Marketing is Not Just Advertising. Right?

Marketing is Not Just Advertising. Right?

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    Marketing is Not Just Advertising, Right?


    People talk a lot about marketing in the real estate industry; however, what is it, exactly? Is marketing not just an advertisement for your product or service?

    A misunderstanding that we run into a fair bit while collaborating with companies in the idea that marketing is synonymous with advertising. The problem being that this misunderstanding typically leads to an incomplete marketing strategy and causes significant inefficiencies.

    Advertising is a subset of marketing. “Marketing” practically encompasses the most substantial part of an organization’s activities and implies for producing income.

    Then, marketing is not just advertising, right?

    It could seem strange coming from an individual whose service relies upon advertising revenue. However, your marketing is a whole lot more than just selling and advertising.

    Marketing is much better considered as a concept and not an activity.

    A typical concept is that the consumer needs excitement and satisfaction, productivity. Selling, advertising, and marketing are words usually thought to be compatible, probably partly due to the reality that advertising and selling straight areas result in marketing.

    To restrict your marketing thoughts to anyone avenue suggests you will undoubtedly miss vital marketing chances. Marketing should cover these components:

    • Reinforces your brand name, promotional activity, and firm identification
    • Sets how business emerges to distributors, consumers, and staff members
    • Controls business habits, response, and interactions

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    Within this post, you will uncover some substantial components such as:

    • A great definition of marketing and advertising
    • Marketing: it’s not just advertising and sales
    • Why is marketing more than advertising?
    • Explore how businesses can use aspects of marketing to expand business

    Marketing is related to advertising, promotion, public relations, and sales. Still, it is a distinct activity that aids prepare you and your company to carry out the related activities extensively and well.

    You could think of advertising, promotion, public relations, and sales as being affected by your marketing strategy.

    Let’s look even more at how marketing is distinct from related activities by specifying each one.

    Marketing is Not Just Advertising 

    Marketing is Not Just Advertising 


    Way too many local business owners focus on acquiring local ads as the only means to create brand-new service.

    If you desire to get to a local market, it’s not that you shouldn’t purchase local ads. Before you buy any kind of advertising, you should understand what you’re trying to complete.

    The objective originates from your overall marketing strategy.

    Start with your company goals. You’ll require to draw in new consumers or obtain extra sales from existing customers.

    Regardless, marketing is what will aid you reach your goals.

    Marketing is all about finding out who you wish to work with and sending out the best message to them, so they will undoubtedly want to do business with you.

    It aids you in developing an understanding of your brand name, product, or service, among your target audience, so they think you can help them achieve their objectives (as they relate to your services or product).

    Unique Value Proposition – The Most Powerful Element in Your Website

    Advertising is one way to provide your message. It only means one thing. Depending upon your specific company, you could have thousands of ways to reach your target audience.

    The most effective regional marketing places your message before your audience in a selection of means. The even more ways a person hears about your service, the more they will remember you, and the even more legitimate your message is.

    Marketing is a lot more than advertising and sales. That argument was never truer than it is now with social media increasingly prominent.

    Advertising and sales are gaining glory from being able to connect them to productivity. It’s true these other elements of marketing that truly permit advertising and sales to function.

    So it makes good sense to check out how companies can utilize these various other marketing aspects to grow their organization.

    The fundamentals of real estate marketing (4Ps)

    The fundamentals of real estate marketing (4Ps)


    The “4Ps” is a great marketing strategy that will undoubtedly put you standing out from your rivals.

    Examine out the instances below if you’re not sure where to begin.

    • Product

    Can you give better service than your competitors? That’s excellent marketing, if so. Try:

    – Refining your negotiating abilities to obtain your customers the best feasible price.

    – Having a solid financial institution of certified industry experts to refer your clients to (this includes finance brokers, home inspectors, and title insurance companies).

    – Write solid listing summaries that sell.

    • Price

    It’s a broadly-held belief that no agent must work for less than the typical 6 percent split, and forever factor. You provide a specialized and useful service to both buyers and sellers. Still, you can beat various other representatives on price if you can obtain the highest possible price for your selling clients and negotiate reduced rates for your customers. Both are outstanding property marketing skills.

    • Place

    Location is hard to adjust; the majority of us prefer to work near to your resident. That claimed, a little local research study can inform you whether it could be rewarding to branch into bordering markets that might be underserved by certified agents.

    • Promotion

    Since it is only one piece of the strategy, most people focus on using the word “marketing.” Additionally, it’s important to remember that advertising isn’t the only kind of promotion. Anything you do to produce leads, make your name known, and establish your brand name can be considered a promotion. It includes:

    • Business card
    • Mailers
    • Print, radio or television advertisements
    • Promotion giveaways
    • Develop your internet and social media presence 

    Marketing-is-Not-Just-Advertising | The fundamentals of real estate marketing (4Ps)

    Your Staff


    Marketing policies have to be constant and clear. This means it has to be acknowledged and done by every single team member. A mission statement encapsulates all points, so having one of them makes it easier to follow guidelines. Keep it achievable and reasonable for personnel, make your needs clear and give any kind of needed training to fulfill the level you require staff to work at. Also:

    • Take time to clearly describe the purposes and objectives of the organization to workers
    • Listen to their issues and act upon them
    • Buy their advancement
    • Campaigns like ‘best idea of the month’ can motivate creative thinking and make staff members positive in marketing


    Your clients


    These days’ clients are keen to understand the ideologies and values that make a company tick. To sell to consumers, you require a link, and each staff member needs to have the ability to connect to customers and communicate their requirements.

    Agreement at the service level must be enforced as a reference for workers to obey. It may be internal, with particular service levels outlined and expected turnaround times between teams, clients, or suppliers.

    Measurements at the service level could include:

    • Telephone responding to policies
    • Email trademarks
    • Receptionist/customer greeting protocols
    • Order placement to delivery time
    • Response time to queries
    • Complaints procedures, including response times
    • Goods returned plan

    Clients require to be urged to speak with you. Set up focus groups to satisfy regularly and review your level of service, product efficiency, and feasible growth concepts.

    What are The Principles of Customer-Centric Selling?



    Community includes various, a lot more customer-focused form of communication than that utilized in advertising. Actually, the self-serving nature of advertising is the antithesis of community building, which should have to do with them, not you.

    What is a Repeat Customer? How to Encourage Returning Customers

    A firm doing a good job of community building is California Tortilla. The community supervisor does this by being real, including customers, sharing the current news, and supplying specials to community participants.

    And, don't forget to market to local customers
    Brand Marketing Strategy

    And, don’t forget to market to local customers


    What are internal clients, you ask? They are the employees, vendors, and other stakeholders that assist make a business succeed. Without the energetic support of these individuals, you’ll see lower returns. So, marketing needs to keep them pleased, notified, engaged, and actively associated with the success of your firm.



    Each factor has crucial ramifications to using the most efficient and effective marketing strategy.

    To dismiss marketing as mere advertising will likely result in inadequate outcomes, inefficient uses of monetary resources, and an opportunity for missing out on profit possibilities.

    GetFutura is well placed to use a comprehensive strategy to support it. If you just want an ad campaign, though, we intend to give back sexy! 

    Marketing-is-Not-Just-Advertising | Questions and Answers Section

    Questions and Answers Section


    Is marketing only about selling and advertising? 

    Marketing is a general Organizational activity (the planning, pricing, promotion, packaging, advertising, and selling of any kind of Value Offer (Product).

    Selling is indeed only a component of any product’s main marketing, and the difference lies therein.

     Why is marketing more than just advertising? 

    It helps you develop an understanding of your brand, product, or service, among your target market, so they think you can help them accomplish their objectives (as they relate to your services or product). Advertising is one way to supply your message.

    Is advertising a part of marketing? 

    • Advertising is a component of marketing.
    • Marketing focuses on the preparation of a product for a marketplace.
    • Advertising lets an audience or marketplace know your product and service.
    • Advertising is a detailed action of marketing.

    What is the definition of advertising in marketing?

    Advertising is specified as a type of marketing communication utilized by businesses to advertise or sell services and products.

    Fundamentally, advertising is one of the components or parts of marketing.

    In other words, if you consider marketing as a pie, then advertising will certainly be a crucial piece of that pie.

    Marketing Vs. Advertising: What’s the Difference? 

    It’s essential to note that advertising belongs to marketing.

    Marketing involves the planning of a marketplace product.

    Advertising is making your product or services recognized to a target market or marketplace.

    In conclusion, marketing is both study and technique, while advertising is straight practice.


    I am sure that I miss something!

    How do the two terms (marketing & advertising) suggest to you?

    How to enhance your marketing strategy?

    Please share your ideas in the comment below!

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