To Find New Customers You Must ALWAYS Do the Same Things -

To Find New Customers You Must ALWAYS Do the Same Things

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    To Find New Customers You Must ALWAYS Do the Same Things

    Discover WHERE your target clients are and pick the best tool to reach them.

    Your industry or target market want matter on the choice of your channels. In every way you wish to approach this game, you will have to apply a strategy.

    For example, if I don’t know where my consumers are, it might be a great concept to start with an online project seeing and profiling an audience how they respond and refine it.

    You could start from paper, sales letters, marketing plans, online channels, etc.

    If the tool or rather the mix of tools I need to use is different, that does not imply my industry “is different”.

    It is not the tool to be used that certifies your sector, but the principle behind your strategy that it is essential to identify where my consumers are located and select how to reach them most successfully.

    To prevent you from sending out advertising material at random to every family mailbox and targeting anyone who lives in your area wasting your cash, stick with this article and read through, please!

    The only way to win is to stand out, get noticed, get attention. So how you plan to do that?

    First, the fundamentals, and then the tactics.

    The first thing that you need to do to get attention is to understand one of the most important fundamentals and principles when it comes to marketing strategy: specialization.

    The reality is that in today’s hyper-competitive world, especially when it comes to business and marketing, you can’t be the answer for all people. You have to specialize. You have to focus on specializing in a certain area or a certain product or a certain service, or even a certain market or segment.

    There’s too much noise in the marketplace, and there’s no real kind of value or no real reason for somebody to want to go to you or to be able to recommend you or even to have the desire or the understanding that you’re going to be able to help them when you’re claiming to do all these things for all these different people.

    When you’re a generalist, or you’re keeping your offer, your marketing message broad, you are forced to broaden that message, which means you have to sprinkle it fluff. In other words, you will be less specific to include all of these different people. Very wrong!
    The truth is when you try to please everyone; You end up appealing to no one.

    The famous ''same actions''

    Action number 1. Differentiation.

    How are you different, are you? And better, in a way that matters to your market.

    • How are you different than your competition?
    • How are you different than others who are offering a similar service?

    Let me explain!

    Everybody is striving for your customers’ attention, which means that you’ve got many different competitors, you’ve got to try and get, of course, have your direct competitors who are selling something similar to you are the same as you, to the same kind of market that you will reach.

    But you also have indirect competitors, which are people who are selling either something different to the same market or something similar to a different market.

    So these are areas that you’re going to have to dig and research into, to find what you can do to stand out and differentiate yourself from everybody else who’s competing for that same attention.

    So let me ask now:

    • How are you different?
    • How are you better?
    • What is your competitive advantage?
    • How are you better in a way that matters to your customers?

    Answers are an opportunity for you to stand for something; to allow your personality to come through.

    • What are your brand values, what are your sort of characteristics?
    • What is your brand or your business stand for?
    • What are some of the qualities you or your business have that somebody would connect to?

    Action number 2. Segmentation.

    Such a powerful marketing principle!

    Narrowing the focus on who it is that you’re going to concentrate on who you’re going to focus your marketing business on.
    It allows you not to try reaching everybody ( crazy and prohibitively expensive) rather than reach a few.

    So when it concerns segmentation, what you want to do is you wish to take a look at all of the various sectors of your target audience that you could help, then you wish to turn in and drill down into who it is that would get the most value from your service, your organization, your products, and focus there.

    I love using the 80/20 Pareto principle. Essentially, the fact that 80% of your revenues are likely going to come from just 20% of your customers.

    Using this principle starts to become obvious where you need to focus! Clearly on the 20% of your best clients.

    • You want to focus on that top 20% of your clients’ customers and have those ideal people love you and love what you do!
    • Those best client has already shown you that they are happy to pay you for the true value you provide!
    • They are the ones who are delighted to tell everyone they know how exceptional you are.

    Action number 3. Concentration.

    Once you’ve applied your segmentation and categorized customers identifying your top 20%, you want to concentrate especially on those people and ignore everything else.

    Start tailoring your message and your service delivery towards the top 20%.

    • Concentrate and focus all your efforts, your time, your energy, your resources on serving them.
    • Keep them longer, which in turn will also help increase your revenue profits.
    Start tailoring your message and your service delivery towards the top 20%.

    Let’s dive into the WHO the what is where the when the why, and the how.

    Action number 4. Who!?

    Who is all about your ideal target market or ideal customer?

    The person who is in the market with the segment that you’re trying to serve. Your goal here is to try to understand them better than they even know themselves, the things they do, why are they buying,

    It’s important to talk to your prospective customers to start to understand what it is that drives them.

    Who are they?

    Understand and report clearly who they are, their gender, age, income, occupation, where they live, values, their attitudes and lifestyles.

    Now polarize your content and talk directly to your distinct market’s desires and needs, excluding everyone different.

    Following always Dan Kennedy rules:

    • Those that love you need to love you more.
    • Those that do not like you weren’t gonna like you anyway

    Action number 5. What!?

    The offer and the message and the content behind what you sell and how you speak to them.

    Their dreams and desires, everything they’re trying to get, everything they might fear, their pains, and unresolved problems. Everything they’re trying to move away from.

    Your business will serve as the solution specifically to help them from their current pain to their desires.

    You will create messaging and content and marketing that really resonates and strikes with them.

    Action number 6. Where!?

    Where you are going to market your business.

    You really can’t go wrong at the moment with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

    By choosing a combination of those, there is one content choice that reigns supreme, and that is video content.

    This being said …

    Get their attention by prompting them to take action right away. Depending on the case, you can do this with:

    • a coupon
    • an offer
    • a consultation
    • a dedicated research
    • a limited edition product
    • offering informational materials on a specific customer problem

    Action number 7. When!?


    To adapt an ancient Chinese proverb to today’s topic, the best time to take action in marketing was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

    Today’s the day, folks.

    Train your sales department, those who answer the phone, your salespeople as the best you can (or create your webpages as if you are talking directly to your sales force) to:
    Sell more to the customer!
    Sell more to the customer!

    Once the customer has purchased, make certain that your marketing scheme continues to "follow" him with the most fitting online and offline tools! Keep the client coming back multiple times.

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