One-To-One personal calls with SEO consultant Cambodia



For every business or freelancer, who already has a website and craves to implement their sales strategy with bespoke Seo and content creation!

Your personal strategy and video calls with SEO consultant to overhaul your SEO strategy in English or Italian.

This SEO strategy program will be concluded over the course of 5 weeks period.



One-To-One personal calls with SEO consultant in Cambodia and, actually, everywhere else.
In English and Italian

  • Coaching and auditing. I offer one-to-one personal calls for SEO. 
  • Focus on your business view and start planning your marketing strategy. 
  • There is plenty of value in each hour you will spend talking with me, learning and planning your business growth online.
  • Let’s review your pricing strategy and your marketing ideas locally or internationally with you SEO consultant in Cambodia.

The goal of this project is to review together with you most of your existing pages, blog, and web assets. With the precise intent to improve your online traffic.

The one-to-one personal calls for SEO are an audit and a course at the same time, to study together your website SEO aspects, make a strategy to improve all your website and the content, all tailored to your needs.

Being on a budget, you may think to have your SEO specialist work with you hand in hand, with the intent to learn your steps and be able to act in the future!

Rather than getting all of your pages optimized at once, learn the process and the meaning, the why, and the how, and optimize your pages step by step at different intervals.

This will help you to improve personally. It will help you to minimize the costs of your website SEO improvements and the costs of the marketing for your website.

Having your website substantially optimized for Search engines will help you stand out in your business, with your customers, and amongst the online market engagement.

It doesn’t matter how local or small your company or business is.

One-To-One personal calls with SEO consultant for Cambodia and international markets

You don’t have a website yet and you really wish to make your first proper website?

You can skip directly to buy the Upgrade that includes Not Only your first landing page But Your Complete First Website!

How do we grow our business to be able to scale our visibility, to scale up our revenues and online visitors? You need a method to apply and repeat.

Do you have some precise questions, or do you wish self-confidence that these calls are just for you?

Then contact me, a simple message on Whatsapp is just perfect.

At the +85569254101 , any time. Eespecially now! My assistants will contact you back as soon as possible.

I will be teasing you with such a nice lady picture, but you will be talking directly to me to create your strategy.


Accelerate your sales and leads with bespoke SEO services

SEO consultant Cambodia

In English and Italian!

With more than 90% of online experiences beginning with an online search engine, top rankings in competitive search engine results allow your company to connect with customers and business buyers aiming to find (and make) their next purchase. The search landscape, nevertheless, isn’t simple to dominate.

Our business SEO services assist your brand in maximizing its presence in search engine results. With a custom-made and data-driven method, your service can improve its visibility in relevant search engine outcomes, influence its target audience, and stimulate sales and leads.

I provide many years of experience, plus unique access to among the market’s leading AI and marketing software application platforms. I achieved great results with numerous pleased clients, I like to services trust, not just knowledge or just technical skills.

Find out more about our business SEO services, talk one-on-one about your brand name, SEO needs, and more.

The disproportion between expenses and earnings is the only really important fact. No business operates with a 100% net margin. These are fantasies.

When you dream of getting to a point where sales don’t go down, and traffic costs don’t go up.

The rest does NOT count.

It is no coincidence that the same people who can generate hundreds of thousands of GREAT monthly sales always rely on the sale carefully selected products, margins, information. I like to say that they are selling a concept of margin.

There is who monetizes and who does not, but generally speaking, we are all in informational business; you, selling the next level drink, me, selling destination marketing, you selling design lessons, a personal trainer, your pal huge bicycle shop, we are all selling information on a concept, an idea, a product, a value, and so on…

Some may use the knowledge and data only in the customer support phase and then sell some physical products.

But essentially, we all spin around the information.

For some, trading information is the core business, while for others, it’s just an action. In this and many other ways, planning marketing is also about you.

Words like “drop shipping” or “affiliate marketing” are daily common knowledge.
But the creation and sale of information, in all its variations, remains the best way to earn money of all.

It’s the best method for scalability,  margins, duplicity. For the possibility of delegation. For the vast choice tariffs and the freedom for the ability to create the perceived value.

And for many other reasons.

Acquiring information in a natural way about the SEO strategies methods takes lot of time.

And you are the first to know this, that is why you are here!

That’s why you can understand that in the same way you are arriving to me to start your strategy for the marketing of your company, your potential customers are increasingly attracted to information on the products: they want to save time.

By offering them specific information, you save them time. All your potential customers, all of them, are willing to pay in money for the time you save them with information before the purchase flow.

The market is moving in this direction: offering products that save consumers time. Information falls into this category of products.

And I am not talking only about the information that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

You client could have collected most probably that information himself, but we both know it would have taken much longer.

The crave of information is signaling an intention and you have to embrace that intention.

You arrive in the market and offer it all at once, wrapped up in a specific funnel, with immense value and and incredible proposition.

From this point of view, now it makes no difference  for you or for the client.  You’re still selling information.

So, it is time to intervene and cut the learning curve of your potential customers!

Let's see now what you will go trough with me! Other than planning and brainstorming your marketing plan.

The first steps behind an SEO strategy:

Researching your target audience

A business that stands out at SEO has an in-depth understanding of their audience. They’ve done the research study and understand what their target market wants from their product, organization, or service. These companies likewise understand the common concerns and problems of their target audience.

You require to comprehend your target market at this level if you desire to be successful at SEO management.

Invest your time researching your target audience, and answer the following questions:

What issues do my product and services fix for my potential customers, what information they are seeking for?

What difficulties does my audience have with other companies?

Where my potential customers go when they have questions on my products or concerns about a service?

Even if you have marketing personas established for your target audience, it assists to reassess your past research. The truth is that your customers might change time by time.  If you use out-of-date marketing personalities, it can trigger your SEO method to flop, which doesn’t assist you or your business.

Let's take a look at your rivals. Making a competitor analysis will always be part of the plan.
Take a look at indirect and direct competitors during a rival analysis.

For competitor analysis, it’s valuable to take a look at your direct competitors offline and online. You most likely currently have a list of direct rivals to start to look at. Let’s see their online presence and SEO strategies.

As a part of your rival analysis, you want to determine the company’s SEO strategy. Sometimes, as far as I see with clients, most of the time, you may discover that your direct competition doesn’t have any strategy. 

This is the time in our process where we will together take a look at your indirect competitors and their rankings and actions online, the companies you complete within search results.

Even though they might sell or produce a different product than yours, they might be competing for the same search results, so we need to consider your actions related to those results too.

If you’re brand-new to SEO, it presents numerous aspects of technical SEO, which is where the knowledge of an SEO expert comes in.

I am also talking about tools to enhance this process, not to incur in any of the limitations that can have a direct influence on the quality and results of your rival analysis, which can affect your SEO technique.

Your website pages optimization.

With your target audience and top competitors researched, your business can start the process of enhancing your site for search. This process can take time, so technique this job with sensible checkpoints or objectives.

I give you an example, if you have 15 pages on your site, it's most likely feasible for your company to enhance large part of those pages in a month, then step up to rev up the rest of the website while adding a great part of crucial pages. 

Let’s learn how to create new content  optimized for SEO. Even if your business utilizes this service, it is necessary to bear in mind that results still take time. Publishing your optimized content sooner, nevertheless, can assist you to see those results previously.

If you optimize your material in-house, concentrate on using your targeted keyword in a few locations:

A checklist for SEO management optimization

The title of your page must be hooking readers attention, encouraging them to click your site. 

The meta description also will be appearing in the search engine result. It’s not just a description of your page, but it is going to broaden on your title, is must inspire users to visit your site. Inspirational: this is a good word to describe it. 

Your headings represent your page content, dividing your content into organized sections. In many cases, however, you may not use this for readability purposes. You will see with me mostly case by case depending on your web pages!

A page must include useful and informational photos for web users. Images can enhance the readability of your page, plus reader understanding of intricate topics and their overall experience. Let’s also enhance in the back-end your images alt text and descriptions.

Your page’s content supplies readers with what they’re searching for, whether answers to item concerns or introductions on services. Within your paragraphs, it’s vital to utilize your keywords naturally for readability.

When you enhance your content, it’s essential for you to follow an exact plan and draft that includes SEO best practices and my experience with writing high ranking web pages.

Repeating the process we build together, repeat it consistently.

I will be monitoring your SEO technique every week, and i can help training your business to create a strategy for online and offline that can be scaleble.

Develop a regular schedule for checking and measuring your technique’s performance, following organic traffic, rankings in search engine results, conversions, backlinks, repeated sales and recurring customers.

Let's see now what you will go trough with me! Other than planning and brainstorming your marketing plan.

WordPress SEO expert

My values are honesty, competence, passion. These values are fully reflected in the SEO consulting service, and I never let anyone behind!

  • Search Engine Optimization and the SEO Consultant

My job online as an SEO consultant has changed over the years, growing much more elaborated and refined. We evolve in consequence of Search engines evolving monthly, daily.

These days, SEO is not anymore about 1 simple algorithm, but it is about many algorithms and search engines new implementations.

For an SEO adviser to be the best at his job today, there are all necessities to do so much larger works than just search engine optimization.

Services Included in the calls with me, your SEO consultant in Cambodia

Consulting and hourly support can be crucial to solving specific problems, to identify problems, and give clear indications to improve SEO positioning on Google.

After more than 77 SEO projects managed and multiple case histories accumulated over the years, you can take advantage of my online SEO consulting services and my expert opinion about them:

  • Market and research habits analysis
  • Identification and study of competitors
  • Planning SEO strategies
  • Definition of information architecture
  • Assistance for migration to new platforms
  • Definition of SEO guidelines
  • Advanced technical analysis (SEO Audit)
  • Increase Link Popularity (Link building and Link Earning)
  • Advanced Link Profile Analysis
  • Removal of algorithmic and manual penalties
  • Coaching and project support

How much will it cost you the next hours when you want to contact me?

It is useful to have hourly support, and it costs 60 Us Dollars per hour.

Covering the following topics:

Be ready to work before you call because you will have many actions and improvements to put in place on your website!
SEO structure optimization (basic);
SEO optimization of pages and content (basic).
Link building (basic).
Content analysis and content marketing tips.
keyword search (basic);
The lessons are offered via Skype and Hangouts.

Hourly SEO Consulting

Hourly SEO consulting is suitable for you to learn and implement all SEO actions to optimize your online visibility. Take is as a micro consultation, whether you have and short-term project, of you, wish to receive SEO assistance and advice on specific issues that require only some dedicated steps.

This model is suitable for you, your colleagues, every e-commerce owner, blogger, and it is specifically applied with the intent of coaching.

WordPress is the most prevalent open-sourced CMS used today.

The platform has the essential SEO components needed. Some plugins can improve the functionality of your website (We will go through that together too).

Nevertheless, these plugins solely will not enhance SEO by themselves, as they do not implement any action on your content, you need to act!

Search engines continuously evolve, and you and your website need to keep up with all the news and the requirements that new algorithmic updates show to be relevant.

Otherwise, taking no actions at all will negatively impact your site’s and its ability to rank for search queries and keywords.

This is why SEO is a continuous process, and you need to implement it, to learn it, to repeat the main steps every time you will create a new web page or a website.

Slow organic traffic and bad rankings are a good suggestion that your website or blog is not in order with the contemporary Google algorithm.

Top-notch content always drives SEO

Serve Searcher Intent

Modern internet search engine features intricate formulas developed to separate relevant, valuable online marketing from web material making use of obsolete SEO techniques.

Carelessly placing search phrases right into superficial material now only serves to damage your brand name’s standing on online search engine results pages and in the eyes of potential clients.

About us – Get Futura web agency

  • So, what we need to do together?

That’s why we have educated writers on all the current best techniques for SEO, incorporating sophisticated marketing strategies customized to improve your online visibility, to accommodate the desires and also needs of the readers.

  • If you need

One of our products, the Blog audits with posts’ content optimization also goes in this direction!

10 article content improvement package. This service will increase 10 existing Articles/Pages from your Website/Blog with an on-page SEO audit, old content optimization, and new content creation!7

Let's see now what you will go trough with me! Other than planning and brainstorming your marketing plan.


SEO Programs to Learn How to Jump!

Check our pricing and the added values we will bring to your website.
Power up your online visibility with Local SEO in Phnom Penh and internationally!

Business Pro

Best Solution - 3 Months package
$ 499 3 months package
  • SEO audit report
  • 2 keywords per Month
  • Pages analysis
  • Content creation
  • 2 On Page optimization per Month
  • 2 Blog Posts per Month
  • 2 Guest Posts per Month
  • Off Page HQ Backlinks
  • Content optimization
  • Final SEO audit report
  • Keywords tracking reports

Maintenance Plan

Top Notch Solutions - SEO Monthly Maintenance
$ 129 Per month
  • SEO audit report
  • 2 On Page optimization per Month
  • 2 Blog Posts per Month
  • Keywords reasearch
  • Keywords tracking reports

Curious to get some taste of what you will learn with me?

Why am I using very long landing pages?

For example, because I strongly believe (not only me but the best in the markets too) that selling this particular services, the public who arrive on the landing page will actually read it all before deciding to buy.

Who does not read all the landing page is actually the client who calls me straight forward.

There are many customers that also are curious and do not want to talk with me directly at the beginning, so they can decide to read all the info in the landing page. 

It is time to get only the best

Our Web Design Plans

Check our pricing and all the incredible added values
we want to dedicate to You!


Amazing Custom Solutions
$ 599 starting from
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Up to 10 pages
  • SEO Friendly
  • Email accounts
  • Image Gallery and Grid
  • Image Sliders
  • Social Media buttons
  • Live Chat
  • Content creation support
  • Blog starter
  • Contact Form
  • Customer reviews
  • Pricing tables and Menu
  • Custom Unique Style
  • Premium Plugins
  • Map and Locations


Best WooCommerce Themes
$ 1188 Starting from
  • All advanced features
  • PLUS
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Online Store design
  • Cart design
  • Check out flow desing
  • Content Strategy


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