Travel Content Ideas – What Should I Post on My Travel Blog? Cambodia Travel Blog Post Ideas 2021 -

What Should I Post on My Travel Blog? Travel Blog Content Ideas for 2021

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    Travel Content Ideas – What Should I Post on My Travel Blog?

    Cambodia Travel Blog Post Ideas 2021

    Let’s start this discussion with the first question I hear so many times:

    What Should I Post on My Travel Blog?

    Well, if you’re a travel blogger, we are sure that you have the same concern.

    Sure, you likely have a backlog of articles from past journeys. When those dry up, and you’re still tied to your home base, what do you write about?

    Sorting out what to post on your travel blog can be difficult, particularly when you’re not traveling 24/7.

    Developing an idea for a post that’ll resonate with your audience takes some time and effort, and it is not something you wish to be doing on the spot.

    One of our best pointers for never lacking blog content is to develop one enormous list of trending travel blog post topics that you can continuously pull from.

    If you are a travel blogger and sometimes get stuck to creating new holiday post ideas, get some motivation from this post:

    • Trending Travel Blog Topics for Creating Engaging Content in Cambodia
    • Holiday Blog Post Ideas in Cambodia
    • How Do I Make My Travel Blog Interesting?
    • Can You Start a Travel Blog Without Traveling?

    Let’s take a look at the details …!

    Trending Travel Blog Topics for Creating Engaging Content in Cambodia

    It is common knowledge in today’s digital-dominated world that having a blog on your website is an essential element of your online marketing.

    It will help bring more visitors to your website and increase your brand awareness of more potential customers.

    Nevertheless, among the most significant issues we hear from people we work with is that they either don’t understand what to compose on their blog or that they don’t have time to compose it.

    Hey…Travel bloggers – Here’s a list of post themes with real-life examples to inspire your own travel content if you’re running low on ideas.

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    Blog Posts About You as a Khmer Travel Blogger

    • How frequently does a travel blogger truly travel?
    • How does a travel blogger spend for all those journeys?
    • How does a travel blogger decide where to go?
    • Your preferred hashtags
    • Your Instagram strategy
    • How you please your wanderlust when you’re at home
    • How travel bloggers make good friends on the road
    • Do you have a regimen while taking a trip?
    • What do you do when you’re homesick?
    • What travel bloggers really want for a present this year (gift guide).

    Posts About Your Hometown

    There are hundreds of post ideas brilliantly written about your home town, even if you’re not traveling as usual as you would like to be, particularly if you live in a town that is popular with tourists.

    Posts about local restaurants and attractions are expected to draw in a local audience, even if you don’t.

    Let’s say you reside in Siem Reap City:

    • 7 Unique Things To Do In Siem Reap
    • How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Siem Reap
    • Siem Reap Hidden Gems
    • Best Restaurants In Siem Reap
    • Top Instagram Spots In Siem Reap
    • Road Trip Ideas From Siem Reap
    • Top Outdoor Activities In & Around Siem Reap
    • Siem Reap’s Best Restaurants with Great View
    Posts About Your Hometown

    Ensure good assistance and targeted tips for the Country travelers

    Detailed guides are very popular and are a great way to show your business’s competence.

    Travel plan suggestions are a sure-fire way to cause wanderlust, and cultural insights work preparation tools.

    Whether you offer products for particular destinations or cover more generalized areas like over-landing or travel insurance, blog sites are a terrific chance to show that you’re the leaders in your field.

    Protecting your company as the very first port of call for your readers is very crucial.


    • 6 Steps to Booking Your Mekong Cruise
    • Step-By-Step Guide to Solo Travel in Cambodia
    • Interrailing Southeast Asia – A Step By Step Guide to Planning

    Ultimate Guide

    • The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Southeast Asia
    • The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Oz on a Budget
    • Hiking Cambodia Cardamom Mountains – The Complete Guide

    ”How to”

    • How to Travel by Train in Cambodia
    • How to Make Use of All Your Time in Southeast Asia
    • How to Be a Good Hostel Roommate
    • How to Experience Cambodia for Free … nearly!


    • 10 Things All First Time Travellers Forget
    • 7 Things to Seek For in a Quality Travel Insurance Policy
    • The Ultimate Packing Checklist
    • 3 Things to Tick Off Before You Fly

    Travel Plan Options

    • 24-Hours in Phnom Penh – The Best Itinerary
    • A Long Weekend in Siem Reap – How to Maximise Your Time Away
    • Two Weeks in Cambodia – The Perfect Family Getaway

    The Locations' Secrets

    • 6 Secrets for Getting Cheap Flights
    • Cambodia’s Hidden Gems – What the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You
    • Off the Beaten Track in Cambodia – Go Wild
    • Mondol Kiri – The Local’s Hangouts
    The Locations' Secrets

    Historic Towns or Buildings

    Historic towns or buildings may be deserted. However, they also might be towns like Battambang, Kep, Kampot, where you can see structures from the 1800s still intact while exploring the parts of the town still alive and kicking.

    You can also highlight some of the more historical buildings in huge cities like Siem Reap, where there’s a lot of old buildings but possibly a handful that is considered a must-see.

    • Example: 10 Historic Cambodia Towns That Will Transport You To The Past.
    Historic Towns or Buildings

    Finest Cities in Specific Countries

    This is a broad, high-level topic that can be valuable when tourists prepare for international journeys and still do the initial research.

    For example, if you’re going to somewhere like Thailand, you’ll wish to limit the cities you visit so that you get a complete, rich experience without running ragged in between cities.

    This can be a fantastic travel post for your readers if you can write blog posts that detail the finest cities to visit for different functions and why.

    • Example: 13 Of The Best Cities in Cambodia You Need To Visit.

    Cambodia Boutique Hotels

    Covering boutique hotels is an excellent way to compose “where to stay” content without always competing with huge travel websites on Google.

    You can develop lists of boutique hotels by city, do individual evaluations, or indicate boutique choices near specific destinations.

    • Example: The 10 Coolest Boutique Hotels in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

    More technical information at:

    Blog post length for SEO

    Holiday Blog Post Ideas in Cambodia

    Holiday Blog Post Ideas in Cambodia

    Seasonal Posts

    Seasonal travel blogs can be comparable to location posts, other than tailored to a particular season.

    People enjoy reading them because they motivate the readers to go to different places worldwide during various seasons.

    • Best Winter/Fall/Summer/Spring Destinations Around The World
    • Top Places To See Fall Foliage
    • Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Bloom
    • Legendary Winter Season Destinations To Add To Your Container List
    • Best Things To Do In [Destination] Throughout Fall/Winter/Spring/ Summertime

    Motivation Seekers

    There are hundreds of countless individuals out there who spend a great deal of time looking for motivation for their next journey, small or big.

    If your travel business specializes in numerous destinations, then creating blogs about each one permits readers to develop a clear image of each place in their minds and, most notably, get a booking!


    • 25 Things You Need To Go to in Cambodia
    • Should Go To Dining Establishments in Phnom Penh
    • Best Tourist Attractions for Households in Battambang Province
    • Siem Reap or Phnom Penh – Which Do You Choose?
    • Visiting Cambodia on a Budget


    • 100 Most safe Nations worldwide
    • 17 Places in South East Asia That You Need to Check out
    • 50 Best Places to Learn to Surf
    • 20 Ideas to Help You Travel Inexpensive

    Image Diaries

    • Worldwide in 80 Pictures
    • Safari Sights Caught on Digital Camera
    • 16 Photos You’ll Want to Take in Bangkok
    • A Diary of Selfies with New Travel Friends – The People I Met

    Things to Do with Kids

    Planning a trip with children – particularly young children and infants – contributes to the table a whole new level of research and planning work, even for quick weekend trips.

    Fortunately for bloggers, this suggests lots of content opportunities for tourists with kids.

    It would be best if you also looked at “things to do” with children in addition to “where to eat” or which places are ideal for children.

    • Example: 100 Things To Do in Phnom Penh CIty with Small Kids.

    Things to Do at Night

    A lot of travel locations have laundry lists of things to do. However, things to do at night is a various story.

    These may vary by more nightlife-based tourist attractions, yet it may include places and tours to see best at nighttime.

    • Example: Things to Do during the night in Siem Reap.

    Romantic Things to Do

    There are a couple of variations here, but the idea with these posts is to blog about things to do for couples.

    Naturally, there are more romantic locations than others, but you’d be surprised to discover how many people are searching for stuff like “romantic things to do in Cambodia,” which means you can write these kinds of posts almost anywhere.

    What not to Do

    This is about preventing the tourist traps that plague larger locations and instead concentrating on the things and destinations that are worthwhile.

    That said, sometimes huge touristy draws are still worth it, other times they aren’t.

    If you’re going through the southern part of Cambodia, for example, you might or might not wish to stop at the Cambodia-Vietnam border – some travelers dig it, others see it as a garnish tourist attraction.

    These lists can likewise have to do with etiquette, safety, and travel routines – what you should not carry out in other cities in order to stay safe and have a good time.

    • Example: 25 Things Tourists Need To Never Perform In Cambodia.

    What not to Eat

    Eating local cuisine is an amazing part of travel. However, sometimes, it helps to know what foods to prevent, particularly if you have a sensitive stomach.

    For a more thorough article, you can make a list of what not to eat along with what you absolutely ought to try, like the example listed below.

    • Example: What to eat – or Not – in Cambodia.

    Best Clubs

    Clubs have never ever been my seen; however, I have actually done the keyword research, and here we are.

    There are lots of types of clubs to discuss, particularly in huge cities, so as usual, attempt to get as specific as possible with your angle and subject, so you’re not contending in Google with huge travel websites that have the broad things covered.

    • Example: 12 Best Clubs in Sihanoukville to Dance All Night Long

    Best Time to Go To Places

    A lot of cities and countries have peak tourist seasons, shoulder seasons, and off-seasons.

    It isn’t always clear what’s what, so this is an excellent kind of post to write to help visitors discover the very best time to travel.

    To get even more particular, find a location like Angkor Wat or Tonle Sap Lake, where you’re discussing a very concentrated location rather than a huge, broad city or country.

    • Example: Best & Worst Months to Visit Tonle Sap Lake Cambodia.

    Find out more reading:

    What are the latest blogging trends?

    Why You Need an Email Marketing Plan ?

    Engaging Your Potential Customers and Your Audience With Direct Response Marketing


    Keep in mind that most travel posts are templated similarly and can apply to numerous places, so as soon as you discover the “solutions” that work, you can scale those nevertheless you’d like.

    What will you write about?
    Now that you have at least 60 ideas on what to write about for your travel blog, what’ll you deal with?

    If you have terrific ideas of your own and desire assistance, wishing them to come up with a fruitful outcome, then you’re in the right spot at the right time.

    Contact GetFutura today to see how we can be of assistance to your travel business.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Content Ideas for Travel Blog Post

    Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Content Ideas for Travel Blog Post

    How do I develop content for my travel blog?

    Replace the word “travel” for your niche.

    • Research the industry 
    • Approach travel writing as a service
    • Tell the special tale of yours
    • Select a non-conventional medium
    • Develop your skills
    • Build network outside your business
    • Develop products of your own
    • Map out your journey

    How do I make my travel blog interesting?

    So without further ado, here are my 10 best ideas for starting a successful, kickass travel blog!

    • Pick a true reputation
    • Host your blog
    • WordPress all the way
    • Select a theme and collect some plugins
    • Install Google Analytics
    • Catch your social network handles
    • Sign Up With Super Star Blogging
    • Develop a strong “About Me” page

    Can you start a travel blog without traveling?

    You can still be a travel blogger without traveling like one.

    You can still develop; your finest work by taking a trip sluggish and completely.

    Without trying to be like everyone else and mass creating content in hope, a piece of content might go viral.

    Are travel blogs successful?

    As soon as you established one, your travel blog itself may earn $1,000 – $5,000/ month, yet if you’ve widened your horizons and began working on other earnings streams like freelance writing, content production, social networks management, and consulting services, you can double or triple this figure.

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