What is SEO for Hotels? How Essential is Hotel SEO in Cambodia for Your Target Audience. Organic Search Traffic Is Vital. A Study on SEO for Cambodia hotels

SEO for Cambodia hotels

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    SEO for Cambodia Hotels

    Did you know that over a 3rd of the traffic for top hotels originates from an online search engine? In Cambodia as well, You can increase your direct reservations through your site with enhanced hotel SEO methods, using all the best up to date strategic SEO for Cambodia Hotels.

    Nevertheless, not all SEO elements are accessible. Google adjusts its algorithm repeatedly, more than 500 times in merely one year. It’s likewise essential for hoteliers to follow the best practices in SEO to ensure their websites are accessible to users.

    We, GetFutura web agency and SEO providers for Cambodia hotels, have developed this guide to hotel SEO for hoteliers and why we offer customized SEO services to organizations in the hospitality market.

    Hotels that wish to stay ahead of the competitors and drive more rankings, traffic, and reservations need to utilize these essential local Hotel SEO strategies.

    The hotel niche has been among the most competitive specific niches for some time now, with particular hotels and hotel chains competing against OTA (online travel aggregators) and cost contrast reserving websites.

    SEO for Cambodia hotels

    SEO for Cambodia hotels

    Cambodia SEO service – Cambodia Local Search Engine Optimization

    Cambodia SEO service – Cambodia Local Search Engine Optimization

    Cambodia Digital Marketing

    Cambodia Digital Marketing – Strategy for Online marketing in Cambodia

    What is SEO for Cambodia Hotels?

    Hotel search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a hotel’s website to improve its ranking on search engines(like Google, Yahoo, and Bing)result pages (SERP). It helps you drive optimal traffic and visitors to your hotel website.

    Besides, it enhances your website’s online existence and gets you more bookings through your hotel site. Consequently, SEO has ended up being an inseparable part of hotel digital marketing.

    Marketing a hotel is a tricky service specifically for hotel site SEO (search engine optimization). There are numerous ways you can set about it: you can pay Google to advertise with them, pay a web SEO business to attempt and bring you traffic, pay other websites to market with them, and the list goes on.

    You can put in tough work and effort and work on your hotel SEO yourself, conserving your hotel company cash in the long run.

    Plenty of hotels are themselves noted on the contrast websites, as a necessary evil due to the traffic and reservations these sites produce, but this comes at a considerable expense.

    Before continuing reading, if you like to see our solutions or the best Hotels SEO tool, they are right here:

    Booking Website design

    Lead Generation website

    In my personal experience (Mattia writing here, from the team SEO providers for Cambodia hotels), I have worked with Hotels and Guesthouses that were, for a fact, paying on average, monthly, more than 4,700 USD in fees for bookings taken through OTA and other travel websites.

    This situation, when you’re in a price-competitive market, can put the great restraint on your margins.

    That’s why we’ve created this guide to hotel SEO for hoteliers and why we provide custom SEO services to companies in the hospitality industry.

    Marketing a hotel is a complicated business, particularly when it comes to hotel website SEO (search engine optimization). You can put in hard work and effort and work on your hotel SEO yourself, saving your hotel service money in the long run.

    SEO for hotels

    In this post, we want to tackle this intriguing topic and utilize SEO for the hotel industry with excellent results. We have to say: it is a long process that is worth every single cent!

    Hotel SEO is the SEO of hotel sites.

    Hotel SEO is the process of enhancing a hotel’s site to increase the number of individuals that search engines such as Google will send to your website, thanks to a high ranking on an online search engine results page (SERP).

    It is also relevant to state that there are distinctions between leisure and business tourists, and not all journeys from research study to reservation are direct, however online search engines (such as Google) still play a significant role in this journey.

    Because of this, bring in users and taking reservations straight is practically essential in a hypercompetitive market location.

    Nevertheless, it isn’t a lost cause. There is many local SEO techniques and methods that hotels can utilize to:

    • Increase prominence within search results at various stages of the user cycle.
    • Increase their traffic.
    • Eventually, convert the traffic into reservations.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most effective tools for producing high cost-effective and reliable traffic to your hotel site.

    Search engines prefer to give our enhanced sites excellent rankings since we see SEO as a best practice partnership between our hotel websites and the search engines.

    SEO for hotels

    How Essential is Hotel SEO in Cambodia?

    Whenever your audience searches for anything, they get a list of results from search engines. Their instant action is to click the webpage that is ranked first.

    A lot of searchers will get responses to their inquiries from the outcomes that are listed. An extremely few of them will click on 2nd, 3rd, 4th outcomes.

    According to the study, also in Cambodia, the # 1 Result In Google Gets 31.7% of All Clicks

    This portion in Cambodia decreases to 2.2% for the last outcome of the very first page. You can evaluate, there is hardly any opportunity that they’ll go to the second page. (Even you won’t!).

    Optimize your website with proven techniques to trigger your customers attention

    Your guests will not find you if you are not visible on the first page.

    And you will lose prospective direct bookings through your website. On that note, you need to be noticeable to your audience on the first page.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most effective tools for producing cost-effective traffic to your hotel website also in Cambodia. The charm of SEO is that it continues driving traffic and generating profits long after the initial optimization is done.

    Search engines prefer to offer our optimized websites excellent rankings because we see SEO as the most exquisite practice collaboration between our hotel websites and the search engines.

    Whenever your audience searches for anything, they get a list of results from search engines.

    Your Hotel and Your Target Audience. SEO for Cambodia hotels.

    Your Hotel and Your Target Audience

    This is level zero in executing an effective strategy for the SEO of your hotel website.

    Specify your target audience (Web users):

    • Who they are
    • What they like
    • Their reservation patterns

    Users are people that see your website. Users invest time on your website in a session where they can view one or more pages, known as a pageview.

    As far as channels of traffic go, they aren’t all the same. We’ve blogged about how social media marketing for various businesses can truly move the needle.

    If you have a list of guests that have offered permission for you to call them, email marketing can do exceptionally well.

    Paid search such as Google AdWords can produce great returns, though this comes at a high ongoing cost and depends on the competition in your market.

    Referral traffic from other sites can be seen as very credible, so it’s excellent to have. However, typically hard to get enough to make a real difference.

    Direct traffic is excellent. However, it isn’t effortless to measure. Direct traffic is a label for people that access your website straight typing in your URL.

    • Possibly they found your hotel, but you told them, “if you reserve with us using the website directly, you will get the best possible deal.”
    • Also possible that they are returning visitors from your remarketing campaign or a guest who remembers your hotel website or have already used your property facilities.

    It can also be utilized to describe sessions where, for whatever factor, it’s impossible to learn where that individual came from.

    • Possibly they still came through search, perhaps it was a social media app, but for whatever reason, your analytics tool does not have that data.

    SEO-for-hotels. You Clients Personalities

    You Clients Personalities

    They’re crucial in digital marketing and especially hotel SEO. Google wishes to share extremely targeted content to its users.

    That implies it won’t share a website for a family-friendly hotel to searchers trying to find a romantic honeymoon vacation.

    It would help if you comprehended who your customers are and who you’re targeting.

    For example:

    • Is your hotel a family-friendly resort?
    • Do you provide long-term apartment or condo leasings?
    • Do you provide primarily 1-2 week vacations?
    • Does your hotel accommodate organization travelers or bachelorette parties?
    • Are you a hostel catering to backpackers?

    Your booker personas are also based upon your location. Possibly you’re targeting the betting and partying crowd if your hotel is in Las Vegas. If your hotel lies near environmental/outdoor attractions, maybe you’re targeting a younger, more active demographic.

    Understand who your target bookers are so you can begin to smartly target specifically to them.

    Let’s say your target bookers are active millennials. They will likely be looking for a distinct hotel with as soon as in a lifetime experience.

    Maybe they wish to offer residents, hang out with animals, and discover the regional culture. It would be best if you used keywords that this group will likely use when searching on Google.


    This example is based on my observation and assumption. The target audience can vary as per various lodging types and sizes.
    You have to believe what your ideal audience will browse for whenever they are looking for accommodations options once you have known your audience.

    For example:

    Your ideal audience might search for the terms as if you are a resort.

    Resort in “your city.”
    Best/Top resort in “your city” and so on …
    These are called search terms. Discover a few of them and, after that, define one primary time that your audience frequently looks for.

    What your visitors look for is the SEARCH TERMS, and how they search is SEARCH INTENT.

    The Search intent model and how we see it. Keywords intent:

    What is Search Intent? The search Intent Models – search intent for SEO

    That means it won’t share a website for a family-friendly hotel to searchers looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway.

    • If your hotel is in Phuket (Thailand), perhaps you’re targeting the partying crowd.

    On the other hand

    • If your hotel is located near environmental/outdoor attractions, for example in Khao Sok (Thailand), maybe you’re targeting a younger, more active demographic.

    They will likely be looking for a unique hotel with once in a lifetime experiences.

    Organic Search Traffic Is Vital

    Adopting a hotel SEO crafted plan to enhance organic search traffic has infinite benefits, but most notably when done properly:

    When you turn on the tap, it is free or at “worst” inexpensive traffic for the foreseeable future. This is sometimes called evergreen. It may take some time to grow, but it continues to grow year on year.

    Users with the ideal intent will discover your site. That is, they intend to check out either your hotel or the city where your hotel is, and are therefore most likely to become a paying guest.

    Organic online search engine traffic tends to convert better than any other traffic source, outside of direct traffic.

    Compare this with website banner advertisements and even more standard print marketing. You are hoping that your advertisement is persuasive enough to get the reader to book a stay at your hotel.

    Keyword Research Study for Hotels SEO

    Keyword research is essential to your site’s success. Without it, you’re shooting in the dark. Knowing how to discover hotel-related keywords and utilize them in your hotel SEO strategy will be essential to success.

    A keyword is simply a word, a term, or short phrase that you will target with your website to drag more visitors through a search engine. Making use of keywords to increase your online search engine position is called increasing your organic ranking.

    Your hotel’s site might rank naturally for specific terms on their own, which is terrific. However, it’s great to have a strategy. As mentioned previously, understanding which specific hotel-related keywords to pursue can assist your hotel’s SEO and search ranking position.

    The keyword is among the crucial parts of SEO. They are the words and expressions that individuals are using to discover websites like yours.

    As I stated, list down all possible search terms that your audience will type in the search bar. A few of them can be:

    • Hotels in Panglao, Philippines
    • Inexpensive hotels in Panglao
    • Best hotels in Panglao
    • Hotels near Panglao island
    • Hotels near Panglao airport


    This is about how you can get the common keywords. But to rank your website higher on Google, having simply these keywords is not enough! You require to collect more keywords.

    Well, the very first obvious keywords they might utilize are “hotel” + “place.”

    If you’re in a big city like Ho Chi Minh, there’s going to be quite a bit of competition for those keywords.

    The keyword research study is crucial to your website’s success. Learning how to discover hotel-related keywords and utilize them in your hotel SEO method will be vital to your success.

    Keyword Research Study for Hotels SEO

    To rank your site higher on Google, having simply these keywords is not enough!

    Well, the first apparent keywords they might utilize are the “hotel” + “area.” If you’re in a massive city like Ho Chi Minh, there’s going to be rather a bit of competition for those keywords.

    Keyword Research Study for Hotels SEO

    We wrote a guide just for this purpose of finding topics for your Blog, as well as the right keywords of course!

    How to Find Topics for Your Blog? A proven strategy with 18 steps!

    Your Cambodia Hotel Website’s Content

    Your hotel website copy should be perfect. Our expert copywriter hence makes sure eloquently composed, emotive website text that is enhanced for the search engines.

    Back in the day, web content marketers used to work hard to rank low-value material on page 1 of Google. In this way, users would go to these websites and either click “back” to Google or close the window. It was an overall bad experience for everyone, performed in the name of the website owners making a few fast dollars.

    The web has ended up being a much better place since then.

    However, Google is improving and much better at dishing out the ideal material when trying to find it.

    What makes excellent quality content?

    It must be:

    • Pertinent.

    If it matches the intent of the keyword (which we went over above), and the keyword is utilized as a “topic,” you will not have any difficulty here.

    You may have discovered the content on our website is highly detailed and lengthy.

    This doesn’t suggest you have to write 10,000 words on every subject– if you can answer a concern entirely, however briefly that is likewise ok!

    • Trustworthy.

    The more your material is viewed as a reliable resource of reliable info, the much better it will rank. This can include keeping content up to date.
    Special. Duplicating content both within one website and from other sites on the internet used to be a traditional SEO tactic, today it’s a sure-fire way to be penalized.

    • User-friendly.

    Called user experience, or UX, your material and the site around it should look excellent for all users, regardless of their location, device, or internet connection.

    Whatever form your website copy, blog posts, and social content requires to be hospitality particular.

    Content can spark interest at the top of your funnel, persuade interested visitors, and lead extremely excited users to the right reservation page.

    Your site’s copy needs to be clear and captivating. The fewer words you can utilize to say something, the better.

    How to write a blog post | We give you step by step the tips with more details to be ready in 2020


    Users (in every market) dislike losing their time.

    • They wish to discover the responses or info they’re searching for within a few seconds.
    • It shouldn’t be text-heavy at all; make sure you use fast-loading images too.
    • They aren’t going to take time to check out through it if your homepage is complete of text. Be short, concise, and bright.
    • When your keywords are used frequently, Google believes you’re trying to scam the system.
    • Your primary keywords must appear on the homepage, but not excessive.
    • It will punish you for “keyword stuffing” and prevent revealing your site to searchers.
    • It’s best to use your main keyword in the page title, URL, image tags, and the page’s meta description. Then, sparsely in the homepage’s copy.

    Next, your hotel website needs material. The material can be in the kind of blog site posts, but it can likewise be your Packages page, Amenities Page, Things to Do Page, and many more.

    Maybe they have not chosen where they desire to go yet; your site’s content might encourage them.

    When looking for a hotel, what do people wish to know?

    When looking for a hotel, what do people wish to know?

    They want to to know:

    • What the rooms look like and what they include.
    • The hotel’s facilities like a gym, classes, a swimming pool, and so on.
    • Excursions provided by the hotel and clear instructions on how to reserve them or how to go there.
    • The dining choices.
    • Local sights and attractions.

    These tourist attractions and activities, after all, bring in more visitors to your city.

    You may want to think about producing a blog area where you can promote various tourist attractions or events in your city.

    In your blog content, make sure you are likewise dispersing your keywords throughout. Keep in mind these areas for keywords:

    • In the page title, URL.
    • In the H1 tag of your homepage.
    • Within the very first 100 words on each page.

    It’s finest to avoid writing long blocks of text- keep in mind, users don’t wish to check out every word on the page.

    Web-users want to browse, scan, and discover the info that relates to them. Make your material easy to scan, consisting of images, and naturally distribute keywords.

    Back in the day, material marketers utilized to work hard to rank low-value content on page 1 of Google.

    The material can trigger interest at the top of your funnel, encourage visitors who are interested, and lead highly interested users to the right reservation page.

    The article can be in the type of blog site posts, but it can likewise be your packages page, Things to do page, hotel amenities page, and many more.

    Possibly they haven’t decided where they want to go yet; your website’s material might convince them.

    Most experts can concur on the following areas for keywords: in the page title, URL, in the H1 tag of your homepage, and within the very first 100 words of your material on each page.

    The Perfect Headline – Evergreen Tips to Write the Best Headlines

    Create Better Local Content

    Once you’ve done your keyword research, you must create regional, ”provincial”, down to cities and locations content, not only to promote your spaces and hotel services.

    However, likewise, non-commercial supporting material to increase the relevance of your hotel website as both a hotel and its association with the geographical area.

    How frequently should supporting content be produced?

    Truthfully, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re strategy and execution correspond.

    There are plenty of varying opinions on this. Some individuals think content must be produced monthly, weekly, and even more regularly.

    What is SEO for Hotels? How Essential is Hotel SEO in Cambodia for Your Target Audience. Organic Search Traffic Is Vital. A Study on SEO for Cambodia hotels

    Taking advantage of Local Citations

    Consider all the put on the internet that your hotel is discussed. It starts with your website, then your Google My Business Listing, then price-comparison websites, and after that, blogs that talk about travel.

    In each of these locations, you need to guarantee your information is constant and accurate. That indicates your hotel’s name is spelled correctly, the address and contact number are right, and they link to your current website.

    You want to remove replicate listings of your service in directories. When one of your citations is inaccurate, it informs Google that your website might be unreliable.

    Speaking of your Google My Business Listing, this is a specifically essential citation to optimize. Google will show them a Map Pack of all the Bangkok hotels that have claimed their listings on Google. List Your Hotel on Google Places and Google My Business

    With the sophisticated hotel search alternative, Google is opening large doors to bring traffic to your hotel website.

    It is imperative and a definite step in your hotel SEO. You have to maximize this chance by getting noted to Google My Business (GMB).

    First things initially, check whether you have to gain access to or not. If you do not, then declare your listing. Optimize it wisely once you get gain access to it.

    List your hotel’s address, name, and phone number (a.k.a., NAP).
    Guarantee your Google Maps marker is in the right location so that searchers can discover your hotel.

    Provide extra details relevant to tourists searching for you, such as Wi-Fi, handicapped access, smoking area, and many more.

    If you are a hotel chain or hospitality group, then have a verified Google My Business noting for each one, preserved through a single account.



    Google Places is much like Search Console and Analytics in the manner in which they work together.

    If you have an organization with a physical presence, you indeed can’t pay for to neglect Google Places. And, if you wish to increase your online search engine ranking.

    Recently, it appears that Google is beginning to stage in a service called Google My Business, which is certainly something you wish to get your hotel organization included with.

    If they desire additional information about your business, where are they going to look?

    They’re going to examine their social network before digging around on other social networks and your site.

    Having a Google Places page, using it, and making connections within the Google world can assist get you on the ideal side of the world’s most significant search engine.

    There are numerous benefits to using Google features for your Cambodia hotel SEO.

    When you’re browsing for a particular brand name or organization, being signed up for Google Places enables a box to shoos up on the right-hand side of Google.

    It likewise lets your hotel become visible on Google Maps. This info shows a small Google map to the location, the address of the business, Google Reviews, the phone number, opening times, and typically, a whole lot more.

    Signing Up for Google Places assists the online search engine pull out these expressions, and optimize their listing, revealing your hotel to more individuals.

    Google Places

    It’s easy to Getting Setup on Google Places, and I can’t recommend that you get signed up for both of these Google-owned ventures enough. You can combine Google Place with Google Plus and run a combined account.

    Google will show them a Map Pack of all the Ho Chi Minh hotels that have claimed their listings on Google. List Your Hotel on Google Places and Google My Business

    Usually, this info displays a tiny Google map to the place, the address of the service, Google Reviews, the telephone number, opening times, and typically, a whole lot more.

    Google Places

    Enhance Your User Journey & Booking Process

    Now that you’re completing for SERP property against Google’s features and bringing more relevant and certified traffic to your site, it’s time to optimize the user journey and book procedure on your website.

    Below are a few methods you can optimize the booking/inquiry process for users in order to maximize your website’s capacity.

    Google My Business Visibility – Some Google My Business tips for Better Visibility

    Make CTAs Obvious

    This needs to go without saying, but I still see far too many sites where the contact link remains in the footer, and there are no prominent CTAs (calls to action) on essential landing pages.

    Simplify Contact Forms & Payment Gateways

    Websites should only gather info that is necessary through online kinds.

    Types with fewer fields can have a 65 percent greater conversion rate on mobile devices, according to a research study by Koddi.

    It’s also essential to keep the booking process and types to as fewer pages and clicks as possible. If there are fewer than 4.6 clicks between them and complete satisfaction, the same research study also revealed that users are 14 percent more likely to complete the booking.

    Make Certain Pages Load Fast

    Your pages require to pack quickly. There are numerous studies and research pieces that demonstrate a strong correlation between pages filling fast and user desertion rates.

    Some of the headline stats from Google research studies include the reality that 53 percent of mobile users desert websites that take over 3 seconds to load. So it is a consequence that for your ”SEO for Cambodia hotels” strategy, a fast loading website is absolutely crucial!

    Web Marketing Tips 2020 – with some successful Online marketing tips

    Ensure You Have a Blog

    Having a site for your resort will not immediately bring in the website traffic. As I pointed out in the first point in this message, unless you’re a large hotel chain or brand, nobody is browsing directly for your resort’s name.

    The most convenient method to create web content is through making use of a blog site.

    A blogging center is built straight into your website if you develop yours on the WordPress platform.

    If you’re utilizing an additional system for your site, it should not be as well hard to have a blog writing facility integrated for you. It’s built right into most material monitoring systems already!

    SEO for hotels

    Right here’s the bargain:

    Many hotels are falling short to capitalize on material marketing. Search Engine Optimization for the resort sector performs very well. However, content advertising seems to be dragging.

    It’s additionally a home window of substantial chance for you and also your resort web site. Sure, some hotels have blog web pages.

    Well, there are many ways you might play it.

    • Exactly how about a vlog (a video blog site)?
    • How around a podcast?

    Concerning your resort’s SEO, having a blog site makes a sensible sense.

    • Google reviews words on a web page, so why not provide what they desire?

    Longer posts tend to execute far better. If you have hostility to composing or do not have the time, think about working with a freelance author to produce your content for you.

    Make sure to have your media recorded as well as have a page associating with each of the programs on your site if you press ahead down the video or podcast route.

    Again, this permits Google to latch on as well as creep your web content simpler.

    Likewise, it gives you an area to post the resources you point out in your program and an area for your target market to comment on and also take part in the conversations connected to your episode.

    Google likes its uniformity, it’s relevant and also fresh brand-new material, and spoon-feeding it both, and you can expect to see your ranking surge.

    The must-have pages and words in your website

    SEO for Cambodia hotels – Questions and Answers section

    Just how do hotel search engines work?

    Resort search engines are commonly known as OTAs. Different hotels are noted on these search engines to get reservations. Few examples of hotel search engines are Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com, and others.

    Exactly how fast does resort SEO work?

    Well, SEO is a long term procedure. You wait for at least 1 month to see the results of those approaches. Occasionally, it might take up to 3 months to mirror the results.

    Can I do SEO of my Cambodia hotel on my own?

    Yes certainly. I have composed this blog keeping this viewpoint in mind. Even if you have absolutely no to no knowledge regarding hotel SEO, you can apply the simple actions pointed out in this boog and get started.

    What kind of blog subjects should I select for my hotel site?

    Well, there are numerous subjects, here are a few of them:

    • Neighborhood tourist attractions and occasions
    • Ideal dining establishment as well as bars in your location
    • Best Shopping places
    • The majority of unusual destinations in the area
    • The very best summertime( any period) activities
    • Specialized/Traditional food messages as well as recipes
    • Behind the curtain take a look at renovations or new features

    Just how frequently should I compose blogs on my Cambodia Hotel website?

    You can write blog sites once or two times a month. If you are releasing 4 blog sites in the initial month, and in the rest of the months, you are not releasing less blog sites, then it will harm your resort SEO.

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