The marketing system for sales representatives

The marketing system for sales representatives

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    Introduction to the marketing system for sales representatives


    Serving inbound and outbound marketing methods, this system we propose for your Firm is a powerful tool when used with geo localization.

    In this particular case, we are talking about contact management and local marketing representatives using the methods of ”growth for a start-up”, with digital marketing techniques.

    1. The primary idea of this method is to niche down to a smaller sector of an industry and to niche down locally.

    2. We aim to target small sectors that have a low customer value with great sales volume or sectors with high customer value.

    3. Unique functions: to bring a brand/company/representative from zero to the sharpening of contacts and potential customers in a predefined area.

    4. Scalability: Repeat the process in each location where the representative(s) and the brand intend to acquire new contacts and potential customers.

    Let’s talk about this way you can use to niche down, which is to target specific locations.

    After we identify an industry niche, we’ll choose locations to go after.

    We chose smaller cities that were high on the wealth scale. For example, instead of targeting a region (Tuscany) or the larger town in Italy, such as Rome or Milan, we go after smaller cities such as Arezzo, Grosseto, and Siena.

    These cities have a lot of money flowing through, but the competition is lower than Milan.

    For instance, we could target lawyers in Arezzo or get even more distinct and plainly target personal injury lawyers in Arezzo.

    Obviously, your pool of prospects will be much tinier with this strategy, but it is very useful when you start focusing on a product with your sales representative on a targeted niche.

    So just to review and understand deeper why this method is very relevant.

    There are four ways to niche down.

    1. By industry, choosing an industry with high customer values.
    2. By location, focusing on smaller, wealthier cities.
    3. By sector and location.
    4. You can niche down the service level by breaking off microservices or product categories from your primary service / broad product industry.

    The marketing system for sales representatives

    Using a mix of outgoing and inbound systems for landing brand-new customers.


    However initially, what is the outbound marketing system outbound marketing is frequently described as push advertising, but it suggests that you’re the one pushing for new customers.

    You’re the one connecting to certified prospects and also attempting to persuade them to come to be a client.

    Now, this is different comparing the inbound system or in some cases referred to as pull marketing, which is the procedure of drawing in leads to your service.

    Outbound implies you’re going to get clients and also inbound means they’re pertaining to you.

    The steps


    Target identification


    • Branding: The new location chosen becomes
    • Registration: The user is interested to know the offers and to be contacted by filling in the simple form(s)
    • Contact: The user contacts the representative directly for information and offers.

    Objectives are related.

    The marketing system for sales representatives

    Website Section


    There are many reasons the website you will use need to prove that you can provide, with your organization, the perfect service to your clients.

    Companies that invest money with you or your products are under the idea that you know what you’re doing. The website will need to be completely transparent in showing

    • How your organization can bring value to your clients
    • What your clients will get
    • Your salesman skills and contacts
    • Your product characteristics
    • Your services pros

    You don’t have to be an industry-leading expert to take on clients, but you should have some results to prove your competence.

    The website you will use need to display your results before trying to get clients, making in this way your sales process 10 times easier.

    There is no more prominent persuasion channel than proving that you know what you’re doing in your industry.


    What should be on a landing page?

    Examples to target restaurants locally:

    The-marketing-system-for-sales-representatives | Website Section

    With thousands of combinations for an incredible landing page, GetFutura will always find the greatest design solution to incorporate the

    • Brand Identity
    • The dedicated products in display
    • The full set of information and contact for your representatives

    The-marketing-system-for-sales-representatives | Website Section

    Create and set up an Analytics account


    Set Up Google Analytics in 5 Simple Steps

    Performance analysis | Understanding how to establish Google Analytics is the first step to understanding:

    • We will confront the data from Facebook stats with the browser analytics
    • Who your visitors are, where your web site’s site visitors come from
    • What material they intend to see from your business
    • How they act when searching your website
    • The very best component? Google Analytics is cost-free

    And as soon as you have it applied, Google Analytics enables you to track as well as gauge your organization’s web traffic goals as well as prove the ROI of your internet and social media presence.

    Setting up Google Analytics can be difficult (to place it mildly).

    A few bits of data you can obtain from Google Analytics:

    • Quantity of traffic your website is receiving overall
    • The sources of your web traffic
    • Quantity of leads converted
    • Group details of visitors (e.g., where they live).
    • Statistics about the origin of your website traffic. Mobile or desktop.

    Create and Launch | Website done for You

    Create and set up a Facebook page/campaign


    Create and set up a Business Manager.

    (creation of advertisement/s with objective contact between customer and representative)

    How a Facebook campaign works?

    Fundamental is the choice of the public (commercial sector of interest of the representative) and the choice of the location of the campaign.

    Then, once the campaign starts, an additional audience is created, composed of users who have already visited the website/Facebook page + the users we get by scraping from other sites.

    Examples with Restaurants or seaside sites

    Composition of the audience:

    Location – breakdown by interest

    An example with Restaurants

    Users are reached by the advertisement (reach) and invited to an action on the advertisement.

    Several advertisements can work at the same time or a single advertisement.

    Create a campaign in Conversions


    • Create contact form and Typeform
    • Create and integrate email marketing automation

    Introduction to B2B audiences on Facebook


    Finest Practices For A B2B Brand Name Awareness Facebook Campaign:

    • Be clear about your worth proposal and brand positioning
    • Target a large audience and let Facebook auto-optimize your ads’ reach
    • Select the Brand Awareness campaign goal for your Facebook project
    • Offer individuals for more information about your product/service, instead of proposing a demo or sign-up immediately.

    In this case and strategy, the audience will be composed of a selected industry sector and of a selected location.

    Later on, various users will be added to the campaign, scraping B2B contacts and business names from other websites.

    Creating a retargeting campaign (optional)


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