Video editing tips for brands 6 ways to keep your viewers engaged

Video editing tips for brands

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    Video editing tips for brands: 6 ways to keep your viewers engaged

    Content marketing is one of the most prominent ways of establishing a digital footprint today. With traditional marketing on the decline, unorthodox content has taken over to create the best brand value. It is an essential part of digital marketing.

    Content can be of multiple types — the text content like blogs and articles and the ‘rich media’, the ones like videos and images. If you’re a brand wanting to upscale your business, here’s all that you need to know about the best video-editing tips.

    6 ways to keep your viewers engaged

    Hire an agency

    Given the immense importance of videos for any effective content marketing strategy, you might want to opt for some video editing services in Singapore. Of course, you could choose to do this yourself, but unless you’re an expert in designing and graphics, we’d recommend against doing it.

    Why an agency?

    Content alone doesn’t sell. Effective content does. As such, you need to put some of your resources into making quality and professional videos. An experienced, trusted agency would be your best bet for this. These agencies are adept at video editing processes and can give you customized visual content.

    The best video editing tips ​

    The best video editing tips

    But what are the details that one needs to be careful about video content? What would make the best video tips? Here’s detailing all that.

    • The key is the start. 

    You’d want to have your viewers interested in your video content right at the start. The idea is to create a decent mark right off the bat by having the viewers’ interests drawn in the first few seconds. The viewers control their time of spending on any marketing campaign. It is, therefore, imperative that your videos are edited to keep the viewers in for its complete length.

    • Cuts and music: both combined do wonders.

    Videos are best when they can connect to the audience. For this, they have to be more humane — you’ve got to mind the cuts, that is. Jump cuts are one of the best methods to create a seamless transition of scenes. Alongside the cuts, you can add some catchy music to play in the backside. There’s never been a video that does well without some good music. Of course, please don’t overdo it with appalling tones.

    • Script a story — a story that tells 

    All those glittery effects aren’t enough to tell the value your brand promises. Your video needs to tell the story. And you? You need to script one. Your story needs to be compelling — on why your brand does the job and does it better than the others. Visuals are only a part of creating successful video campaigns — a persuasive, convincing story is another.

    • Keep up the tone 

    Any video content needs to be based on a theme. It has to keep up with the core message throughout the length — whether it is promoting a product or meant to introduce a brand. You can’t expect a great start and then let your guard loose. That is what makes catastrophic marketing — to start and then squander all the value.

    • The extra effects are the charm. 

    We’re now coming to the technical part of videos. The effects like brightness and light solutions are essential to creating the perfect video conditions. Lighting and effects can determine the speech of the videos to create the perfect scene and customer impact.

    For example, a video can depict cheerful and confident scenes with easy, soft lighting.

    Those expressing anger need harsher light conditions. These effects also determine the type of videos, the likes of promotional or explainer videos.

    • Make back-ups for all the footage. 

    When editing, you’re unlikely to get things sorted in the first attempt. It is essential to make back-ups of all the used and discarded footage for further use and editing. A copy or two of everything relevant, used or not, can significantly help the final edits.

    • Review and improvise 

    When you’re done with all these, it is now time to review your final edit. You can call your fellow mates and video editors to give honest feedback on your work. Maybe there’s something that can be worked on a bit further.

    You could possibly have gotten the sound effects a bit milder. All these can only be possible by letting yourself and others review your work.

    If the professionals approve of your editing, chances are the amateur audience does too.

    Bottom line

    Video editing is something that requires grit and a lot of trial. You can never expect to hit the trophy in a couple of attempts.

    Keep up the momentum and continue to improve your editing skills with these tips. If you’re only learning and building a brand now, we’d recommend looking for some video editing services in Singapore.

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