How Do Restaurants in Cambodia Get Repeat Customers?

How Do Restaurants in Cambodia Get Repeat Customers?

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    How Do Restaurants in Cambodia Get Repeat Customers?

    As a restaurant owner, you are obviously worried about bringing in new customers.

    The focus on ongoing growth frequently triggers you to overlook what is perhaps the most crucial part of sustained success: repeat customers.

    How do restaurants get repeat customers?

    Nowadays, it appears like every business, from pet groomers to cars and truck washes, has a loyalty program.


    Because they work.

    If you like quality, experience, and food, and after you’ve checked out X amount of times, there’s going to be a tangible benefit, you’ll probably go back to that restaurant.

    A loyalty program is a signal to your clients that you value their company. Your clients, in exchange, because they have the opportunity, would give you repeat business.

    Studies reveal that loyal customers can spend as much as 67% more on repeat visits to a business and often increase their gos to stay with the loyalty program (Link to GetFutura Page?).

    This article will show you how to create repeat customers for your restaurant:

    • Improving Customer Retention At Your Restaurant
    • Why Do Customers Return to Restaurants?
    • Factors That Will Influence a Customer to Return to a Restaurant
    • How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Restaurant?
    • How Can You Increase Your Restaurant Sales?
    • How Do You Reward a Repeat Customer?

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    Improving Customer Retention At Your Restaurant

    Researchers at Harvard have actually found that if you increase repeat customers by 5%, you can raise your earnings anywhere from 25 to 125%.

    Other research studies reveal that the expense of acquiring new customers is 5 times the expense of keeping an existing customer, though some specialists state it may be even greater – at 6 to 7 times the cost.

    An effective and resilient marketing strategy breaks down to three important aspects:

    • Increasing customer returns
    • Increasing purchase quantities from existing customers
    • Ensure that your customer returns to your restaurant because they feel connected

    Why Do Customers Return to Restaurants?

    Maintaining customers is crucial to the success of your restaurant.


    The reasons are in the revenue.

    Your repeat restaurant customers account for a minimum of 1/3 of your income. This is astonishing since they may represent about 15% of your base.

    Your repeat customers are significant to your business. You wish to do whatever in your power to keep them coming back.

    Most of these customers currently like your restaurant, and their lifetime value is worth a lot to your restaurant.

    There is always a reason they wish to return for you.

    Why Do Customers Return to Restaurants?

    Keep Consistency

    As people, we’re creatures of habit.

    We like things to stay consistent, which extends to any location that we go to “frequently.”

    We go to the theme park anticipating to ride the exact same rides and have the same quantity of fun, and we go to the restaurant down the street due to the fact that the food is reliable and consistent.

    Consistency is a secret …

    You should ensure you have a clear grasp on your consistency before you do something else or before you spend some money on marketing campaigns.

    Let’s say customers visit your restaurant numerous times, and on each visit, things have actually changed dramatically without warning:

    • your hours altered,
    • you raised costs,
    • and you’ve stopped using many of your popular meals.

    Now your customer does not know what to expect any longer, and they are less likely to return.

    When They Bring Friends, offer Incentives

    Everyone enjoys free things, specifically free food.

    It would be best if you often informed them of what they enjoyed about your restaurant in the first place to keep your people coming back over and over again.

    A good way to remind them and attract them to bring a pal to your restaurant is to offer an opportunity.

    They may start coming in as well if the pal has a good time at your restaurant and likes your food.

    Rewards like discount coupons or freebies, such as “buy 1, get 1,” are an excellent way to attract them to your restaurant, particularly if your competitors aren’t offering anything comparable.

    Simply be sure you determine your success rate and end the promo if you don’t see quantifiable gains.

    Offer Online Ordering or Delivery

    Your customers desire things to be easy.

    They might like your food, but they may want to take a seat for a long dinner.

    This is where you would make your customers want to come to your restaurant by using choices that make it convenient for them to dine.

    If you include online buying, your customers will still be offering you a sale; they just won’t be eating at your restaurant.

    If you provide delivery through Food Panda, Nham24, and other delivery services, your customers will once again be offering you a sale, even if they don’t consume in your restaurant.

    Your client base will appreciate the versatility you use and will remain loyal if they have a positive experience.

    Treat Your Customers Well

    Consider when you took a cruise or went on an all-inclusive getaway, or checked out a 5-star restaurant.

    You most likely felt dealt with like a household and like your purchase really mattered.

    We want the companies we regularly want to feel like more than just a number, and your customers want to be treated in the same way.

    They are not going to return if your customers come in and feel like they aren’t valued.

    They’ll feel at home when they’re accepted and treated well, and they’ll want to come here. If necessary, use your name and thank them for their visit.

    Make Your Discounts very Visible

    You want them to view your restaurant as worth the cost and time spent there if you have repeat customers.

    Too, numerous discounts can actually cheapen their perception, and they may balk at paying a complete rate, so you ought to carefully oversee your discounts.

    Discounts or free products are given for reaching a loyalty turning point. Still, your regular customers should not get $1 off or 10% off just for visiting your restaurant repeatedly, as they’re already paying the full cost.

    It’s much better to invest your time into providing bouncebacks, rewards for novice customers to return to your restaurant.

    Have Great Service

    It is the most crucial component of a restaurant and ought to be obvious; however, it’s worth duplicating: you must have great food and service.

    Why else would your customers return?

    Your food requires to be worth and delicious the rate they pay, or they won’t return.

    Be notified that your clients have an excellent experience with your dishes and service, and for a repeat customer, you will lay the groundwork.

    Factors That Will Influence a Customer to Return to a Restaurant

    These are the times when only the very best endure!

    A customer’s choice to eat at a particular restaurant is affected by a lot of aspects.

    So here are several most important intangible factors that influence your restaurant’s customer experience:

    • You made your customers feel crucial and respected
    • Offer them a VIP feeling by remembering their names
    • Remember what they like
    • Food quality
    • Offer something free of charge
    • Professional staff behavior
    • Best location preferences
    • Unique menu
    • Then, sense what your customer may want or like
    • Reward program
    • Invite your most devoted customers to a personal party
    • Create happy hour
    • Offer restaurant interiors and ambiance
    • Ensuring customer privacy and entertainment
    • Best service time
    Factors That Will Influence a Customer to Return to a Restaurant

    How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Restaurant?

    Once again, let me warn you… Half of the war is to get a visitor through the front gates. Bringing them back is what will improve a restaurant or break it.

    Refurbish Your Menu

    Yeah … even you need to keep consistency, but you will need to alter something, too.

    Just do it on the best track.


    There’s nothing like excellent food to keep customers returning to any restaurant, but in some cases, even the most devoted customers end up being tired of a facility’s cuisine.

    To prevent this from taking place, pepper your menu with specials and “limited time only” offerings.

    Use social networks to elicit customer feedback about your new products and ideas for other meals.

    You can also include brand-new twists on old favorites.

    Don’t forget to evaluate these products’ success – and get a concept that may warrant repeating – by piping your POS system for information.

    Offer Entertainment

    Supplying entertainment is an excellent way to bring in customers of all kinds. However, it’s particularly helpful in incentivizing customers who have not visited in a while to begin coming back.

    Offering live music, a wine tasting occasion, or a unique tasting menu will inspire customers who already enjoy your restaurant to make an effort to come out and dine with you once again.

    Support Local Industries

    Supporting local markets such as microbreweries, small farmers, and independent musicians will help construct your business’s reputation in the neighborhood.

    By linking your business to the neighborhood facilities, you’re establishing your restaurant as the go-to location for locals.

    Establishing this meaning of your local would make customers in your restaurant feel at home and keep them coming back, over and over, to support you in the same way you support the local.

    Your Buzzwords

    Yeah, you might dislike them.

    But, it works well in getting repeat customers in Cambodia.

    Buzzwords are key to the menu of a good restaurant. Au courant vocabulary such as “fresh,” “local,” and “sustainable” represents existing trends of restaurants that are most likely to attract clients.

    Guests are interested in learning more about where their food comes from, whether it is acknowledged that the pastries come from a reputable artisanal bakery or that the beef on the menu originates from a nearby farm.

    When it concerns the menu, buzzwords play a major role in identifying the type of visitors you’ll be bringing in to dine at your establishment.

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    How Can You Increase Your Restaurant Sales?

    Every edge matters in an industry with small revenue margins and a disposable product. 

    Increasing sales in your restaurant can distinguish between a feasible restaurant and one that closes its doors within a year.

    A crucial to success is finding the balance between getting new customers Vs. to keep existing customers.

    With any new objective, you can best approach this by producing a plan and breaking it down into functional actions.

    To support you actualize the intent of growing your restaurant sales, we have realized some ideas for improving restaurants that you can try:

    • Enhance your mobile presence
    • Create social networks accounts
    • Note your business on Google My Business
    • Arrange occasions
    • Make statements through social networks
    • Diversify your services
    • Attract new customers to your restaurant
    • Develop a first-time customer program
    • Train your servers on upselling techniques
    • Get associated with the local neighborhood
    • To boost customer loyalty, use customer retention techniques

    How Do You Reward a Repeat Customer?

    Many sectors, such as restaurants, airlines, hotels, and even gyms, loyalty programs, and gift cards, have become the demand.

    As a little business owner, you have the flexibility (and absence of bureaucracy) to take the roadway less taken a trip and reward your best customers in smart, uncommon ways.

    Doing things differently from big companies will engender your customers’ loyalty and give your business more prestige.

    Here are clever methods to reward your customers:

    • Offer discounts for high-spending customers
    • Give away free products for several purchases
    • Develop a commitment card scheme
    • Welcome customers to trial brand-new product or services
    • Hold a sneak peek event
    • Team up with an associated business to offer reciprocal discounts
    • Offer preferential service terms
    • Reward introductions and recommendations
    • Compose a thank you note

    Extra Tips

    Customers take a look at menus online before choosing a restaurant.

    Get found by more customers and save time by dealing with Single Platform to quickly release and handle your menus where customers are looking for you – your website, Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and much more.


    Keeping customers returning to your restaurant may not constantly be a simple job; nevertheless, it can be done.

    The response on how to produce repeat customers for your restaurant involves a combination of all of these components, which tie together to create the experience that your customer will either love or hate.

    Overlook one, and you may risk your customers not returning.

    Just make sure your food and service are up to par; you can concentrate on everything else, then.

    And this is all about the suggestion to get repeat customers for your restaurant in Cambodia.

    How Are You Managing Your Online Presence?

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    Frequently Asked Questions About getting Repeat Customers for Restaurants in Cambodia

    Why is it crucial to encourage repeat business?

    If you’re like many businesses, you focus the bulk of your time and budget plan on getting new customers.

    While this is a vital part of producing a rewarding business, it’s not the only way.

    You build long-lasting, sustainable partnerships by concentrating on customer satisfaction and promoting repeat business.

    How can you turn customers into repeat customers?

    • Start a loyalty program
    • Supply great service
    • Offer online ordering and curbside pick-up
    • Start social media existence campaign
    • Follow up with your customer

    How do you make sure of repeat sales?

    • Incentivize your customers with points
    • Grow your customer base through referral programs
    • Improve customer retention with VIP programs
    • Develop unique discounts for devoted customers

    What are the methods to turn potential online customers into real customers?

    • Get to understand your customers
    • Respect your customers’ intelligence
    • Increase the purchase frequency of your customers

    How do you say thank you to a repeat customer?

    • We truly value your presence and eagerly anticipate serving you again
    • We at [restaurant name] really value your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us
    • We seriously hope you are satisfied with your food
    • Thanks for eating at [restaurant name]

    How do you respond to customer appreciation?

    These are expressions to use to respond to a compliment:

    • Thank you for your kind words
    • I actually appreciate your feedback
    • That’s terrific; you made our day
    • That’s what we like to hear
    • We’re delighted you’re delighted

    How do you thank a customer for a great evaluation?

    • Use their name
    • Be grateful and reveal it
    • React to specific information in the evaluation
    • They give you worth with the review, respond in kind
    • Be grateful, once again
    • Say goodbye

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