What are the latest blogging trends?

What are the latest blogging trends? Sit and be ready, many in 2020 / 2021

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    What are the Latest Blogging Trends?


    In the ever-changing world of blogging and material marketing, you need to remain ahead of the curve to stay relevant.

    Asking yourself what are the latest blogging trends, and as we start our research, we can see that many of the current blogging drifts have been eye-opening.

    Website design and SEO have gone full-scale mobile following all the relevant changes in the search engine optimizations and the user trends, with, of course, the changes in the Google algorithm updates. 

    Lastly, effective blogging has ended up being a blend of visual arts, long-form material production, and online social engagement.

    We know and we see everyday that there are 3 major Blogging Trends changing:

    • The Ideal Blog Length
    • Using Images
    • List Posts and Response Posts in Content Marketing

    But, the point is that there is much more to it, and we need to get deep in the search engine results to find out the twists and the turns of these major drifts in the trends. We want to know the ‘’why’’.

    It’s more about seeing what things will continue to be essential instead of adopting entirely brand-new options. 

    Following up with the several modern changes in an online search engine can help you determine spaces in your blogging method and give you fresh ideas to try.

    Blogging trends are more about understanding what works and improving upon those things.

    If you have been working with me or following my ideas and strategies in the past, we now both know you and me that excellent blogging practices are and will always be required. 

    Strengthening the basics will always be necessary:

    1. The Best Post Layouts possible
    2. Top-Notch Quality of the Material
    3. Regularity in Publishing 


    Blogging has ended up being such an important part of every marketing strategy. 

    Did you know that blogs have been ranked as the 4th most reliable source for collecting online information?

    To sustain, persist, and improve your online visitors from natural organic search traffic, you want to know what the most up-to-date blogging models are.

    I feel now is more important than ever to search all the data and the trends to answer the critical question of What are the latest blogging trends.

    We could just list them, but that would not be enough to understand the ‘why’’! 

    In order of importance to me:

    • Latest blog trend change: Bring value to the Reader.
    • Latest blog trend change: The page optimization.
    • Latest blog trend change: Word count keeps growing.
    • Latest blog trend change: Hit the EAT.
    • Latest blog trend change: Content Takes More Time and Effort Than Ever.
    • Latest blog trend change: Google My Business Posts.
    • Latest blog trend change: Use more the wheel method.
    • Latest blog trend change: BERT is influencing the search results.
    • Latest blog trend change: The snippets optimization.
    • Latest blog trend change: Blog post titles are every day more important.
    • Latest blog trend change: The Hunt for Original Content goes on and on!
    • Latest blog trend change: Promotion channels of your content.

    Ok, I listed them. Now we need to see in detail why they are important. 

    What are the latest blogging trends? The latest blogging trends

    The Latest Blogging Trends


    Follow the trends with a strategy and good character, bring in your ideas and your style!

    Bring Value to the Reader


    Blogging marketing in 2020 is highlighting this a lot more.

    More than ever, Websites and services that want to do SEO and content marketing requirements to release and promote important material. What exactly does that appear like?

    It’s a little simpler than you might believe.

    Putting more long-form, free, and comprehensive material for your website visitors and your industry customers will attract even more people around your content, as you serve them better and better.

    The reasons?

    Google is getting better and better at providing the “best” material to its users. That is why BERT and E.A.T. were introduced.

    If you’re developing content that’s not helpful to the reader, your returns will be less and less.

    Search results are becoming competitive, and every day more articles get posted. Digital brand names have better strategies, and you also need to have one in 2020. 

    Provide content that focuses on your readers, not on you! 

    Bring the reader in the journey with you, and she/he will see all the value of your ideas or service (this is why I chose that particular blog post main picture).

    Create content that users want

    The Page Optimization


    To make your publications ranking high on Google, to be highly engaging with your website visitor, you need to optimize them. No doubts about it!

    We invested a large amount of time writing and re-optimizing customers’ websites’ new and older posts for SEO.

    Regular monthly traffic grows 50%, sometimes 200%. We saw an even growth of 300% in article traffic! 

    Every new update in the search engines in 2020 is no exception!

    Every case study suggests the same results.

    When we apply the content upgrades, keyword-based revisions, and titles optimization, the conversion optimization,  the ctr optimization, higher word counts, the organic traffic is always highly affected and goes up.

    Putting in the time to update your old material is a no-brainer, too!

    You need to examine, with analytics, which posts to choose for repurposing.

    Don’t just guess! Be strategic! Time is worth money!

    The rule on thumbs is to go to find in analytics which of your old pages is bringing in some traffic and move to improve those pages to bring higher and higher results!

    GetFutura always helps brands addressing this blog site brand-new pattern with our SEO items.

    And the results are astonishing.

    We’re seeing more of our clients’ success with the content strategy optimization in 2020.

    The Best Tips to Create SEO Content – Writing for SEO in 2020 

    Word Count Keeps Growing


    Do you remember when years ago when the entire blog post was 700 words max? 

    Based upon current research, and also all the results we get with our clients, long-form material has effectively become more relevant, showing that an ideal article length is somewhere starting from 1,500 words. In reading time this means about 7 minutes.

    All modern blogging research study points to this pattern.

    Every internet user spends more time engaged with the content they choose to read and offering a boost to search engine rankings. 

    Longer blogs are the most reliable for content marketing on every channel.

    Bloggers continuously wish to know the number of words they should use in their posts.

    • So how long is the typical blog post?

    I will show you the stats, yes, but most of all, I want to bring you some logic here. Non the less, algorithms of the search engines are logic, right?

    So. what could they be looking for if not complete, relevant well-researched content from an authoritative source? 

    We need to adjust to this with a good strategy, as per every business, ROI is a valuable component. 

    So we need a clear strategy for 

    • The topic search
    • The content search
    • The content creation
    • The content optimization

    To bring your ROI at the best rate possible

    Some date below, before we concur on a number:

    Word count, whether it’s for the short article or the title of the article, is crucial. 

    ” Given that bloggers are consuming more extra time composing blog posts, it’s not a shock that article is seizing longer.”.

    Our results say that the post over 2,000 words have been gradually increasing, while short article under 700 words has been decreasing.

    Orbit Media states the average post is now 1,236 words long, a 53% boost given that 2014

    Other studies have revealed a secure connection between long-form content and higher rankings.

    Some data put the typical word count of top-ranking content higher than this, closer to 2000 words. 

    We can concur that it is better to write a bit more than much less.

    You will not get marked down for having a lot of words, but rewarded!

    Blog post length for SEO in 2020

    Hit the E.A.T.


    Amid some of the latest search engine updates there was a lot of robust emphasis on the Google E-A-T update:

    Now more than ever, these 3 factors become vital for a website or a person on the internet:

    • Expertise (Competence in the industry or niche).
    • Authority (a relevant point of knowledge in the industry)
    • Trustworthiness (Credibility of the source of the content)

    Many referrals to “high quality” were now enhanced to refer instead to “high EAT.”

    Enhancing your theoretical E-A-T score will, in general, improve your opportunities of placing well in the search results page.

    By this trend, the following statements become more relevant than ever before:

    1. The About Us page is now more important than ever before!
    2. The Authors’ page is now more critical than ever before!
    3. The Authors Bio is now more decisive than ever before!
    4. The Bio for the editorial content is now more critical than ever before!
    5. Personal Branding is now more significant than ever before!
    6. The old content repurposing is now more crucial than ever before!

    If you are more interested in this subject I would like to steer your attention to our dedicated article

    15 Ways To Improve Old Blog Posts – Easy And Actionable Tips

    … and to the research from the searchenginejournal.com about how to improve google eat score.

    Creating the Right Content (Scannable Content) Takes More Time and Effort Than Ever. What ever Mask (type of content) you chose, do it with ROI in your mind, never lose from your sight the purpose of your blogging!
    Creating the Right Content (Scannable Content) Takes More Time and Effort Than Ever. Whatever Mask (type of content) you chose, do it with ROI in your mind, never lose from your sight the purpose of your blogging!

    Creating the Right Content (Scannable Content)

    ”Takes More Time and Effort Than Ever”


    The significant impact of this is:

    Businesses and websites that distribute 16+ blog posts every month are getting almost 3.5X higher traffic than the sites that publish from 1 to 4 monthly

    Listicles and response posts are, at the moment, the most successful blog post, the favorite format amidst business blogs. 

    Applying statistics inside the blog posts can improve your reader’s trust. 

    37% of customers favor list-based titles. 

    The articles that include images get 95% more prospects.

    73% of bloggers affirm that utilizing visuals s a big part of their marketing strategy.

    Pro Tip: Secure that you produce the correct content mix inside your blog posts.

    Distributing quality content with high consistency will also support Google to understand whatever your blog topic is, what your website talks about, and who your business can help; plus, you give readers more and more persuasive reasons to return to click on your site.

    Content Marketing Strategy (2020 Updated with Innovative Ideas)

    The Snippets Optimization


    Optimizing for rich snippets is what we covered in our dedicated blog posts lately. It is factually becoming a massive trend in 2020 and will be an even more definite trend in 2021. 

    How to get Featured Snippets on Google?

    From keyword research study to content optimization, from comprehensive analysis to the repurposing of your older content, we would always apply snippets optimization to the content creation strategy. 

    Copywriting Actionable Basics

    Google My Business Posts


    Google offers now a brand new method for firms and services to continue to express themselves through top quality content!

    Google My Business Posts

    Google now enables companies to produce short, copy- and image-oriented posts on their Google My Business page. I am sure you as well as nearly everyone has most likely already seen one of these as a customer.

    Which of the Classified Factors are Essential for Local SEO? 

    Use More the Wheel Method


    • The hub

    The hub part of your new model (I would love you to start using this actionable system) is an eBook, your famous free content lead generations eBook, your amazing how-to guide, the case study you worked on for weeks, a ”versus” guide, your intricate and inspired infographic, your latest niche webinar, the intriguing and interactive quiz you created to get viral, your ebook audible version!

    What is a Professional Voice Over? (The fields of applications and the skills)

    The common qualities of these content items are their depth and broadness, the abundancy of research you put into them, the overall high quality.

    You know, the piece of material that your readers would be happy to trade their email address for.

    Do you remember when I wrote about lead generation content, and I was saying: this hub content (lead generation content) needs to be contained in a lead capture form. Remember, at the bottom of the home page and a dedicated page, at the minimum!

    “WHEN” to Use Gated Content to Get the Best Out of It?

    Excellent Lead Generation Content – how to conceptualize effective gated content?

    By catching an email address, you will begin establishing a deeper relationship with your new contact.

    • The spokes

    The spokes will be whatever content you chose to navigate around referring to the ”hub”. So, it could be a series of articles associated to the hub and linking to the call-to-action. It could be a paid promos, a press release, a product launch with Facebook posts or infographics, a series of webinars or videos.

    It can also happen that the hub material is so vast that you can extract pieces of it, uniquely repurposing them, reformat them, making the most out of your time spent, and the most out of the ROI of the content.

    What is the ROI of SEO? 

    The spoke content reaches back to your hub and function to promote and distribute it.

    You can continuously revive this hub content since it is normally ‘evergreen’ and merely needs to be refreshed from time to time.

    A series of blog posts
    A collection of interviews/videos
    A series of case studies to form a strategy
    A video
    A series infographic
    A series of Facebook posts
    A series of Tweets
    An email series

    What is Persuasive Copywriting? 12 Facts and Techniques

    BERT is Influencing the Search Results


    For this, the best source we can find is obviously Google.

    Google extensively explains better than anybody else the resolutions that BERT has in the search results.

    Understanding searches and BERT

    And this is why the use of the correct words with its variations will be always more important!

    The Snippets Optimization


    Extensive research already done on this topic.

    A very crucial part of our complete strategy to create a blog, going beyond the content, and revealing a precise scalable structure.

    How to get Featured Snippets on Google?

    Blog Post Titles Are Every Day More Important


    And in our GetFura research on the Perfect Headlines, you will find out why headings are so crucial, so essential that 1 single word can critically affect your entire project, significantly changing the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your web page.

    The Perfect Headline – Evergreen Tips to Write the Best Headlines

    The Hunt for Original Content Goes On and On!


    Having an healthy internet visibility is essential for SEO. The best methods to enhance your internet presence is to provide the web with more chances and reasons to link back to your page. When generating exclusive content, you are doing just that.

    Original material permits you to strongly connect with your audience.

    Your brand is continually under development. If you do not actively keep your company’s brand, then it will eventually fail.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a small online business or if your trademark name is as powerful as Ferrari or Porsche.

    How to Find Topics for Your Blog? A proven strategy with 18 steps!

    Original content can create sales leads on its own since excellent initial content reveals your audience how to meet a requirement or solve issues by using items like yours while developing a deeper connection with your service at the same time.

    By delivering initial material about problems that can be solved by your business’s offerings, you can assist those leads back to your company.

    Make certain that your web material marketing technique is helping your service, but first, your prospective consumers and your actual clients.

    How to write a blog post | We give you step by step the tips with more details to be ready in 2020

    Promotion Channels of Your Content


    Developing impressive material is excellent and an essential piece of the journey.

    However, it’s not all!

    You need to get your content out into the world to get noticed and kickstart your material, marketing maker.

    We are sure, you and me, that your goal is to steer traffic to your blog.

    You must let individuals understand your content, and there are many ways to do it.

    You desire to create posts that other individuals are eager to share.

    However, social media posts on one platform are just the beginning. The more other people share your material, the more the word will get out, and the much better you can signal your influence to search engines.

    Email marketing allows you to contact the people who have shown an interest in your content.

    Trustworthy email marketing drip newsletters enable you to bring in clients who might have lapsed or have not thought about your business in a while.

    Linkbuilding, the practice of enticing other sites to link to your website, can appear frightening however produce actual results.
    While you’re considering starting to create your new a piece of content, is always a good habit to ask yourself this:

    Who will promote this, and why?

    Other websites in your industry might think your content is beneficial?

    Send a quick, friendly email, and ask if they’d think about showing your new content to their readers on their website, ask if they thought your content would be useful for their audience.

    Why Your Business Should Invest in a Custom Website?



    Required aid with digital marketing or producing high-quality content for social networks sharing or SEO?

    From things like adding calls to action and enhancing for abundant bits, these blogging patterns for 2020 are things you must consider adopting, no matter the size of your blog site.

    Ready for Your Free SEO Strategy Session?

    How to utilize these tips and trends is now your choice!

    Readers rely on and desire blog site content. As website owners, it’s your task to provide the best possible content to address their questions.

    Create Unique Blog Ideas: 7 Tips for Getting more Creative


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