Small Business Email Marketing. Why is Email Marketing so crucial to small businesses in Cambodia? How is Email Marketing Helpful for You?

Why is email marketing so important to small businesses?

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    Why is email marketing so important to small businesses?

    Email Marketing for Small Business

    Email marketing for small companies is markedly various from the email marketing used by large global corporations.

    That doesn’t suggest that one is much better than the other; it suggests that their tactics and scale are various.

    As other digital channels have developed, a concern that keeps turning up is: “is email marketing still crucial?”

    In short, YES.

    Developing a strong email marketing strategy assists you link and reach with your target audience in a customized way and increases sales at an economical cost.

    Just as other operating systems and media have changed, email marketing tools make it easier for your business to reach consumers than ever before.

    Why is Email Marketing so crucial to small businesses in Cambodia?

    The positive effects of email marketing on small businesses are not always apparent.

    Countless companies are using email marketing to promote their businesses and to grow profits.

    You have got to chose where to spend your marketing dollars, and this is a choice you can’t take lightly, particularly if you are a small company owner.

    You require to bring in new clients and keep your existing clients coming back, but you can’t manage to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the outcomes you anticipate.

    For small businesses in Cambodia that are aiming to increase their sales and grow their business, email marketing is a terrific marketing tool that is sometimes neglected.

    If you’re on the email fence or overwhelmed with information, we want to help you start your journey.

    Here in this post, we will find together all email marketing techniques and benefits for small businesses in Cambodia.

    • How is Email Marketing Helpful for Business?
    • What is the Success Rate of Email Marketing?
    • What is the Average Bounce Rate for Email Marketing?
    • How Many Links Should be in an Email?
    • What is a Good Cold Email Open Rate?
    • Is It Illegal to Send Cold Emails?
    • A Key View on European Countries – GDPR and Cold Emails
    • A Case Study – Cold Email – The United States
    • How Much Does Email Marketing Cost in Cambodia for a Small Business?

    Why You Need an Email Marketing Plan ?

    Engaging Your Potential Customers and Your Audience With Direct Response Marketing

    Keep reading to discover the leading benefits of email marketing for small companies in busy cities such as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and why email marketing is the proper way to reach your goals.

    How is Email Marketing Helpful for Business?

    Considering the different sizes and categories of the business, the way in which marketing dollars are designated is truly essential.

    This is especially real for small businesses that have smaller-sized budgets and unique needs.

    Every cent spent on marketing should deserve it, and small companies particularly require to guarantee they see a variety of benefits all at once.

    Most small businesses do not have the budget or high-end to run several concurrent projects that cover all types of mediums.

    Return of Investment (ROI) is key.

    Email marketing is an efficient way to guarantee that small businesses can reach out to their consumers, grow their customer base, and build their credibility.

    Most importantly, conducting an email campaign is more comfortable than many people suppose.

    Here are the preeminent advantages of email marketing for small businesses.

    1. Individuals Engage with Emails

    In fact, for quite a long time now, over 40 years, email has been a type of interaction.

    As the years have passed by, email has quickly become one of our main choices of communication.

    We’ve all been groomed to reply to an email in some way. Whether it is to forward, reply, click through to something else ingrained within the email, erase, or purchase something or register.

    We strive to do something about email.

    Based on this claim, you can utilize email to drive individuals to your site, to get the call or any other call to action.

    2. Construct Strong Customer Relationships

    Your customers like to know that you’re considering them.

    They want to be alerted of the most recent that’s occurring in your business.

    Why would you not keep them approximately up-to-date if that’s what they desire?

    It’s almost impossible to connect to all of your consumers by phone. Not to mention that it would be a very time-consuming task. Sending mailouts is expensive and wasteful.

    Email is the ideal way to reach out with an upgrade for your clients rapidly.

    3. Email Marketing is Easy to Measure

    Many email marketing tools offer the ability to track what takes place after you have sent out your email campaign.

    You can track delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and open rates.

    This offers you a better understanding of how your email projects are working, which ones to modify, or which ones to eliminate.

    These metrics should not be ignored.

    They are a vital part of your online marketing campaign as a whole. While various studies and surveys provide “ideal” numbers to go for, everything depends on your market and target audience.

    Keep in mind: If your consumers do not just want but expect everyday emails, you much better offer them.

    Sending too numerous emails to consumers who do not want more than once a week will see your unsubscribe rate increase.

    It’s everything about knowing your consumers and supplying valuable content.

    4. Develop Your Own Unique Brand

    Due to the fact that it gives you a direct line to your customers’ email inboxes or potential customers, email marketing is a terrific method to establish your brand.

    Routine updates offer you an excellent opportunity to create a unique voice, design, and image for your subscribers.

    What do you desire your brand name to be?

    Build a brand guide and pursue it with every email you send.

    Not only is each email a chance to get in touch with your customers, yet it’s likewise an opportunity to further shape your unique brand identity in their minds.

    5. Email Marketing is Efficient with Your Budget and Time

    There are time and budgetary constraints within a small business, and, for the most part, there is simply no way around that.

    While purchasing an ad to play during the Super Bowl would be nice, it’s not an alternative for most small company marketing spending plans.

    Even targeted direct mail projects that deliver flyers to the mailboxes of people near you can be costly.

    In between creating, printing, and mailing expenses, you could spend several dollars per leaflet shipment. Send leaflets to a thousand people, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a really expensive campaign on your hands, with no pledge of results.

    Dollar for dollar, email marketing is among the most economical forms of marketing available to your business.

    6. Become a Specialist with Expert Content

    While you are named a small business owner, you are most likely seen as a regional or local professional when it comes to your business location.

    One method to additional cement this identity in consumers’ minds is to continue positioning yourself as a professional through the use of content.

    Email marketing does not need to just be about delivering vouchers and sale info.

    In terms of email designed to drive traffic to your business, you can use email marketing to distribute unique content that your customers will enjoy reading-or viewing.

    Videos are a great method to develop your brand as an ideal leader in the industry.

    7. Develop credibility as a Business

    Among the greatest obstacles, a small company has to overcome is constructing credibility.

    Why would someone give you their business when your name isn’t as visible as a big box shop down the road?

    The factor individuals trust big names mainly comes down to marketing.

    They know these names, so they make these brand names more trustworthy.

    By using email marketing, you’re able to develop reliability by remaining in contact with your customers and keeping them as much as up to date about your business.

    The more they discover your business, and the more they become aware of your business, the more they’ll trust your business.

    What is the Success Rate of Email Marketing?

    Email is a core marketing channel for brand names of all sizes and shapes in almost every industry and vertical possible.

    Email efficiency can have a huge impact on general marketing success and organizational growth.

    How can you know if your email program is providing the outcomes it should?

    Evaluate your own key performance metrics to other comparable companies and see how you accumulate.

    These email marketing campaign data will help you determine where you can focus your efforts on constructing your email strategy for 2021.

    If you defeat the average, you have a strong base to build on, but you can still achieve gradual gains, in some cases, significant improvements.

    If you’re just behind the pack, it’s an indication you have a great deal of room to enhance your strategy and see some huge gains.

    Average Email Benchmarks for all Industries

    A top-level overview of overall email marketing data for 2020 was:

    Average open rate: 18.0 percent
    Average unsubscribe rate: 0.1 percent
    Average click-to-open rate: 14.1 percent
    Average click-through rate: 2.6 percent

    Best Days for Email Marketing

    In a departure from previous years, the assessment of 2020 email marketing stats by day reveals that standards did not vary significantly throughout the week.

    One day did stand somewhat above the rest in terms of efficiency.

    • The best period with the highest email open rates: Friday (18.9 percent)
    • Finest days with greatest click-to-open rates: Wednesday and Friday (14.4% percent)
    • Best days with the highest click-through rate: Friday (2.7 percent)
    • Email unsubscribe rates were virtually the same throughout the week (0.1 percent)

    Worst Days for Email Marketing

    Based upon the worldwide averages by day revealed above, these are the worst-performing days for sending out.

    While this data is academically fascinating, you must thoroughly consider your own audience and run email tests before blocking the whole day of the rest of your campaign calendar.

    • The worst day with the most affordable email open rates: Saturday (17.3 percent)
    • The worst day with the most affordable click-to-open rates: Tuesday (13.5 percent)
    • Worst days with least expensive click-through rates: Saturday (2.4 percent)

    What is the Average Bounce Rate for Email Marketing?

    Your average email bounce rate informs you of the percentage of emails that were not delivered to the receiver.

    Your unreleased emails can be categorized into two different groups-soft bounces and hard bounces.

    Soft Bounces

    Soft bounces are generally just a temporary issue.

    They can be triggered by a complete email inbox or a server issue.

    Contacts that send out back a soft bounce must not be eliminated from your email list. Yet, you should keep an eye on them for future deliverability problems.

    Hard Bounces

    Hard bounces are more of a concern for email marketers.

    Your message will hard bounce the email address or domain you are sending to does not exist. This can likewise indicate that your recipient’s server is immediately categorizing your email as scrap or spam.

    Hard bounces can have a severe effect on your future email marketing campaigns if left unattended. Hard bounced email contacts ought to be removed from your contact list right away and never ever sent out again.

    Unusually, you’ll have an email campaign that has a 100% deliverability rate.

    Even if you’ve taken all of the actions to make sure your contact list trustworthy, there are specific elements you just can’t manage.

    The accepted criteria for bounced emails is 2%.

    This suggests for every 100 emails you send out; two will be gone back to you. Oftentimes, your bounce rate will be much lower.

    Anything in between 2% and 5% deserves keeping in mind. It might simply be a short-lived problem that solves itself in your next email send out. If you notice a bounce rate greater than 5%, you require to take instant actions to identify the problem.

    Remember: It’s likewise essential to keep in mind that bounce rates may be a little various based on the market.

    Why You Need a SEO Consultant ?

    You don't desire to start dodging the typical mistakes that ruin your possibilities of success?

    You need to strive side by side with an SEO expert!

    How Many Links Should be in an Email?

    When one popular website design pattern is simple, it’s appealing to apply the very same minimalism to email.

    Less is more.

    The fewer prompts, the better.

    Does this result in more click-throughs, or are we simply focusing on kind over function?

    Our takeaway here is, use links.

    Use multiple links, but do not staff the text with links. Every link you put must be justified by an exact purpose or action; it must fit perfectly with the discourse.

    The GetFutura survey indicates that the more links, the greater the click rate is received.

    Keep your message focused, and don’t let your readers get lost. More than likely, you have a particular goal in mind when strategizing, so make sure your style reflects that.

    And whatever you do, do not let your unsubscribe link be the only one in your email.

    What is a Good Cold Email Open Rate?

    Getting individuals to open your cold emails is a very big ask.

    If your emails do not get clicked and opened and read through, you could waste your alluring offers and carefully crafted sales pitch.

    Cold email is just like a dart in the dark.

    It may strike or not, but it is essential to throw the dart the proper way to increase the bulls-eyes chances of striking.

    We have actually observed reaction rates from 15 to 20 percent for salesmen and marketing people who could accurately practice the cold email.

    Some businesses have a 44 percent success rate for their cold emails.

    Is It Illegal to Send Cold Emails?

    Many individuals have actually suggested that cold emailing could be illegal in particular scenarios.

    Contrary to what you might have checked out, GDPR didn’t kill cold emails.

    You can still send them.

    You need to be more cautious about the method you gather, handle and save the information you use to send them.

    Nonetheless, how do you know if your cold emailing is certified?

    Cold emailing is legal in the US as long as you plainly identify yourself, provide accurate sender details with a business address, avoid list harvesting techniques, and provide a clear process to unsubscribe.

    Rules will differ in other English-speaking nations such as Canada, Australia, or European countries.

    A Key View on European Countries - GDPR and Cold Emails

    You constantly desire to stay on the right side of the law, and cold-emailing is no different Whenever you are marketing.

    You can effectively cold email without fear of legal options if you follow a sound judgment method to email marketing.

    And the very best practices for cold emails are as followed:

    • Only connect to people whom you have a strong factor to believe can benefit from your item
    • Be able to discuss precisely how you got someone’s email address
    • Understand the limits of data approval
    • Practice good information security

    A Case Study - Cold Emails and The United States

    Cold email is legal in the US.

    Let us get that first point straight.

    You are lawfully permitted to send out emails to business prospects you’ve never satisfied when your recipient/target resides in the United States.

    Four steps to send out legal cold-emails in the United States:

    • Unsubscribe: You need to give people the capability to unsubscribe to your email inside of your email.
    • Advertising honesty: If you are utilizing an ad in your email, you need to come clean about it or plainly determine the ad in the email.
    • Precise sender details: If the sender field is inaccurate and the subject line is misleading, you are sending illegal emails.
    • Refrain from using collected lists: A harvested list is a list that was obtained from a 2nd party unlawfully, such as using a bot to crawl websites or trading lists with other persons or businesses. Do not do this.

    Important Tips

    Is it illegal to gather email addresses in Cambodia?

    The act of gathering email addresses isn’t illegal if the email addresses are public knowledge.

    For example, it is fair play if you collect email addresses from company websites, company profiles, LinkedIn, or online search engine directories.

    Yet, if you have purchased a gathered list and then you email the list, that would be illegal.

    The meaning of a gathered list varies. However, one example would be using a bot to scan websites and gather email addresses.

    You must always get email addresses legally and without the use of spambots.

    How Much Does Email Marketing Cost for a Small Business in Cambodia?

    You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per month for email marketing services when everything is stated and done. The quantity depends upon how many subscribers you have, just how much of the work you will do yourself, and the platform you use.

    Yet, for businesses in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap cities, GetFutura offers special prices. Take a look at our bundle or contact us directly to get a free consultation in producing effective Email Marketing for your businesses in Cambodia. Email Marketing prices and management.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing for Small Business

    Do Email Marketing Work in Cambodia?

    Email marketing is 40 times more reliable than social networks, according to a research study done by McKinsey & Company.

    The same research study likewise shows that the buying process takes place three times faster than in social networks. According to the Fourth Source website, 92% of internet users have at least one email account.

    Why is email marketing important for small businesses?

    Producing a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and link with your target market in an individualized method and increase sales at a budget-friendly cost.

    Just as other media and platforms have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers simpler than ever.

    How do I promote my business in Cambodia through email?

    Here are the local Email Marketing strategies: 

    • Keep it personal
    • Make your subject line a local one
    • Include a promotion in your email
    • Advertise new products with an offer.
    • Seek reviews and feedback
    • Make it easy to sign up.
    • Segment the audience.
    • Clarify your data

    How do you begin a marketing email?

    Start your Email Marketing by:

    • Choose an email marketing provider
    • Collect contacts for your email marketing list
    • Include your contacts into your email marketing account
    • Establish your welcome email
    • Develop a reusable email design template
    • Practice writing convincing messages
    • Hang out on subject lines
    • Sneak peek and test before you send
    • Send your email at the best time
    • Track your outcome


    There are many advantages of email marketing for small businesses.

    Primarily, it all comes down to the truth that email marketing is incredibly cost-effective while still delivering exceptional results.

    You can grow your business, develop a brand, and establish yourself as an expert without smashing your marketing budget in one fell swoop.

    Best of all, developing a sensational and efficient email marketing campaign isn’t a time-consuming undertaking.

    No matter your level of knowledge, you can quickly launch professional email marketing campaigns. That indicates less time invested worrying about marketing details and more time spent dealing with your business to guarantee it’s successful.

    Are you ready to get going to construct Email Marketing that will achieve success for your businesses in Cambodia?

    Ask for your free demonstration today and see how we can work together to analyze and improve your email statistics.

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