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One-To-One personal calls with SEO consultant



One-To-One personal calls with SEO consultant

  • Coaching and auditing. I offer one-to-one personal calls for SEO. 
  • The price is as we said, 29 Us Dollars for your first 2 hours with me. 
  • These 2 hours will be divided into 2 sections of 1 hour each.

The goal of this project is to review together with you most of your existing pages, blog, and web assets. With the precise intent to improve your online traffic.

The one-to-one personal calls for SEO are an audit and a course at the same time, to study together your website SEO aspects, make a strategy to improve all your website and the content, all tailored to your needs.

Being on a budget, you may think to have your SEO specialist work with you hand in hand, with the intent to learn your steps and be able to act in the future!

Rather than getting all of your pages optimized at once, learn the process and the meaning, the why, and the how, and optimize your pages step by step at different intervals.

This will help you to improve personally. It will help you to minimize the costs of your website SEO improvements and the costs of the marketing for your website.

Having your website substantially optimized for Search engines will help you stand out in your business, with your customers, and amongst the online market engagement.

It doesn’t matter how local or small your company or business is.

WordPress SEO expert

My values are honesty, competence, passion. These values are fully reflected in the SEO consulting service, and I never let anyone behind!

  • Search Engine Optimization and the SEO Consultant

My job online as an SEO consultant has changed over the years, growing much more elaborated and refined. We evolve in consequence of Search engines evolving monthly, daily.

These days, SEO is not anymore about 1 simple algorithm, but it is about many algorithms and search engines new implementations.

For an SEO adviser to be the best at his job today, there are all necessities to do so much larger works than just search engine optimization.

Services Included in Consultancy

Consulting and hourly support can be crucial to solving specific problems, to identify problems, and give clear indications to improve SEO positioning on Google.

After more than 70 SEO projects managed and multiple case histories accumulated over the years, you can take advantage of my online SEO consulting services and my expert opinion about them:

  • Market and research habits analysis
  • Identification and study of competitors
  • Planning SEO strategies
  • Definition of information architecture
  • Assistance for migration to new platforms
  • Definition of SEO guidelines
  • Advanced technical analysis (SEO Audit)
  • Increase Link Popularity (Link building and Link Earning)
  • Advanced Link Profile Analysis
  • Removal of algorithmic and manual penalties
  • Coaching and project support

How much will it cost you the next hours when you want to contact me?

It is useful to have hourly support, and it costs 29 Us Dollars.

Author – About me – Mattia Nistri – GetFutura Blog Editor

Covering the following topics:

Be ready to work before you call because you will have many actions and improvements to put in place on your website!
SEO structure optimization (basic);
SEO optimization of pages and content (basic).
Link building (basic).
Content analysis and content marketing tips.
keyword search (basic);
The lessons are offered via Skype and Hangouts.

Hourly SEO Consulting

Hourly SEO consulting is suitable for you to learn and implement all SEO actions to optimize your online visibility. Take is as a micro consultation, whether you have and short-term project, of you, wish to receive SEO assistance and advice on specific issues that require only some dedicated steps.

This model is suitable for you, your colleagues, every e-commerce owner, blogger, and it is specifically applied with the intent of coaching.

Indicatively the hourly cost is 29 Us Dollars.

WordPress is the most prevalent open-sourced CMS used today.

The platform has the essential SEO components needed. Some plugins can improve the functionality of your website (We will go through that together too).

Nevertheless, these plugins solely will not enhance SEO by themselves, as they do not implement any action on your content, you need to act!

Search engines continuously evolve, and you and your website need to keep up with all the news and the requirements that new algorithmic updates show to be relevant.

Otherwise, taking no actions at all will negatively impact your site’s and its ability to rank for search queries and keywords.

This is why SEO is a continuous process, and you need to implement it, to learn it, to repeat the main steps every time you will create a new web page or a website.

Slow organic traffic and bad rankings are a good suggestion that your website or blog is not in order with the contemporary Google algorithm.

Top-notch content always drives SEO

Serve Searcher Intent

Modern internet search engine features intricate formulas developed to separate relevant, valuable online marketing from web material making use of obsolete SEO techniques.

Carelessly placing search phrases right into superficial material now only serves to damage your brand name’s standing on online search engine results pages and in the eyes of potential clients.

About us – Get Futura web agency

  • So, what we need to do together?

That’s why we have educated writers on all the current best techniques for SEO, incorporating sophisticated marketing strategies customized to improve your online visibility, to accommodate the desires and also needs of the readers.

  • If you need

One of our products, the Blog audits with posts’ content optimization also goes in this direction!

10 article content improvement package. This service will increase 10 existing Articles/Pages from your Website/Blog with an on-page SEO audit, old content optimization, and new content creation!

Importance of SEO Audits

What an SEO Company does for you and your website is extremely valuable



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