Let's see how to use anchor text in your link building endeavors

How to use anchor text in your link building plan

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    Let’s see how to use anchor text in your link building endeavors


    First of all, we need to write about the different kinds of anchor text that you can utilize in your link structure.

    There are different kinds of Anchor text you can use


    1. Exact Match Anchor Text

    The first type of anchor text, which is the most prevalent in the SEO industry and most likely the one you’ve heard about too, is called ”exact match anchor text”.
    A precise match it’s going to be precisely what your target keyword is.
    If I wanted to rank for Kyoto’s best restaurant, the exact match anchor text for my backlink would be creating, and so for example.

    2. Top-Quality Anchor Text

    The second type of anchor text that you need to comprehend is a top-quality anchor text. To present an example of branded anchor text, it would just be if you link to connect to CNN, or you connect to Amazon, with the brand name in the text. These would all be a branded anchor text.

    3. Image Anchor Text

    The third type of anchor text that you want to know is an image anchor text. In this case, Google gets the alt tag of an image as the anchor text for a link.
    You’re linking from an image to your website.

    4. Naked Anchor Text

    The next type of anchor text is a naked anchor text. For example, it would be Cnn.com or Amazon.com. Well, every variation of this can be a naked anchor text.

    5. Generic Anchor Text

    Another type of anchor text that is used a lot on the WEb is the generic anchor, Such as:
    See the info here
    Click on this link
    Go here to find out
    Visit this site

    Any text that doesn’t have a keyword or a brand to anchor to the referral.

    6. Latent Semantic Indexing

    Another great style to know, rarely used, the LSI that represents Latent Semantic Indexing.

    Please think about this because it is a significant type of anchor text style.
    You make an LSI using an appropriate keyword or a carefully related keyword.
    Therefore, let’s assert, for example, your target keyword is Bangkok, so you would use keywords like ”what to do in Bangkok” or hot to go to Bangkok” or ”what is Bangkok famous for”. With LSI you can quickly diversify your anchor text mix more naturally.

    7. Brand + Keyword Anchor Text

    The next type of anchor the brand, plus keyword anchor text.
    Simply, to continue with the previous example, Bangkok, you will be using ”visit Bangkok with Klook.com. You see, there are a brand and a keyword in the anchor text.

    8.  The Title Anchor Text

    A title anchor text would be if a site decided to connect to my article about ”The challenges of tourism marketing – The solutions of Destination Marketing” and they decide to use as anchor text the title of my article.

    9. Partial Match Anchor Text

    The next kind of anchor text is a partial match anchor text.
    An example could be: ” discover more about Bangkok”.

    Tips For Anchor Text Processing


    An excellent method is to put your keyword close to your anchor text.
    And so, this is an expert option to using exact match anchor text since Google will have the ability to estimate out the relevancy of your backlink without needing you to use an accurate match anchor.

    So let’s say your target keyword is again ”Bangkok”, and the anchor text you want to use is ”go here” (es it is already in your text), you can construct the sentence: To see in detail the best activities to do in Bangkok ”go here”.

    Therefore Google read this sentence and see that Bangkok and go here being close together.

    When you’re not utilizing ”precise match anchor text” or any type of ”keyword-rich” anchor text, you can use this method.
    The primary thing you need to do is putting your backlink in a pertinent piece of content, and after, place your keyword close to anywhere your backlink or anchor text is.

    I want to explain how you should distribute your anchor text and the ratios that you should use for each type of anchor.

    These are the anchor text ratios that I have been using since the first time.

    Very Safe, Very Effective Anchor Text Distribution And Ratios


    The two types of anchor text that will constitute the bulk of your anchor text profile are going to be ”branded anchor text”, least 70%, ”naked link anchor text” which should be about 20%.

    And then also generic anchor tags which are just going to be click here go here, etc. The last one to 5% of your anchor text should be either LSI keywords partial match anchor text or your title as an anchor text. And then, as far as exact match anchor text, you should stay below 1% in most scenarios.

    Remember very well about ratios and how to distribute your anchor text is that anchor text is a tiny piece of the equation what really matters is the quality of the content and the page that you have created, how well you’ve optimized that page.

    Also, the quality of the backlinks that are going to that page, it doesn’t matter, the type of anchor text that you’re using and all that other stuff it just really matters.

    The quality of your page and the quality of your backlinks are the two most important factors for your page rank. Keep all very natural.

    And so real quickly I want to show you a tactic you can use for your anchor text, which I call anchor text cycling. And so this process of anchor text Cycling is to help you avoid using exact match anchor texts in close proximity to each other.

    For example, you wouldn’t want to get a bunch of new backlinks in a short period, all with the exact match anchor text. After all, that’s going to look super suspicious because that is not a natural way to get backlinks.

    You want to avoid this, so the best way to do that is to cycle your anchor text so what you do is let’s say you get a backlink on Sunday for your exact match anchor text that’s fine. Still, after that, you want to start using all the different types of anchor text, before you get your next exact match anchor.

    And so as you can see in the diagram, you get your exact match anchor text, and then you get a branded and then a partial match and then a naked link and then a generic, and then a branded anchor before you hit your site or page with another exact match anchor text.

    And so the good news is that you don’t have to be super rigid about this process because when you’re doing outreach and you’re acquiring links naturally. This will kind of just happen on its own.

    And so the last part of your anchor text strategy that I want to cover is where to place your anchor text, and so this is something that a lot of people get wrong, and so you have to listen very carefully on this.

    It is absolutely critical that you place your best anchor text on your best link opportunities. For example, if you knew that you were going to be getting a backlink on Forbes, then that is when you should use a keyword-rich anchor text because it is a great opportunity.

    But then for some of these other link types which aren’t your highest link opportunities you should be using branded or naked link or even generic anchor text.

    Examples might be business listings using a branded or naked link, blog comments using your name, press releases using definitely branded or even naked link directories, profile links using definitely branded or naked link.

    Blog sidebar links, or footer links that you land though should definitely be branded.
    Donations or sponsorship backlinks should also be branded.

    The main reason why you want to use branded anchor text with these link types is that they have been abused in the past and so Google does watch them a little bit closer, so I cannot recommend that you use keywords in any of your anchor text in these types of links.

    So like I said, focus your best and most crucial keyword-rich anchor text on your most important and best link opportunities.

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