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Quick ideas to boost your content marketing

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    Quick ideas to boost your content marketing


    Content Marketing is by far my preferred way of growing a business; however, producing an outstanding piece of content can take a lot of our time. Especially because one you are done editing, you can always boost your content marketing to the next level.

    After publishing it, we carry on to developing our next piece of content. Truthfully, it can be stressful.

    However, I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve for you to use to take one part of genuinely terrific material, and after that repurpose it in many different ways, which lets you scale outward, basically drawing in lots of brand-new individuals into your service, every day.

    Get more traffic with your content - repurpose it for numerous platforms.

    Low-Budget Marketing Ideas – Perfect for Small Businesses


    Get more traffic with your content – repurpose it for numerous platforms.


    Some people like to hang out more on other platforms, YouTube or Instagram, Tik Tok or podcasts, Facebook, of course, your site, and so on …

    Ideally, we want to get to all these people where they currently are hanging out.
    Include a personal and exclusive touch to your existing content.

    You can, in this way, repurpose a single piece of material (like a blog post) without all the trouble of producing a new thing from scratch.

    Start with a blog post. It’s going to let you get more organic search engine traffic reached more potential customers with your content marketing, and devote more time towards the more important things like making sales in your business.

    With all that out of the way, better to take a look at all the different ways that you can repurpose your blog posts.


    Get more traffic with your content - repurpose it for numerous platforms.


    How to utilize the video you just made to repurpose your material.

    Post it to YouTube, that’s where you’re going to get the most potential views.

    Not Vimeo, but YouTube, then as soon as you’ve done that, you’re going to embed that video right on your existing Blog Posts Page, so it accompanies the blog post itself.

    Considering that Google owns YouTube, integrating a video with the very same keywords you’re attempting to rank your blog posts for are going to help that article rank in search, and having it ingrained in an associated blog post page will assist that video rank on YouTube.

    Quick ideas to boost your content marketing


    Your Guide To Personal Branding


    Repurpose your material developing a podcast


    Particularly busy people who don’t have time in any other way, and they want to learn stuff on the go, like when they’re driving commuting or working out.

    Podcasts honestly are huge right now, and they’re only getting more popular every year, and frankly, not every niche is going to be a good fit for a podcast.


    If you have customers that want to be educated on your topic, then it can work out well.

    You know the first thing is to determine your best blog posts, like videos, not every single blog post you have is going to make a great podcast episode.

    You really should have at least five episodes when you launch your podcast because if a listener likes what they hear, you want them to continue listening to more than one of your episodes, right off the bat, your goal here is to get them hooked.

    However, I don’t recommend doing it that way.

    Quick-ideas-to-boost-your-content-marketing | Repurpose your material developing a podcast


    So I listened to a lot of podcasts, and I honestly can’t take the ones where I can just tell their dryly checking out from a script you know I like the ones where I can generally be familiar with the hosts throughout a couple of episodes and get a sense of their personality.

    People like to get familiar with you, and on the other hand, all you can desire is individuals that listen to you and seem like they know you. After a brief quantity of time.

    Repurpose Your Content


    Just like with the video

    You want to make a list of bullet points, and take your time delivering them in your voice and make it conversational podcasts can have a little more breathing room and videos in general, people usually want to get and learn out quickly with the video because they’re actively participating. Now they wish to get on with their day.

    When they put on a podcast. They’re typically doing other things so there’ll be okay with more small talk and tangents along the way, as long as it’s entertaining and all you require here is a good microphone.

    Quick-ideas-to-boost-your-content-marketing | Repurpose your material developing a podcast


    It’s what I utilize personally, and then you need a free audio modifying program like Audacity. And that’s something you can discover to use in less than an hour, and you’re good to go.


    Shorten your content into a LinkedIn post, so repurposing your material into LinkedIn posts supplies yet another avenue for reaching new readers and just generally grow your online presence, and this likewise can be a great addition on your material method because Google indexes LinkedIn short articles.

    You can use them to be found. And after that direct traffic back to your site. Here’s a tip you want to wait a few days to a week after you post your blog post on your website.

    The Perfect Headline – Evergreen Tips to Write the Best Headlines


    Before you repurpose it on LinkedIn, you understand, Google will usually rank the first circumstances of a piece of material that it discovers, and treat the other one as replicate content, which suggests it’s not going to be ranked in the online search engine, so it’s an excellent idea to offer your article, which is the important things you truly wish to rank, we want to consider that a head start.

    And it’s a great concept to change your LinkedIn version enough.

    Anyway. It also has the chance to rank doubling your exposure, and you want to make sure you link back to the original article on your site to get people back to your home turf, as well as a little bit of extra SEO juice you’ll get from the links.

    And given that LinkedIn is a social platform, you wish to end that shortened variation on LinkedIn by asking your contacts a concern related to the posts, so this invites a little discussion and gives you more chance to engage with and deepen your relationship with anybody who reads it.


    Quick-ideas-to-boost-your-content-marketing | Repurpose your material developing a podcast


    You can also post your YouTube video here or promote your podcasts, for extra exposure. Okay, next up, you can shorten them much more into Instagram posts, so this is something that I’m now beginning to do.

    So trust me when I state I’ve done my research study here, you understand Instagram is a terrific place to get your material seen. However, you require to utilize a different technique.

    It’s a various kind of platform, so people aren’t actually on Instagram a lot to learn, however more to be motivated.

    Content Marketing Strategy (2020 Updated with Innovative Ideas)


    So, let’s say you have a short article about how to train your pup on your blog, you understand, you might include an entire caption of text from your article. Here’s the might work better.

    If you get a great picture of you and your pet dog on, you know, a bar outdoor patio someplace and caption it with life is excellent when you can bring your canine anywhere, then offer up one quick tip from the post.

    And the very best part about this is you can take one article and probably get five to 10 Instagram posts out of it.

    You can likewise take your YouTube videos, reduce them into 30 to 60 seconds standalone clips, and then publish them to Instagram and Facebook, which is their native video hosting platform.

    Quick-ideas-to-boost-your-content-marketing | Repurpose your material developing a podcast


    And if you don’t have any videos, Instagram is the very best place to get your feet damp and practice your on-camera skills by going live, and I challenge you to attempt this.

    I want you to do it, take one of the blog posts you currently have.

    Find a juicy piece of guidance or a quick pointer you can give to your audience, a rally fresh” quick win” suggestion style, then enter into your stories and go live for merely 60 seconds or less, provide the chip similar to when you’re talking to your close friend.

    You can likewise natively post reduced variations of your posts on Facebook, medium, Pinterest, and Twitter.

    Low-Budget Marketing Ideas – Perfect for Small Businesses


    You can repurpose your Instagram captions, like emails. One of the most comfortable little convenience is that when you write your Instagram caption for your post that specific same text can be just a little modified to be the basis of an email you send out to your list, letting them know about your new article video or podcast episode.

    Now the reason this works so well is that both mediums are meant to be really conversational, so when you’re writing an Instagram caption.

    It should be worded like you’re speaking with your friends you understand the gist of that caption again should be providing a quick piece of recommendations and letting them know there’s much more value, awaiting them on your site.

    I know you can not explicitly link to that post in your Instagram caption. However, you can do the opposite.

    You can connect to the Instagram post in your email. In this way, you are including e specific kind of personalization of your email, something your subscribers will like.

    Insert whatever that they can vire as a benefit point too.

    Quick-ideas-to-boost-your-content-marketing | Repurpose your material developing a podcast

    • You can remodel your original posts into a visitor post for someone else’s blog.

    • Guest publishing is when you write and publish a post on someone else’s blog.

    It’s an excellent method to generally obtain somebody else’s audience and get in front of them. You can negotiate to get a link back to your website.

    It is an action that also brings excellent SEO value behind it.

    Never, ever give that blog owner a duplicate version of your posts. Whenever you offer a guest post, it needs to be original content. Still, the good news is, you know you’re not starting from scratch here.

    You can repurpose what you’ve already got so you can either rewrite it differently.

    Or, even better, you can focus on one particular angle of the topic of the original posts. Now you can expand that part.

    If you want to see how to repurpose any content from your blog, you can always read our dedicated article about the process.

    Focus on making it fundamentally unique.

    Repurposing your content for you is a fantastic opportunity (for any small business).


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