When does content marketing fail

When does content marketing fail?

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    When does content marketing fail?

    Move now, set yourself leading of 99% of your competition, go through this article as an exercise, identify your client’s pains and main problems, identify their miseries and dreams (goals and desires), their concerns, and their frustrations are.

    One of the striking reasons is the myth ”you need to be everywhere and do everything” for a good marketing plan.”

    For what? To exhaust yourself being on every single distinct social media platform and posting everywhere?

    Not only is this completely unrealistic for the vast majority of businesses, but it is also extra ineffective.

    That’s right. I said that!

    This is going to save you money and months, as well as work energy!

    Nobody likes losing a ton of money in marketing, right?

    But it will happen if you do not have a plan.

    Suppose you’re not getting the results you wished for from your content marketing strategy. In this case, you want to pay attention here!


    Because content marketing is one of the most productive marketing strategies available.

    But it comes with challenges and rules that will reveal the real causes why your content isn’t working.

    So let’s fix that now.

    If you’ve ever read a blog post or listened to a podcast, or watched a video on content marketing, then I’m sure you’ve come across the age-old advice to publish high-quality content consistently.

    This is practically content marketing dogma.

    Now, most people intuitively understand the high quality.

    Quality is a little bit subjective. What’s good for one may not be good for another market or industry.

    By the way, we can all appreciate that higher-quality content is probably going to do better than lower quality.

    Where the biggest objections rest is in the consistency.

    In other words: how much content you need to create to get traction.

    The truth is, in today’s hyper-competitive markets, more is better.

    This means if your content production strategy is to produce a blog post a month, try to produce a post a week! If your strategy is to produce a weekly email newsletter reaching your list, try now four times per week. Try more reels or short or stories on social media, for example.

    So the key is to do your best and to do it as often as you can without going crazy in the process.

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    Selfish content

    Another reason why most content fails to work is that it is selfish content.

    Selfish content means creating the kind of content you want to make, rather than the kind of content your market wants you to create!

    Yes, creating content that you enjoy and find interesting, you also need to estimate it against the customer’s needs.

    Remember that it is the market that decides on the value and on the true worth of the content you’re creating.

    There are two reasons why you want to avoid selfish content.

    The solution to all of this is really easy!

    The solution is asking yourself, at every stage of the content creation process, this question:

    Is this something my customer would want to see or read?

    Do not get seduced by the appeal of trying to do cool things and share them, and then build a business that way.

    You will pretty soon find out that taking pictures of your group on Twitter or posting endless vacation pics on Instagram may hurt your business, especially if this is not the kind of content that your audience signed up for in the first place.

    You know, you are not the first thing customers care about, and I am not pessimistic. It would be best if you were realistic and pragmatic to realize how little people truly cared about you in the market.

    Once you accept this, it is a liberating concept.

    This will allow your content to be less about you and your stories but be focused on your market problems and pains.

    The question should be: what can I create that would help my customers? What would they want to see? What can I create to bring real authentic value to them?

    It is not a surprise that your content will resonate and generate better engagement, that your business will grow, and your audience will grow within your market.

    Your content is not about you, but it is about them!

    Another reason your content might be failing to hit the target:

    When your content results more inclusive always tends to be bland and boring, finally being ignored.

    ”Your content is going too broad, losing focus niching down on any specific problem of the market you address.”

    When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

    Remember that any generalization is irrelevant and unrelatable for the majority of people.

    Mass marketing and branding advertisement will always work well enough exclusively for billion-dollar corporations with massive multi-million dollar budgets.

    For you, mass marketing is just a recipe for disaster.

    The benefit of narrowing down

    Focusing and being strategic with your content, you will be taking advantage of the long tail effects, especially concerning content marketing.

    The long tails are those topics and ideas or keywords (that I teach to identify and search) that are specific and targeted to capture smaller brackets of audiences by meeting their search intent.

    As an example, from a broad topic like ”personalized bag”, I want to narrow down more by saying ”personalized cosmetic bag”, narrowing further to ”personalized cosmetic bag ideas”, or even more to ”personalized cosmetic bags for bridesmaids”, or ”personalized cosmetic bags with free shipping”.

    Once again, more specific and more focused means addressing perfectly the exact pains and problems, and desires of your target markets!

    So stop even thinking of implementing a crazy expensive and massively broad talk about marketing in general.

    The next reason your content fails to get the results you desire is not promoting it!

    The world is full of great products and great services and great businesses that die to slow and painful death because they fail to understand that having a great business isn’t enough.

    You need great marketing.

    If you have the ultimate solution for your client’s market, you also have to spread your message, promote your content to help more people, and make a bigger impact.

    Hope is a terrible marketing strategy.

    It would be best if you were strategic.

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    Content alignment

    Strategize and become a maniac full of focus on your ideal target market you want to serve.

    Do not forget the bigger picture: getting thousands of people to notice your stuff doesn’t matter if they are not the correct people.

    Doing the right things in the right place for the right people is not a joke!

    I see this whenever talking to customers! This will always hurt you and every other business owner if you keep failing to identify your ideal target market.

    Please do never fail to identify your ideal target market, breaking down market demographic details, geographic details, psychographic details, attitudes, interests, and beliefs.

    If you have followed all steps carefully and have now identified your ideal target market, you know where they are active online.

    They are not everywhere! You can see that!

    They are focused, same you, on two, maybe three different channels, while spending most of their time-wasting their time on one media channel with no objective whatsoever.

    Identify where they are searching their stuff as they need something, go there, and ignore everything else.

    This is going to save you money and months, as well as work energy.

    Nobody likes losing a ton of money in marketing, right?

    But it will happen if you do not have a plan.

    A big reminder here!

    How do you make sure you got all of these steps checked to make sure your content is aligned?

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