High-End Toothpaste Brand Marketing Case Study 2021 for Cambodia Market

High-End Toothpaste Brand Marketing Case Study 2021 for Cambodia Market

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    High-End Toothpaste Brand Marketing Case Study 2021

    The first thing to understand about marketing a high-end product is the level of manipulation needed in order to market and sell high-end products, which is a manipulative process by nature.

    Think about all the things people buy as they have no choice and think now about all the other stuff they don’t need to have, but they chose to have. An example: all the things (toothpaste) people buy for any reason other than the reason of functionality. Many people do not buy the simple version of any product (toothpaste) as they are going for choices not driven by mere functionality (dental cleaning).

    Your high-end product will always be anything but a collection of base functionalities. In this case, marketing needs to manipulate customers into buying (spending money) for a premium feature other than the simpler ones and for the affinity they find in the product functions.

    We all agree there is a base functionality version of basically everything in the market, so of course, also plenty of basic toothpaste. Those kinds of toothpaste will always carry the lowest prices and also the lowest margins.

    Then there is your product, where price becomes not attached to the functionality but attached to versions of different benefits and emotional manipulations.

    To be precise!

    Suppose your potential customer has not grown up or constantly lives in an environment where he/she is driven to highly evaluate personal care and personal image/standards. In that case, she/he will never be impacted by emotional manipulations of certain messages you need to convey about your high-end product.

    Therefore, your choice is only to market the product with a drive at the most crucial part of the process: identifying your audience’s psychology.

    Everything starts not with your product but with your well-identified potential customers, what they really want, and their behavior and needs.  

    Normally a mistake that is done is to start with product pricing, warranties, discounts, benefits. This is just the basic default list of what a low-end product marketing campaign focuses on.

    But, what is it that your potential high-end toothpaste potential customers want? In this context, they want a specific and unique experience. They crave a story to tell about their experience. The product features are irrelevant in their eyes, as they could find them in all other kinds of toothpaste products. 

    Let’s be specific again!

    Toothpaste is what they need. The rest is all about what they want, what will make you happier using your toothpaste, what makes them go home and tell their friends, separated from the mare functionalities.

    Why building an Online Marketing Strategy?

    It is crucial to control customers profiling and the customer care

    We quickly become less and less impressed with the results of primitive, completely uncontrolled, untargeted online campaigns as there is an exact reason why large marketers ( Huge ads companies, Facebook, and so on ) would push to sell products targeting vast audiences with low mathematical reach.

    Those products are easy to sell to the large audiences of small marketers who are completely unaware of the necessity of customer profiling, in order to not waste dollars running after the very same target of the 50 largest companies in the world: becoming the top of mind in a certain category.

    Locally, to bring a simple example, advertising a 15 second commercial about a sports brand in a Football final would cost millions of dollars.

    This is still the less profiling ads you could run to achieve an improbable goal of becoming ”top of mind” in the category. Nonetheless, the brand would need to repeatedly find those sorts of sports events to run ads, reaching millions of untargeted people, spending unimaginable budgets. 

    Even though I personally, with many other millions of people, still have no idea which sports brand is the top of mind in the country, assuming they are already big brands with a vast and carefully created sales structure and sales process (which, by the way, already imply incredible budgets per country).

    I referred to this as primitive as many other marketers would, Zig Zigler, Dave Dee, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, to mention a few.

    What we discovered that we did not expect to discover

    Customers nurturing in Cambodia's market

    In the Cambodia environment, online searches are owned by Google (meaning Google and YouTube), as online merchants such as Amazon or Lazada have a low presence, if not a presence at all.

    The best principle is to, at first, profile your new consumers and your existing customers, crossing the results with the local spectrum of consumers. 

    Local consumers who would love your high-end products are not, by any means, citizens who do not value your product results …

    1. By all means, the small percentage of the population who has monthly income higher than 600 / 700 Usd Dollars 
    2. By all means, that small percentage of citizens are very busy entrepreneurs, with an age of 30+ years old, living in the Nation’s Capital city, Phnom Penh.
    3. By all means, they are well aware it is crucial for them to have a clean and fresh look and a fresh breath to attend their daily tasks and meetings.
    4. Their attention is concentrated on premium products, preferably imported.

    Your message needs to be directed to those citizens, humanized and personalized to meet their daily beauty care expectations.

    Even in Cambodian society, money, as always, moves primarily from those who value it less to those who value it more. At the base of marketing a high-end product, as in all high-end niches, the perception of a single value, a high-value presentation, shifts the level of perception and positioning, attracting the portfolio of people who value that distinction and communication at their level, or rather, above their level.

    We all crave to purchase brands that we perceive to be high, dominant, and detached from us, that is, of a higher level. Price-wise, for example, the value assigned to the price point is just one of the positioning aspects.

    As such, the best results won’t come from a friendly, familiar face listing a number of benefits of toothpaste to you.

    The best results come when an authoritative face, perceived to be of a higher level than the target market, with a very dominant copywriting (script), at times imperative, draws the user’s attention to a specific feature. 

    A specific script or plan can be used, moving the awareness to the precise problem-solving feature (one and only one for each stream of storytelling). The main goal must be demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the problem that the product is going to solve, knowledge of the brand’s fundamental message, speaking directly, not to its likely fans, but to that chosen target audience.


    Express and convey a message with a language, how they do things, at least at the level of the people at the top, which are polarizing, very clear, possibly unempathetic people. 

    Your brand should be perceived at the top and express a strong meaning. When your brand is targeting high-salary customers, it cannot by any means use a face that is very vanilla and is very socially accepted by the majority of people, as that face would never reach your target audience, but rather the majority of people, the lower-paid portion of society. 

    If you have to go after the top of your target audience, you will NOT have to do what all the other mass brands do. 


    Because it may get you accepted by the majority, but it does not position you as a brand authority in the industry or as a very polarizing brand.

    The key takeaway is to find brand testimonials that match the description, The testimonials must be using channels that are used by your target audience, normally not an audience that waste time on social media, but who use their mobile phone, dozens of times throughout the day, to search and find things of interest online.

    • Target identified.

    • Main Location of action identified. 

    Now we can take a look at how to demonstrate authority online and how to intercept your audience’s interest.

    Demonstrate Your Brand Authority Online

    Improving internet authority in tandem with developing brand name recognition can boost conversions for your company. The process brings appealing pressures on your potential clients, magnifying the effects of your internet marketing efforts. 

    • The more buyers learn to commit to your brand message and your company, the more likely they will be to patronize it.
    • Attract the interest of valuable influencers within your industry.

    Structuring Online Authority

    Structuring your online authority begins with improving your presence online via SEO as well as content marketing strategies.

    Building your online visibility implies building sales assets you can directly control, such as a YouTube channel, a Website with a Blog, Testimonials, curating the nurturing process with dedicated copywriting and messages, acquiring customer contacts through sales funnels and promotions, remarketing up-sales, and cross-sales to your customer base, channeling your target audience to your sales locations.

    Being your brand e high-end brand, I strongly suggest the use of high-ticket promotions/packages to implement ROI when launching any sales event.

    The main actions:

    • Use On-Site content and YouTube to build your Brand locally as a very credible resource.
    • Take advantage of Social Media campaigns.
    • Highlight customer Testimonials raising your profile.
    • Host online Campaigns to drive clients to your Sales Event.
    • Take advantage of Facebook and Google remarketing.

    Not suggested:

    Tv commercials are not suggested as your target audience does not use extensively TV over Mobile phones and the internet to acquire or research information.

    Develop Your Brand’s Authority with Strategic Web Content & Search Engine Optimization

    1. Answer your audience’s questions

    There’s practically no method you’ll end up being an authority if you’re not doing this. People grow to rely upon brands when those brands provide the details they’re seeking, so if your content advertising and marketing don’t incorporate those solutions, you’re not showing your target market why they need to trust you.

    By building on-site material that implements this sort of target answers, you can develop authority while at the same time developing even more understanding for your Brand. In other words, you can place yourself as a specialist for those who do not already know you.

    • Google does a considerable quantity of curation for individuals, choosing what it thinks is ideal for a certain inquiry. 
    • When individuals see that you’re rating at the top for a specific keyword or subject, there’s a presumption you made it to the top of the ranking because of your knowledge in the field.

    2. Public Relations

    Engaging in contemporary as well as conventional Public Relations activities assists you in many ways. Standard Public Relations helps you develop substantial links that can assist advertise your Brand. 

    The goal is to raise passion in the Brand and lead their network to your website.

    Modern Public Relations tasks like connecting via social media sites helps:

    • To reach your target audience straight.
    • To develop stronger relationships.
    • To encourage discussion about the Brand.
    • Search engines are giving extra relevance to social media activities, highlighting the relevance of consistency of content around more online platforms.

    3. Use the influence of in-house experts

    Some brands are built completely around a particular identity.

    If you have never implemented this strategy, know that a new business can profit from a comparable strategy if you produce subject matter experts who can confer their authority.

    If your internal specialists have actually never ever shared anything with the public, see if they’re comfortable contributing articles, quotes to your website, or to be pitched on video interviews to support them to show their knowledge, which is very useful to target market audience.

    4. Beheave as Industry Leaders

    Proper management is essential in developing not just site brand name authority but especially overall market influence.

    Customers trust websites that prove they are innovators and highly informative.
    We assist you by crafting well-researched material to motivate individuals to go over even more on social media profiles, create a buzz around your brand, craft content loaded with fresh ideas, and total with the latest info on your market.

    In principle: Highlight case studies, product evaluations, proofs of know-how.
    There are lots of types of authority signals, from reviews to evaluations to social networks share counts

    The trick is recognizing which ones make good sense to highlight your product and comprehend the best positioning for them.

    • Your audience never takes your word for it, but testimonials and expertise can validate that you’re excellent.
    • The same perceptions appear when your ads resemble around other well-trusted websites and local online news.
    • Your objective is to reveal to your potential customers you know what you’re discussing by leveraging third-party validation.

    Running remarketing ads with other authoritative websites and brands

    Funding content marketing is a huge step in constructing more brand name authority. 

    By developing content that’s advantageous for your audience, you’re demonstrating your experience and your know-how.

    You can significantly enhance your online search engine recognition with the opportunities your audience will remember your brand name and start to trust your brand.

    Your constant actions and what you say will show compelling to people you’re an authority.

    Online that translate in:

    • Structure your brand through consistent, tactical content and SEO, maintaining a continuous social existence.
    • Making positive connections with your audience, showing your understanding, offering your expertise to your audience.
    • When you’re ready to show up regularly, you’re ready to start building authority.

    More Resources:

    According to HubSpot:

    And all of these figures are steadily increasing.

    Cisco estimates that by 2022, more than 82% of all global internet traffic will come from video.

    Source from atuboduro.com

    I have seen and worked with many businesses moving into these strategies and applications.

    Most of the time, I have seen paradigms that these strategies are easy to apply. I will bring a practical example:

    They would prepare and send out a newsletter invitation by email to their promotional event, assuming that is well sufficient, avoiding mail, video explanations, articles, ads, introductory videos, and posts, remarketing.

    The problem is that (assuming the customer read opens the email and read through it) what happens between the customer receiving the newsletter on the email and the time the promotional event occurs is called life.

    The original impulse might fade for so many reasons. A very large number of them might not show up at the event!

    They needed to implement in between the first newsletter and the promo event, which was 7 to 20 follow up steps, depending on the time extension, using every media they could come up with.

    All the follow-ups, of course, will never eliminate all customer's life events, but it cats in half the chances life events will get in the way of customer's decisions to attend or not the event.

    We are ready to support you!

    Let's get in touch to start your own strategy.



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