Explosive Growing Using a Well Organized Digital Marketing Plan

Explosive Growing Using a Well Organized Digital Marketing Plan

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    Explosive Growing Using a Well Organized Digital Marketing Plan

    Digital Marketing Plan and Budget

    Each company sets the digital marketing strategy based on its own set of goals and objectives.

    It refers to what you’re selling and whom you’re selling to. It dictates the activities required to get the result.

    There are three goals that the company wish to accomplish:

    • Gain more sales meetings
    • Create a larger sales pipeline
    • Close more deals faster

    Accountability and metrics standards for your goals are required to demonstrate success.

    The success metrics for the company are:

    • For example, increase the number of new sales conversations per month from 10 to 30
    • Increase sales pipeline and cash revenue
    • Double new business per month
    • Reduce payment timelines and the sales cycle

    The company will use digital marketing to accomplish its goals with a strong focus on content.

    Content will be duly used for marketing to increase awareness, engagement and sales. It will build relationships and drive buyer decision-making, which results in net new customers.

    Explosive Growing Using a Well Organized Digital Marketing Plan with GetFutura.com

    A digital Marketing Plan That Will Boost Your Business to Grow Fast

    Let’s get into the precise details of the plan, such as the budget and resources needed to complete the work.

    Strategy and consulting

    The marketing team needs to spend time reviewing, analyzing, and reports. They need to create a strategic plan and meet regularly with key stakeholders to disseminate information and keep the project moving forward.

    Growth-driven website design

    The website serves as the focal point for all sales and marketing activity.

    It’s not something that you can set and forget. The company will continually improve and enhance your website by working on one page per month.

    They’ll either create a new page or update an existing page – copy, design, or function.

    Lead Generation campaign

    Prospective customers like this self educate throughout the sales process.

    The company will create ebooks, white papers, webinars, or other interactive campaigns that address the typical questions. It focuses on prospects’ concerns as they move toward a buying decision.

    The goal is to create one new lead generation campaign every other month.

    Blog campaigns

    The blog articles help promote marketing campaigns, educate buyers, and improve search engine optimization.

    The company will create and publish 2 new blog articles every week.

    Email Marketing

    Regular communication with customers and prospects helps build relationships.

    You know it!

    The plan is to include a weekly email to target lists.

    We have preferred programs with dedicated software such as Mailchimp or Aweber.com

    Why You Need an Email Marketing Plan ?

    Engaging Your Potential Customers and Your Audience With Direct Response Marketing

    Paid advertising

    Targeting segments and groups with paid advertising do cost money, but it can be an extremely effective way to get in front of your target audience quickly.

    This plan includes managing up to three ads per month.

    Search engine optimization

    It is all about the search: on-page, off-page, technical SEO directories, citations, and link building.

    It’s all included in the plan to ensure the company maximizes their opportunities to get found on Google for their keywords and phrases.

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    Sales enablement

    Sales and marketing alignment is essential to getting a good return on investment.

    This plan includes lead scoring list development and assisting sellers with writing scripts and templates that align with the marketing campaign.

    Social media

    Being active on social media helps sellers and marketers to expand their reach and connect with potential customers.

    The plan includes daily posts to promote marketing campaigns and other industry-related curated content.

    It also includes strategies to engage followers.


    Another great way to quickly get in front of new potential customers is to partner with a company that shares your audience but doesn’t compete directly against you.

    Time will be dedicated in this plan to find influencers, build relationships with them and create synergistic co-marketing programs.

    Plug into an Efficient Digital Marketing Plan You'll Ever Need for Your Business

    A strong foundation

    Let’s say you can’t do social media if you don’t have social media profiles. And you can’t do email marketing if you don’t have a good list.

    It is logical enough!

    Make sure you have everything in place to get the work done efficiently and productively.

    Money and time

    The plan requires people, plenty of dedicated time, technology and resources.

    This comes at a cost!

    Before committing to a budget, analyze how much you need to sell to get a return on your sales and marketing spend. Here your precise analysis on the current situation, current clients, and current price plans and packages will be absolutely crucial, so we recommend doing it side by side with us!

    Well, you may ask, how much a plan like this will cost you?

    To accomplish everything, on average, a company spends about 12% of total company revenue on marketing. This means a company with about $400 thousand of annual revenue should be able to afford a comprehensive plan like this spending about $48k a year, including technologies and ad spend.

    Skilled people

    One person can’t do it all.

    It is impossible to find someone that excels in everything.

    Imagine having a website developer, content writer, social media, and specialists in paid advertising and SEO. Every skill requires a unique set of experience and education. Make sure you have knowledgeable people on your team to fill the roles you need to complete your unique.

    If you are smart, you have to build a solid plan, consistency, and stick with it for the long term to ensure that you get a good return on your sales and marketing spend.


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