resource, helping to develop trust with possible customers.

Email Marketing Assists with Your Content Marketing Goals

You can share it with your email customers if you release content frequently.

Whether you develop graphics, write blog posts or record videos, you can use email marketing as a channel to distribute everything you produce.

You can improve your website traffic when you send your content to your email clients. If your content exceeds your audience’s criteria, you can likewise decrease your site’s bounce rate, drive conversions, boost time on page, and hit other metrics that matter to your content strategy.

Email Marketing Supports Leads Journey

When somebody submits an email form on your website, you can utilize automation to send them emails created to move them through the buying funnel.

With the ideal email marketing platform, you can change your email projects based upon somebody’s interaction with your website and firmographic information.

Using content written for every single part of the consumer journey, you can target people who have discovered your business, who are researching their alternatives, or even who are ready to make a purchase.

Cambodia Email Marketing Management Plan is Easy to Measure

Another crucial benefit of email marketing is that it’s simple to see where you’re failing.

Most email marketing software applications will allow you to track open, click-through, and conversion rates, making it basic to find how a campaign can be enhanced.

These changes can be made nearly instantly, too, whereas print or broadcast advertising needs a fair bit of effort to modify.

It’s Personalized

By using email marketing, you can do more than target individuals based upon their interests.

One of many other advantages of email marketing is that automation and AI can be used to deliver email subscribers’ unique experiences.

If somebody purchased and offered their email, you can utilize email marketing to request reviews or send suggested items to build on that purchase.

You can deal with each subscriber by name and send emails in your subscribers’ time zones, so every email feels additional individual.

Email Marketing is Easy to Share and has Instantaneous Impact

Customers can forward brilliant offers and uses to their buddies at the click of a button.

There are not many other ways of marketing that are as easy to share as this technique.

Before you know it, subscribers might end up being brand name evangelists; focused on introducing your business to a new market.

A growing number of we see brand names cleverly utilizing this technique, and you also know that social proof (a modern form of mouth to mouth) is having a huge influence on online sales and brand awareness over the years.

Due to email’s immediacy, a business can begin seeing outcomes within minutes of its emails being sent.

A 24-hour sale is a brilliant marketing tactic that can be used by email, as it develops a sense of seriousness and encourages subscribers to take instant action.

Businesses typically have to wait weeks till they see sales can be found as a result of print or broadcast projects, and, even then, how can they be sure what was responsible for the purchase?

What Unique Benefit Does Email Marketing Provide?

Use this unique approach to lead your market! You will be amazed when you find out your competitors never had this advantage!






Real-Time Marketing

Flexible Design



Personalisation and Segmentation


Very Friendly and Less Invasive


Pricing Plan

The best decision to focus and improve your new Web strategy!

Basic Plan

I already have my Website or Landing Page

$ 400 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. ​Email Marketing Strategy creation.
2. Software setup. Lists creation.
3. Lists creation.
4. Emails copywriting for weekly flow.
5. Online support with your consultant. Monthly 1-hour call for Strategy set up.

Advanced Plan

I do not have my Landing Page

$ 500 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. Your Email Marketing Strategy
2. Dynamic Landing Page creations, crafted and designed specifically for your campaigns.
3. Advanced Copywriting.
4. Max 5000 Emails list.

Leaders Plan

I do not have my Website

$ 800 First Month - After the cost drop to $500 per month!

1. Your Email Marketing Plan
2. Your new Website. Consultation with our Designers. Portfolio 3 pages Website included.
3. Dynamic Landing Pages.
4. Max 10000 Emails list.

Any other special requirement?

$ 0.0 Just a click

Chat directly with your consultant.

Email marketing can enable you to develop targeted and customized messages.

Email marketing can enable you to develop targeted and customized messages.

This can assist you in constructing significant relationships with your clients. It can likewise improve action rates for your direct marketing campaigns.

Many businesses have forgotten about consisting Email Marketing in their strategic plan in Cambodia, and we feel sad to discover this drawback. Yet, it is not too late for you to start and convert it to your company profits.

The unique benefits of email marketing for your businesses in Cambodia consist of:


Your marketing list will be made up of individuals who have actively picked to get email interactions from you. Customers who are truly thinking about your services and/or products are more likely to engage with your business.


Email marketing may be used to hit big markets or target lists with smaller sizes.

Flexible Design

You can send out plain text, graphics, or attach files – whichever fits your message best. A choice of style options offers you the scope to convey your business branding.

Personalisation and Segmentation

With email marketing, you can customize messages.

You can also customize your marketing list so that your clients get messages from you that they have an interest in – this will help increase their engagement with you.

Less Invasive

Unlike telephone marketing, receivers can read your message at a time that fits them. Customers may also change their options if they choose to receive multiple messages from you or unsubscribe once they decide they no longer want to receive your email messages.


Via automation, based on an activity they have already performed on your platform, you can activate emails to be sent to consumers.

For instance, send out a welcome email when a user signs up to your site or release an email providing a discount rate incentive if the user abandons an online shopping cart.

As soon as you have established a design template, you can reuse it for various email projects.


As absolutely nothing is written, email marketing is better for the environment than direct marketing through postal mail.

Real-Time Marketing

Through email marketing, you can connect with consumers in real-time.

Using automatic triggers, such as website activity, current purchase, or shopping cart abandonment, you can reach the best audience, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right deal.

Important Tip

It is essential not to overuse email marketing. Getting marketing emails can irritate people if it is irrelevant, undesirable, or too frequent.

GetFutura has a team of experts who can help you arrange and put together an efficient email marketing strategy for your business. You can call +85569254101 or contact us online for assistance starting today!

Email Marketing Strategy

Are you searching for methods to enhance your client base?

Do you wish to promote revenue-generation for your offline or online business?



We set the Software and upload your Email lists creating dedicated audiances.



Campaigns with target strategy. Collecting offers, products, copywriting message designs and ideas.


Emails Flow

Let's start right away with the Email flow. Planning your method to search for new leads. Business Strategy Call.



Lists management and actions generation report.

GetFutura Email Marketing Plan

You came to this page because you want to grow! and you don't want to wait any longer.

Destroy these buttons and let's get to work!

Cambodia Email Marketing Management Plan is a combination of copywriting, software and a dedicated strategy to create info and sales Emails to attract clients to your business in the long term and short term.

Your Email Marketing Plan

This plan is for who?

For You:

If You’re a manager or a business owner, a freelancer, and you seek and crave to accomplish more gains with online marketing.

If you absolutely wish to monetize, whatever your niche is.

If you’ve recognized that a plan is what you require to get better profit for your business.

With the right plan, we also create your new landing pages and your brand new website!

This is exactly the plan you’ve been waiting for. This plan is right for you!

This Email Marketing Strategy will give you an established system that brings returns to scale up with your business flow. If you’re still “holding at zero,” do not worry. If you are beginning your project and your new online business as a beginner, the best strategy is to develop and raise your products/services message right away.

You will also get your campaign detailed stats.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost for a Small Business?

Why do you need to be strategic with your Cambodia Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very inexpensive and readily available for small businesses, business owners, nonprofits, event organizers, and anybody else interested in promoting something.

On average, a mid-size business can anticipate spending $100 – $600 each month on email marketing, self-managing the campaigns (depending on plats, platforms, number of lists and subscribers) or $300 – $1000 monthly if they deal with an agency.

The costs can depend on the choices you and your group make.

Before you invest effort, time, and money into email marketing, do some homework and be clear about your goals and how they line up with your business strategy.

This will save you experimentation and keep your faith in email marketing intact.

Key Takeaways

For small businesses, choosing where to invest your marketing dollars is a major element.

You want to create brand-new leads while engaging your existing customers, but you require to make sure that the digital marketing methods you are utilizing are cost-efficient and drive outcomes.

Email marketing benefits are seemingly endless, and it provides benefits that other marketing techniques don’t.

Then what are you waiting for if you’re not already using email marketing for your businesses in Cambodia?

Let us know or talk with us directly in the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses in Cambodia

What are the benefits of email marketing?

  • Low costs
  • Reach a currently engaged audience
  • Provide targeted messages.
  • Drive income
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to determine
  • Easy to share
  • Reach an international audience

What are some benefits of email marketing compared to SEO or PPC?

The facts are that SEO is the best for ROI when it comes to durable results. When it refers to short-term boosts, PPC is the best.

For reaching out to previous clients or those interested in your products or services, Email Marketing is the best.

What unique benefit does Email Marketing supply?

By conducting email marketing, your products or services can be a quick, flexible and affordable method of reaching new clients and maintaining existing consumers by encouraging repeat site visits.

Email Marketing can permit you to develop targeted and personalized messages.

What are the challenges of email marketing?

These are the most typical email marketing issues:

  • Low Delivery Rate
  • Low Open Rate
  • Low Click Rate
  • High Unsubscribe Rate
  • Low Active Ratio
  • Limited Post-Click Activity

What is the ROI on email marketing?

Email is the Holy Grail of marketing interaction when it comes to consumer interaction.

That is because done right, it produces remarkable outcomes. In fact, the ROI for email marketing can be as high as 4400%.

That’s $44 for every single dollar invested in an email marketing campaign.

What is the success rate of email marketing?

It’s often a key metric utilized to determine the success – or absence of success – of a particular email project. We found a typical email click-to-open rate of 14.10%.

Your Email Marketing will be crafted to improve your ROI

We will be focusing on copywriting quality, tailoring the message and the content to meet your client's journey and your business’s unique marketing route.

Email Marketing Strategy

Is it okay to begin from nothing not having your own site?

Yes, if you are in this position, it is really perfect for you!

With the right plan, not only do I give you all the strategic and technical information you need to improve your sales, but we also create your brand new website!

For example, if you have a company or business and want to start leveraging online channels, what you need is:

  • Your new website/ sales page

To increase:

  • Your leads profiling
  • Your sales volume

Why? Because in order to improve your business and ideas as you desire, you need potential and perfectly targeted customers, and you need them to buy your services and products frequently.

What happens if I don't follow this dedicated strategy for my business?

You will be amazed how few of your competitors are acting right now on an Email Marketing Strategy.

You can take action now to get ahead of your market.

Who can I turn to now if I have more questions?

In the lower-left corner of your screen, you will find the button to chat directly with your consultant on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Pricing Plan

Basic Plan

I already have my Website or Landing Page

$ 400 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. ​Email Marketing Strategy creation.
2. Software setup. Lists creation.
3. Lists creation.
4. Emails copywriting for weekly flow.
5. Online support with your consultant. Monthly 1-hour call for Strategy set up.

Advanced Plan

I do not have my Landing Page

$ 500 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. Your Email Marketing Strategy
2. Dynamic Landing Page creations, crafted and designed specifically for your campaigns.
3. Advanced Copywriting.
4. Max 5000 Emails list.

Leaders Plan

I do not have my Website

$ 800 First Month - After the cost drop to $500 per month!

1. Your Email Marketing Plan
2. Your new Website. Consultation with our Designers. Portfolio 3 pages Website included.
3. Dynamic Landing Pages.
4. Max 10000 Emails list.

A Great Number Of Services Achieved With Our Fabulous Clients

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Happy New Customers

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Web Styles Accomplished

Business Email Marketing with an Excellent and Strategic Copywriting Plan

A short introductory guide to Email Marketing copywriting for our clients

Email Marketing – What to do and what not to do!

We also use this system, the sending of emails, intending to stay in touch with their customers with the use of emails to continue to educate and sell at the same time.

It declines to a specific Software.

It allows the company to include it in a wider marketing path, specific follow-ups, and specific offer flows based on the lists you have.

Currently, you might have:

  • Active customer list.
  • Inactive customer list.
  • Leads list, potential customers.

Question: Leads list, is there only email as contact information, or are there also phone numbers or addresses? 

Given the high cost of online traffic and data, it better option to reach as much data as possible.

Let’s continue

It allows us to propose specific follow-ups with targeted offers to capture a lot more contact data as well. A key component!


  • Build a system that can be used repeatedly, thus creating assets (emails) that can be reused on new contacts that arrive on the list!
  • Get emails directly into the main inbox, always! NEVER make emails look like advertisements!

The abundant use of spam and the fact that more and more fast communication methods have led especially the very young and society to undervalue emails, which actually have less interest in 2021. But, a company can never do without them. That being said, we must always remain aware of the fact that the entire internet system is still based on email, as are all databases.

Therefore, email boxes have equipped themselves to divide incoming emails into various folders, using robots that attempt to simulate how the same email will be perceived.

Pay attention to the automation you use because each one has different capabilities and rates of deliverability. (Analyze well the rates, the cleanliness of the emails, and the servers you use). (Never choose complicated software).

  • Make potential customers become real customers, passive customers become active and repeat customers.
  • Maintain continuous contact with all client lists to eliminate the risk of losing clients. It is fine to maintain telephone contact through the company’s sales force, but the email must always remain a firm point of contact!

As much of the email sent as possible should arrive in the main inbox, or the main ”primary” box (we’ll call it MAIN), of customers.

If the sent email doesn’t make it into main, all the work is wasted. There is no software or segmentation whatsoever that can override the robots in email management systems. So you will understand well that the damage caused by the lack of email opening would be enormous.

How a robot’s algorithm works and how it attempts to simulate the human perception of physical mail.

All email providers have collected billions of emails and data over the years and users’ actions on their email folders.

From this, all email providers align themselves to a fundamental goal: to improve the user experience and make them safe from spam and scams. (Hotmail, Gmail, all the minor and regional providers may have slightly different filters, but they all pursue the same goal).

The Spam folder

The death of every business, the chances of being seen are practically zero. If you end up in spam, your autoresponder may downgrade by assigning lower quality servers.

Spam and scams, why do they end up in the spam folder?
Because they obviously follow the patterns that, over the years, users and robots have previously identified as spam email, unsolicited email.

Robots have therefore created identification patterns to filter spam.
An example is the images encrypted by the provider.

The Promotions folder

Promotions, why do they end up in the promotions folder?
Same as above!

The patterns identified over the years are the following, and please do not object because they were not discovered last week but only after decades and billions of processed data. You can find them, for example, throughout Google’s official publications.

  • Email in the center and not justified on the left
  • The email presents an image or a layout that makes you think of the use of a template.
  • Very ”beautiful” emails that contain numerous offers. Yes, beautiful emails, but they don’t end up in the main but in promotions or even worse in spam.
  • Small phrases always look like promotional phrases.
  • Links to social media and various buttons
  • Items with words that refer to ‘offers’, prices. Promotions, percentages, free, Etc.
  • Use of Html or Javascript to upload products on templates.
  • Animated gifs.
  • Footers in the email.
  • Underlining, highlighting, fonts too small, red lettering.

There is no automation tool that solves this issue.

Approaching other people’s email boxes, we have to be strategic and go unnoticed by all promo and spam filters!

We must write text-only emails.

Never take into consideration the emails that your provider sends you because obviously, they don’t put themselves in a promo or spam folder.

Understand that you cannot avoid approaching the email writing process strategically if you have thousands of emails in your database.

Get emails directly into your main inbox, always! NEVER make emails look like advertisements!

Having established that the basic solution is to eliminate all negative and identified patterns from the providers’ email filters, let’s look at some other key points.

The striking questions:

How long should the TEXT emails I send be?

We are now talking about ”content”, i.e. text created ad hoc to educate your customers and sell. The content then, you’ll understand, can’t be ”limited” but must fully express what you need to explain.

So your email will be long enough to explain in an exhaustive and natural way what you want to convey to the customer at that moment.
(You have inside the classic example of the conversation between a representative and a customer).

And here your strategy will be the master, you will find, for example, the need perhaps to write a long email, and you don’t have to be in the position of having to worry about “who reads it,” because who you are reaching is a person/company in target with your offer/service, who has a pressing need or unresolved suffering that you are going to dissolve.

Not only that, you have all the info from your vendors to use directly on the emails.

Insert, by any means, in the emails the q&a and resolution of the most common objections collected by your salespeople during the sale of the specific product you are offering.

Always offer interesting news.

Starting to roll out a new brand or products? Go right out and create emails to educate your customers on the product’s important features, what problems it solves, and who it’s designed for.

 How often should I send emails?

Very often or very rarely?

Reasoning about it, the correct answer lies squarely in the middle.

  • Why? Because one rule to follow is to analyze your current marketing efforts and make up for the shortcomings with a system like an email marketing. You could do it with videos, blogs, social media, but you already have an advantage with email marketing because you have acquired massive customer lists over time.
  • And what else? Email marketing, in your case, should be seriously used as a weapon to educate your customers to buy and bring your salespeople, internal or external, new ready contacts.
    Currently, your salespeople take on all three of the first phases of marketing: customer research, product and service education, and converting customers into sales. Email marketing will bring support to all three of these marketing phases and then integrate as you do follow-ups, upsells, and cross-selling. That is, the acquired customer who buys will then be passed into the active customer list.

Be flexible and decide on an email frequency based on your strategy of the moment and based on what you are trying to sell.

Are you trying to sell social media management as a service? Well, you’re going to need a lot of emails to break down all the common paradigms and objections of customers who are new to social media with business pages. So it seems obvious that you’ll have to send this stream of emails on this topic in a fairly short span of time. They can’t be separated from each other by a week. They’ll have to be sent with high frequency to maintain a high level of reader interest.

Why, then, the exact answer lies exactly in the middle?

The problem of sending so many emails every day is well explained by Dave Dee:

Since emails are not expensive to send, being digital and low-priced, most people feel entitled to send a lot of really uninteresting emails. This would never happen if you were to send an email via private courier, with gifts inside and a sales letter that would impress since you are spending so many euros between paper, printing, gift, stamped envelope, courier, time, etc…

Another example?
You are trying to launch a product or service. You should do everything to explain the product as well as possible, even if it means sending an email a day for a period of one or two weeks and then return to your regularity.

What style should my emails have?

They should always be sales emails, i.e. you should continually be educating prospects on the sale even if you are not forcing the purchase action in every email.

Never send emails just to send them. They must always contain information, value, engagement, value propositions, value stories, corporate messages, resolution of user problems, even if you are not directly proposing a purchase! In fact, it’s very right not to suggest a purchase in every email you send!

And let’s make sure that the emails not only arrive in the main box but are also get opened and considered!

It will always be essential to write as if you were advising a friend.

So be direct and not boring!

Would you ever make a friend wait for 180 emails to understand what you want to propose?

Therefore write to never let the reader’s attention drop.
Never use subject lines containing bait words, only titles that are exactly descriptive of the text and consistent with the email you are writing.

Always maintain a general congruence with the brand message, descriptive and communicative style.

In short, be very sober and consistent without ever sounding like promotional salespeople, but friends and consultants. The email must always seem very personal!

The best techniques to use for your company

Always promote one product at a time, one brand at a time, or one package at a time.

Never mix products because it leads you to write unclear messages, confusing the reader.

The cookie technique, for single products or simply to describe a product.

  • Email 1: Give info and value (no links)
  • Email 2: Sales copy (with contact and/or links)

The 3- or 4-day technique, for more complicated-to-describe products, packages, offers a lot of value and requires a greater flow of information.

  • Email 1: selling product-package 1
  • Email 2: To those who have not purchased, selling product-package 1, with a different angle
  • Email 3: To non-purchasers, selling product-package 1, at a different angle
  • Email 4: To those who have not purchased, selling product-package 2,
  • Email 5: To those who did not buy, selling product-package 2, with a different angle
  • And so on …

Storytelling technique

I will show later in GetFutura Blog several examples to reuse.

Sales pages

They give great results because they include the whole path together. They contain EVERYTHING you need to decide to buy.

Great for packages or product launches!

More comments to follow…


A copywriting and SEO expert will work on your project to bring you the best tips and the best examples to use for your Email campaigns in your market niche!

Start leveraging relevant stages of marketing

The Nurturing - Educating your Lead - The Selling process

Email Marketing in Cambodia - The Strategy

Let’s see, here on this page, you are reading about the real way that allows you to build huge goodwill, connection, and trust with your audience! More importantly, it allows you to make sales because you’ve got a business to run!

Let’s get to it.

No secret! Email marketing is one of my beloved marketing strategies.
Regardless of what market or industry you are.
There was not a client where I haven’t added or optimized an email marketing strategy.

With pretty much the same results.

  • More sales
  • More revenue
  • More profit
  • A better overall customer and client experience

There is also a better experience for the marketing email receiver, especially when the emails are crafted very well with very relevant and interesting information.

So, how do you do this? How you can leverage this marketing strategy that has been consistently shown to produce ROI of upwards of 4,400%?

First of all, you have got to face and tackle a pair of email marketing myths (or mistakes) that wreck people’s email and comprehend if these things are totally avoidable.

Let’s get them fixed once and for all.

Let’s say you now have your acquired email list of 1000 people, and if you do what most people do:

  • You send them an email, maybe once a week. (Most probably filled with all the mistakes we just described here on this page)
  • Maybe you give them some value.
  • Maybe you are trying to show them that you’re a giver.
  • Maybe you are trying to show them that you can serve them perfectly.

This is well identified as the ”all value all the time” approach: really wrong

Or maybe you feel like you’ve done enough giving.
Maybe you feel it’s time to get super sales. You go for it, and you make the hard offer, the hard sell, to push your readers to buy now.

Now, let’s guess, you’re left wondering what’s going on.
Why are potential customers not responding?
Is email marketing this hard?

The reality is way different, dear.

  • ”All the time, all value emails” are perfect for training your list and your email subscribers never to buy and become freebie seekers, to unsubscribe at the first moment that you make an offer.
  • ”The hard sell emails” make them feel the process gross, and it feels like your email list (and their email providers) can smell these things coming a mile away.

The result? They don’t even open them. Or, even worst, your email ends in the Promotions box or spam.

All of this means that your email lists, that marketing asset that you work so hard to build and it's supposed to be one of your business's single greatest marketing tools, that list of 2000 is probably only bringing in a new client or a new sale, every few months.

Nothing to get excited. Sure!

This means: this goldmine of potential opportunity, this email list that you have full of prospects and clients that like you and listen to what you have to say, ends up getting ignored as a great tool.

What went wrong?
So, what happened?

With an email list of 2000 people at a fairly conservative open rate of 20%, it means that for every email you send, only 400 people are opening, 1600 people don’t.

1600 people don’t even see your message!

And, if you’re only sending one email a week, it doesn’t take long for those 1600 people on your list to forget about you.

So, you are now working with only 200 people.


Here is what many miss. It’s not the same 20% of people that opened those emails every single time. Sometimes it’s Gigi or Tem or Eleonore. Sometimes it’s Eric or Sophea. So, the numbers are even a little worse. 

To make everything even harder:

  • The people that are supposed to open your emails, they’re busy.
  • The statistics show us that most people check their emails from their phone.
  • They could be checking their email inbox while they’re trying to do a million things at once.
  • They could be checking their email inbox while they have got a ton of things on their mind.

Long story short, this helps clarify why so few people ever managed to do correct email marketing to get it operate for their business.


Let’s say that we can bump up that open rate from 20% to 30%, a little bit of better subject line, more clarity, re-engagement campaigns.

Well, automatically, we’re working with a pool now of 600 people instead of 400 people.

Let’s say that now, instead of sending just one email a week, you start sending four, possibly five or six, every single week.

What this does is:

You have increased the quantity of touchpoints and the quantity of opportunities for connection and communication with your market by 200 to 300%. Every single week!

  • It helps keep you and your business Top of Mind.
  • It gives you way more opportunities to remind your list and your subscribers and your potential and current customers and clients about just that great you and your business are.
  • Bumping up the open rates and increasing the frequency, crafting all-around better emails, you’re now reaching 600 to over 1000 people each week, instead of our original 400!

And it does not end here! It gets even better.

First, let’s get rid of the ”all-selling all the time” nonsense.
Second, let’s get rid of this ”all value all the time” nonsense.

You want to replace that with a strategic email flow, each and every launch or promo you intend to produce for your business, that allows you to build connection, trust, and authority. (all of those good things while still allowing you to make sales each and every single time).

Once you’ve tried all of that, just for fun, here is when we jump in to automate the entire thing, so it brings in new clients and new leads, new business conversations, and new sales, all around the clock, 24/7 and delivering 365 days a year.

Yes! You now can start building up your business and your programs and your services and your courses with perfect fit clients on autopilot.

More importantly, those sales that you did gain from your email list. Maybe once each few months. They now start happening every month, then every week, then every day.

Your email marketing now stops becoming something you have to do and starts becoming something you want to do!
Because it’s fun to connect, and it’s fun to share!
It’s fun to help and make money!

Yes, exactly. There are 1 right way and many wrong ways to do Email marketing in Cambodia, and around the world.

Let’s follow a tested marketing strategy, a most reliable e-mail flow and script, which is a combination of informing stories supplying takeaways and pointers, including a call to action every email you send utilizing a structure.

This is a proven and positive way to rapidly and quickly create emails that sell!
This practice helps you construct an engaged community, a people of buyers supporting you and following you.

More than any benefit of having a proven flow like this is that it helps you, even if you are not a great writer or you do not have time to dedicate to it.

The biggest reason I’m so passionate about using email marketing to grow businesses, to generate new clients, new sales? All of this can be done without ads! You can perform with us a great Email strategy without randomly posting on social media all day, without any crazy complicated sales pages or webinars or video sales. Without managing work groups. 

Pricing Plan

Suppose you're an established business. You want to save yourself time, headache figuring all this out by yourself?

Now, you've got a couple of different options at this point to leverage this in your business. Let's keep Telling a bit of a story, extracting a few tips or takeaway points, wrapping all up with a call to action, guiding people towards the next step with your business.

Basic Plan

I already have my Website or Landing Page

$ 400 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. ​Email Marketing Strategy creation.
2. Software setup. Lists creation.
3. Lists creation.
4. Emails copywriting for weekly flow.
5. Online support with your consultant. Monthly 1-hour call for Strategy set up.

Advanced Plan

I do not have my Landing Page

$ 500 Per Month

No Set Up Costs
1. Your Email Marketing Strategy
2. Dynamic Landing Page creations, crafted and designed specifically for your campaigns.
3. Advanced Copywriting.
4. Max 5000 Emails list.

Leaders Plan

I do not have my Website

$ 800 First Month - After the cost drop to $500 per month!

1. Your Email Marketing Plan
2. Your new Website. Consultation with our Designers. Portfolio 3 pages Website included.
3. Dynamic Landing Pages.
4. Max 10000 Emails list.

If you’re getting started, you can follow our strategy and work with us to grow your company and projects!

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